Rei's page

Japanese Version

Name Hino Rei
Birthday April 17th
Astrological sign Aries
Blood type AB
Has trouble with television
Favorite color Red, Black
Hobby fortune telling
Favorite food fugu
Least favorite food
canned asparagus
Favorite subject Ancient Writing
Least Favorite subject Modern Society
Strong point Meditation
to be a head priestess
Favorite gemstone

American Version

Raye Hino
Birthday April 17
Likes meditation
Dislikes TV
Hobbies reading 
Special strengths Dedication to Causes
Favorite food vegetarian pizza
Favorite color red
Favorite animal panda
Favorite subject classical literature


North American attack  Japanese attack
Mars Fire Ignite  Fire Soul 
Mars Firestorm Flash 
Mars Fire bird Strike 
Fire Soul Bird 
Mars Celestial Fire Surround  Burning Mandala 
Mars Flame Sniper 


North American Transformations Japanese Transformations
Mars Power  Mars Power, Make Up 
Mars Star Power  Mars Star Power, Make Up 

The Story

Rei is definitely the most firey of the five Sailor Scouts appearing in the first series of Sailor Moon. Even before that cat Luna Shows her how to become Sailor Mars, she has an identification with the element fire, she has tokens that she uses to ward of evil in the form of a powerful spell, and she prays to the fire in her grandfather's temple to find the answers to questions deep within her.

As mentioned, Rei was strong willed and powerful even before meeting up with the Scouts. When Luna told her to use the words "Mars Power" in her first transformation, she became the third girl to become a Sailor Scout. She values discipline and faith a great deal and thus has a great faith in both hers and her friend's abilities even Serena, though she may hide it.

Rei lives and works at her grandfather's temple Grandpa is definitely the slapstick comic relief in the series. Rei attends a private school apart from Ami and Serena: which we never really learn much about. She thinks Serena is really immature but still eventually accepts her being a sort of leader for the group. She is probably the most mature member of the group In the Japanese Manga, her mother is dead and her father is a politician. No wonder she lives with Grampa (heh heh).

Updated 11/15/98