This movie is so much and more!!!  Henson's first non-"muppet" film and it's great!!!    The combo of Henson, Froud, and Frank Oz make this one of the few original movies ever made!!!

The Dark Crystal Basics:

Here is an exerpt on the movie by A.C.H Smith:

In a faraway world a mighty astronomical event is about to occur, the Great Conjunction of the planet's Three Suns.  At this time, the cruel Skeksis who rule this world from the castle of the Dark Crystal are frightened to learn that an ancient prophecy may be coming true:  A survivor of the Gelfling, an elfin race they thought they had destroyed, is seeking to restore the missing shard of the Dark Crystal before the moment of the Great Conjunction, thus ending the tyranny of the Skeksis.  Hidden in the valley of the urRu, young Jen the Gelfling has been raised by a tribe of mystics and knows little of the world outside, but know his Master's dying words have charged him with his mission to find the lost shard before it is too late.  Traveling through many strange places and encountering many extraordinary beings, Jen races against time to unravel the mystery of his quest and save his world from the forces of evil.

    Did you know that The Dark Crystal was originally made with subtitles?  They were going to use English, Egyptian, and Greek.

    Did you know that the Dark Crystal was the only film where the cast was all puppets?  Later, there have been some television show/specials that did not include a human character.  The television show Dinosaurs did contain human characters in some episodes.

    Did you know that (according to critics) The Dark Crystal was considered a major flop in the theaters?  It took longer than expected to make this film-- in doing so, Henson went over the given budget.  Therefore their profit was not as much as they had anticipated.  Critics liked the movie, however they felt it was a bit dark for Jim Henson.

    The Dark Crystal won many awards and compliments on the special effects used in creating this movie, including the Avoriaz prize for best fantasy film.  This film also the brought on the beginning of Jim Henson's Creature Shop.

There are many other tidbits in the books No Strings Attached! (based on the Creature Shop) and Jim Henson the Works: The Art, the Magic, the Imagination.  Both are still available through The Jim Henson Company.

Other items based on The Dark Crystal are:

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    The Dark Crystal: A Novel  Written by A.C.H Smith.  As well as being a novelization of The Dark Crystal, this book also contains many color photos from the film.

Brian Froud's Dark Crystal

    The World of the Dark Crystal by the creative designer Brian Froud.  This book contains many paintings and sketches by Froud, as well as detailed information on the creatures.

    Besides the offical Dark Crystal Mavel comic books (The Super-Special and comic episodes 1 and 2) there was numerous articles about The Dark Crystal featured in many popular science-fiction, puppetry, and film magazines.
    There are many other Dark Crystal memorabilia, such as: the motion picture soundtrack, movie posters, lunchboxes, storybooks, board games, and figurines!   The best place you can find these and other collectibles are located at Ebay's Auction Site.
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