Jem's Huge Playsets!


Star Stage with Cassette Tape Player!
Lift the top panel for an outrageous rock stage backdrop!
A second backdrop turns the Star Stage into and ultra-modern office for Jerrica.

Cassette player can hook up to Jem's Rock Backstager for additional speaker sound.
Star Stage case with working cassette player
adjustable pink sholder strap
3 doll stands, and 1 JEM logolype
folding office backdrop with moving TV images
label sheet and instructions.
Pretend accessories include:
6 "neon" lightning bolts, and two white speakers,
3 microphones with bases (hot pink, orange, chartruse)
8 hot pink spotlights, and 4 white spotlight clamps,
hot pink file cabinet, white telephone and coffee cup,
hot pink and white desk and chair.

Rock Backstager converts to an Audio Speaker!
Five minutes to showtime! Get Jem ready for a rockin' performance in her outrageous dressing room!

Includes patch cord for hook up to Star Stage and Rockin' Roadster.
Pink and blue glittery play case with working audio speaker, black patch cord
carry handle, vanity table with 4 drawers and make-up mirror,
hot pink and chartruse swivel chair with silver star decoration, hot pink hand mirror, hair brush and comb,
chartruse clothing rack, 8 hot pink clothes hangers, label sheets and instructions.

"Pretend" accessories include:
Hot pink nail polish bottle, hairspray bottle and hair dryer.

Rockin' Roadster with FM Radio!
Jem and her companions cruise into fantasy adventures in their stylish, Rockin' Roadster with built in FM radio!
Lift the trunk to reveal a built in radio and speaker!
Raise the roof so Jem can cruise in the Rockin' Roadster with it's luxurious interior.
There is plenty of room under the hood for Jem's fashions and acccesories.

Includes a jack for easy hook up to the Rock Backstager extention speaker!
24" long roadster car in hot pink, chartruse, lavender and orange,
label sheets and instructions.

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