Serena's page

Japanese Version

Name Tsukino Usagi
Birthday June 30th
Astrological sign Cancer
Blood type O
Has trouble with Ghost, Dentist, Thunder
Favorite color White
Hobby eating cake
Favorite food Ice Cream
Least favorite food carrots [note: Bwahahahaha]
Favorite subject Home Economics
Worst subject math, English
Dream Bride
Strong point brown nosing, crying

American Version

Name Serena
Age 14
Birthday June 30th
Likes eating, video games
Dislikes surprise tests in school
Hobbies shopping
Special strengths Loyal Friend
Favorite food peanut butter and jelly, ice cream
Favorite color pink
Favorite animal bunny rabbit
Favorite subject music


North American attack Japanese attack
Moon Tiara Magic Moon Tiara Action 
Moon Tiara Vaporize?
(not used episode cut) 
Moon Tiara Stardust 
Moon Healing Activation 
Moon Crystal Healing Activation
Moon Healing Escalation
Moon Scepter Elimination  Moon Princess Halation 
Moon Spiral Heart Attack 
Rainbow Moon Heart Ache 
Moon Gorgeous Meditation 


North American Transformations Japanese Transformations
Moon Prism Power  Moon Prism Power, Make Up 
Moon Star Power  Moon Crystal Power, Make Up 
Moon Cosmic Power, Make Up 
Crisis Make Up 
Moon Crisis Make Up 


North American Japanese
Disguise Power  Moon Power 
(no words used)  Sailor Moon Kick 
(no words used)  Sailor Body Attack 

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The Story

Serena is the main character in the Sailor Moon series. She is a wimpy, lazy, very hungry, boy crazy, crybaby junior high school student, and she's just the coolest! She transforms into the super heroine Sailor Moon, who's every bit as cool as Serena.

Serena lives with her mother, father ,and little brother. She has a great family, except that her mom is not impressed with school performance; her dad is not impressed with the idea of Serena having a boyfriend; and her little brother is just not overly impressed. Make no mistake, though, they all like having her around even though her thought process goes in a little less than a straight line. Says her dad: "I Hope it's just a teenage phase she's going through..."

She became Sailor Moon one day when her cat Ulna talked to her, can you believe it. She sure didn't and at first thought she was dreaming. Well, Ulna finally convinced her to become Sailor Moon. Her first transformation is activated by saying "Moon Prism Power" Ever since, Serena has been fighting the evil forces of the Negaverse as Sailor Moon.

In addition, we find out near the end of the first series that Serena is the Moon Princess that Luna was looking for.