The Sailor Moon Kiss Page

The Winkiss program is a program were you can dress the Sailor Scouts in different styles. This program is only for those who are mature enough not to use this for perverted things. The First thing you need is the program. Here are the viewers for different running platforms.

Windows 95 or NT (32 bit)


Chad Randall has developed the most advanced KiSS viewer for Windows 95
or NT systems. This 32-bit program has built-in support for LZH, FKiSS, and FKiSS 2!


If you're getting Chad Randall's PlayFKiSS and you don't already have the MFC42.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL,  you can download them here as a self-extract archive. Place this file in any directory and execute it. If you have installed Windows on some drive other than C:, you will need to specify the drive. Otherwise, just use the defaults.

PC Windows 3.1, 95, or NT (16-bit)

WKiSS 0.68

This KiSS Viewer will run in Windows 3.1+, Windows NT, or Windows 95 and has full FKiSS support. Be sure to get the LHA.DLL support file for LZH support.


This is the LHA Dynamic Link Library support file. Using this along with WKiSS 0.68 will allow you to use LZH-compressed KiSS dolls. (LZH is the standard distribution format for KiSS dolls.)


French Kiss 2.2.0 for Macintosh

Macintosh KiSS viewer French KiSS with full support for LZH, FKiSS, and FKiSS 2!



Ami & Rei
Rei & Serena
All five Scouts
Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Mars
Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus

Sailor Moon

Serena #1
Serena #2
Serena #3
Serena #4

Sailor Mercury

Ami #1
Ami #2
Ami's Face
Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars

Rei (base set)
Rei (expansion set)

Sailor Jupiter

Lita #1
Lita #2

Sailor Venus

Mina #1
Mina #2
Mina #3
Mina #4
Mina #5


Black Lady

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Saturn
Sailor Saturn

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Pluto

Pluto #1
Pluto #2

Tuxedo Mask


Sailor Star Fighter

Sailor Star Fighter


Molly Fkiss



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