Before the decision to discontinue Jem was made, Hasbro was in the middle of manufacturing another "cheap" Jem doll-Rock'n Romance Jem. Similler to Rock'n Curl Jem, she had no flashing Jemstar earrings, cassette tape or separate Jerrica outfit. The doll had white pearl drop earrings, a hot pink "prom" type dress with white polka dots and long crimped hair. She was made from the head mold Hasbro used on their next fashion doll line, Maxie. Then the word came out. The Jem Project is finished!

The decision to dicontinue the Jem Project was not made lightly. Major duscussion took place. Hasbro knew that little girls liked playing with fashion dolls, but in their atempt make Jem a different kind of fashion doll they created a storyline that was too far out for most girls. It wasn't somthing they could identify with; it had no "hook" to reality. Hasbro also realized that the era of the rock video being enough to carry a product was over, HAD decided ti try another approach with that would possibly have worked, but now was to be abandoned.

The Jem Project designers envisioned a new promotion with Jem as an actress. Thinking this more a "hook" on reality, Hollywood Jem was designed along with a line of Hollywood Jem fashions. The fashions would be introduced slowly on the animated series much the same way as the Glitter'n Gold fashions were. Hollywood Jem would also get a new theme song on her cassette tape!

Two other new characters that appeared on the series would be introduced in doll form, Regine and Astral. Regine was to be the Holograms fashion designer as was to be made from the same mold as Raya but with the blue hair of Aja! Astral was to be a beautiful raven-haired magician with mystical powers!

A revamp of the original workeroom sketch of Hollywood Jem in the basic costume the doll was to be sold in.

Regine shown in the outfit she would have been sold in.

The Jem Project designers had also mapped out the The Stingers, another rival group from the series. They were complete with costumes and fabric swatches when the official word filters down...."The Jem Project is cancelled, we are abandoning all future plans."

It's The Stingers! Dressed in their stage costumes are Minx, Riot, the charismatic lead singer and Rapture. Riot was also a new love interest for Jem!

The few Rock'n Romance Jems that had be produced were shipped and sold only in France. Only a few of these dolls ever surfaced in the U.S. and have sold for over a thousand dollars!

Also rumored to have been in the works were Matchin' Medley Assortments-much like the Barbie PAK fashions and American Beauty Jem, another "cheap" doll.

Parts taken from Contemporary Doll stars by A. Glenn Mandeville published by Hobby House Press, 1992.

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