To Steven. I bet you are SO proud of what you did too.


Try to let me breath for a while
Before you keep me running on
Try to let me smile for a minute
Before you make me sad again
Try to let me move my head
Before you tie me up in lies
Try to make me hear " I love you "
Before I discover the deceit in your eyes
Try to let me fly
Before my wings are untrained and broken
Try to let me free so that I can be loved

There is a voice inside my head
Telling me that I was wrong to believe the
Sweet words of yours that fell like silent raindrops
from a clear, blue sky
There is a vision behind my eye-lids
Of a place without despair
It is the place inside my whitered heart
where you can't reach me with your pain and fear
There is a shadow and I know it's yours
Keeping me from seeing
But there's a cold whisper in the air
telling me I still love you

I don't know anything
I just can't help but caring
Let down, broken, lied to, and scared
I have to break free from you
So that I can be loved

1997 © Ingvild Gregersen

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