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In the earlier episodes the friends live in apartments 4 and 5 but in the later episodes their same apartments strangely change into numbers 19 and 20.

The Pilot- Rachel calls her ex-fiancee Barry Finkel but in all other episode he is called Barry Farber.

The Pilot- Monica introduces Rachel to Chandler and they act like they've never met before but we later find out that this is not true.

TWO The Butt- Joey plays Al Pacino's butt double in a movie. When he is doing his scene in the shower you can see in his shadow that he is wearing shorts.

TOW Mrs Bing- Joeys says that his mother had delivered 7 children. In another episode we find out that Joey has seven sisters. That means she really had delivered eight children.

TOW The Dozen Lasagnes- Chandler said that Kip (his ex-roomate) moved out because he got married but in TOW all the Kips Chandler told Rachel that he moved out after he and Monica broke up and they couldn't stand eachother anymore.

TOW Two Parts- Monica talked to Ross and Chandler on the phone from the hospital but when Ross and Chandler saw them in the hospital later they were suprised they were there.

TOW The Bullies- When the dog jumps up the side of the car we see that there is a hand holding the dog up.

TWO Noone's Ready- Pheobe's stain on her dress continously changes sizes (Thanx Liz)

TOW The Metaphorical Tunnel-
When Joey goes into Central Perk Chandler says "Hi Matt".

TOW Frank Jnr- Joey moves Monica's clothes hamper into the middle of the bathroom floor. In the next scene the hamper isn't even there anymore.

TOW the Screamer- Pheobe says she moved Monica's stuff to Rachel's room and vice versa. Both Rachel and Monica go to bed in eachothers room (where there stuff is). But the next morning they wake up in their own rooms.

In the episode where they show the prom video we are told that Chandler didn't know Monica back in highschool because he sees her swimming costume & she tells him she was 'a little bigger back then' and then he says 'Oh! I thought that was what they used to cover Connecticut when it rained.' He also said the same thing about Rachel's nose which meant he didn't know her either. But in the episode where they tell each other about their worst thanksgivings ever we find out that he did actually know them back then.
(I would like to thank Khudeja for this last blooper. Thanx!!)

The woman who plays Joeys agent (Estelle) also plays a nurse when Carol is giving birth to Ben.  (Thanx for that one Bree!)

In the episode where they remember when whom they'd almost had sex with (Janice asks that) it seems that Rach and Monica weren't very close friends in highschool but, in the episode with the worst thanksgiving ever, they are really good friends in highschool. (Thanx for that one Euge)

In the episode in Vegas, Ross and Rachel have pen all over their faces and tried everything they could to get it off. They even rang the pen company who could not even help! Then the next morning at breakfast they both had clean faces! (Thanx for that one Malia)

In TOW George Stephonapoulas Ross said that Carol was the first person he ever slept with. Then in TOW Rachel's Assistant we are told that Ross slept with the cleaning lady in college. Unless he cheated on Carol, he had been with the cleaning lady before Carol and this means that Carol was not his first. (Thanx for that one Karen)

In TOW with two parties Rachel's mum arrives with a coat and Chandler says he'll take it for her but he really hides it in a cupboard and Mrs Green doesn't see that. Then at the end of the episode we see her putting on her coat as she is leaving.

In the episode where that guy is trying to sell Joey encyclopedias- Joey had the $50 in his hand then they switched cameras to the guy selling them and he had the money in his hand but Joey hadn't even given him the money yet!!

In the episode where Rachel got all those scratches on her arms from the cat they miraculously disappeared in the following scenes.

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