Japanese Version

Name Mizuno Ami
Birthday September 10th
Astrological sign Virgo
Blood type A
Has trobles with Love Letter
Favorite color Aquamarine
Hobbies Reading, chess
Favorite food Sandwiches
Least favorite food
yellow-tail tuna
Favorite subject Mathematics
Least favorite subject None
Dream Doctor
Strong point Calculating
Favorite gemstone

North American Version

Name  Amy Anderson
Birthday September 10
Likes books, chess
Dislikes practical jokes
Hobbies computers
Special strengths smart, strategist
Favorite food sandwiches
Favorite color blue
Favorite animal cat
Favorite subject math


North American attack Japanese attack
Mercury Bubble Blast  Shabon Spray
Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze Shabon Spray Freezing
Mercury Ice Storm Splash  Shine Aqua Illusion 
Double Shabon Spray Freezing
Mercury Aqua Rhapsody 


North American Transfomations Japanese Transfomations
Mercury Power  Mercury Power, Make Up 
Mercury Star Power  Mercury Star Power, Make Up 

You could call Ami the "brains of the outfit." I often ask myself what the Sailor Scouts would do without her, because shes my favourite scout. Ami really wants to become a docter, and she studies very hard in school. Her life is her books (A concept I should grasp...) and she's kind of a loner; while everyone else is at the arcadeplaying the latest Sailor V vedie game, she goes to an after school computer cram class. She also seems to understand Serena better than anyone.

When a monster attacked her computer class, Sailor Moon showed up with Luna. It was during the fight that Luna taught Ami to do her first transformation to Sailor Mercury by saying the words "Mercury Power!" That made her the second Sailor Scout to appear. Her powers focusses on controlling the element water and she uses a small virtual computer to analyze enemies and find quick exits.

Everyone was scared of Ami when she first transferred to Serena's school. She was very smart and and the others were jealous. Serena was quick to be friendly though; when she saw Ami standing alone, she went up and talked to her. After becoming a Sailor Scout, Ami found new missions in life besides just school and her medical dreams: to support her new friends, to fight the Negaverse, and to try and teach Serena to become a betterr sudent. Also she lives with her mother,who is divorced.

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