W.I.C.C.A (Why I Can't care Anymore)

Turn out the lights and close the door
Thereís nothing left for me to protect anymore
It seems my life just passed in a single breath of air
I donít think I can seize my days no more
really know I am here

I cannot help but thinking
That it was a mistake
To always act like I would bend
But never break

Too many problems welling that werenít even mine
Iíd swallow them all at once still say that I felt fine
Too many situations crowding up inside
Reminded me to exhale to let my thoughts go for a ride

I cannot help but noticing
That you would never go through
With what you promised me
That you always would do

I got so tired of being there all of the time
Never got the chance to solve a problem that were actually mine
And that is Why I Canít Care Anymore
So turn out the lights and close the door...

  1997 © Ingvild Gregersen

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