Lita's page

Japanese Version

Name Kino Makoto
Birthday December 5th
Astrological sign Sagittarius
Blood type O
Favorite color Pink
Hobby Bargain hunting
Favorite food Cherry Pie
Least favorite food
Favorite subject Home economics
Least Favorite subject Physics
Has trouble with
Dream being a bride, 
selling cake, 
selling flowers
Strong point Cooking
Favorite gemstone

American Version

Name Lita
Age 14
Birthday December 5
Likes romance novels
Dislikes cheaters
Hobbies cooking
Special strengths strong, athletic
Favorite food cherry pie, meat loaf
Favorite color green
Favorite animal horse
Favorite subject history


North American attack  Japanese attack
Supreme Thunder Crash  Supreme Thunder 
Jupiter Thunder Crash 
Jupiter Thunderbolt Crash 
Jupiter Thunder Dragon 
Supreme Thunder Dragon 
Jupiter Thunder crash Zap  Sparkling Wide Pressure 
Jupiter Oak Evolution 


North American Transformation Japanese Transformation
Jupiter Power  Jupiter Power, Make Up 
Jupiter Star Power  Jupiter Star Power, Make Up 

The Story

Lita was tough even before becoming Sailor Jupiter: I thought it was cool when she beat up a whole pack of guys in her first episode without being Sailor Jupiter. Of course , becoming Sailor Jupiter made her that much more formidable. Like Serena, she likes to shop, but unlike Serena, she's a great chef.

After Luna gave her the first transformation phrase "Jupiter Power" Lita learned about the Sailor Scouts and the Negaverse. Being the confident individual she is, she was glad to face off against monsters head-first. That's just her style. As Sailor Jupiter, Lita has the control of the force of the electrical storm.

As mentioned before, Lita is one tough girl. She's always had huge problems with guys as boys tend to be a little frightened of her. All of this can be attributed to the fact that she's huge! What I mean is that she's very tall. Although she attends the same school as Ami and Serena, she doesn't have a uniform because they didn't have one big enough for her. As for her parents, we learn in the Japanese series that her parents died in a plane accident.

Updated 06/06/00