the leaves of willow
is where I come to seek my life
In my dreams I am a swallow
resting on the blunt blade of a knife
I lift the leaves and step under
to a place forever dawn
With my black wings folded, I surrender
to thoughts of what I have become

the leaves of a willow
I am frightened of my thinking
Of my empty body and head on my pillow
like a ship that is sinking
As a black, sacred swallow
with heavy wings my thoughts are flying
To a dreamland. to a meadow
while my old self now is dying

the leaves of a willow
I am resting in insanity's behold
Encrusted by a swallow's shadow
forever dawn and forever cold
With a blunt knife I cut in despair
the hanging grieving leaves of hopeless fears
Seeking a world that is less than fair
Longing for a place for my tears

~2nDhOrSeLaDy / Ingvild Gregersen

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