Names marked with a * were re-released in the second year line.

These fashions converted from a fashionalble daytime look Jerrica could wear to her office at Starlight Music Corp. to a truly outrageous stage look for Jem!

First Year 1985:
"Up & Rockin'"
For Jem: a yellow collar necklace, florescent orange dress (straps turn inside out and hang at sides), florescent yellow belt with orange rhinestone in center, florescent yellow fishnet hose, and orange heeled sandles. For Jerrica: add florescent yellow sheer bonnet, matching blouse (worn over top of dress, pull straps up over shoulders) and florescent yellow sunglasses.

"Like A Dream"
For Jem: blue sleevless jumpsuit extra-long pink belt with metallic pink buckle, white lace handless gloves, blue and white striped socks with lace trim, silver-bead necklace, and hot pink pumps. For Jerrica: add sheer pink bandanna, white lace overdress, and pink sunglasses. Belt goes over dress, no gloves or socks.

"Music In The Air"*
For Jem: A purple spandex jumpsuit, sheer shirt with purple colored heart design and silver trim, metallic magenta belt with glittery gold buckle and wine colored pumps. For Jerrica add. yellow slacks, yellow barret hat, and purple colored sunglasses.

"Let's Rock This Town"*
For Jem:yellow reversable dress with rainbow lame` paint-splatter design, florescent pink hose, florescent pink sash accented by three rhinestones and yellow heeled sandles. For Jerrica:reverse dress to reveal light blue and white stripes, add white crepe shirt, straw hat with florescent pink ribbon.

"Rock Country"
For Jem: pink blouse, white fringed white wrap-around skirt with pink and blue flowers, pink lace hose, blue heeled sandles. For Jerrica: add straw hat with blue ribbon, pink blouse, long blue skirt, Jem skirt becomes shawl, and blue sunglasses.

"Sophisticated Lady"*
For Jem: metallic pink jacket with metallic blue collar and lapels and cuffs and design at bottom, pink skirt, pink necklace, blue hose and blue heeled sandels. For Jerrica: add pink hat with blue band, blue blouse, blue sunglasses. No jacket.

"City Lights"
For Jem: yellow spandex mini dress, purple hose, purple lame` belt with silver "J" buckle, purple collar necklace and purple pumps. For Jerrica add: pink maxi coat, yellow spandex cloche and purple sunglasses.

"Gettin' Down To Business"*
For Jem: Hot pink spandex mini dress with black polka dots, the top of which is trimmed in white lace. It also has black straps. White fishnet hose, florescent pink sash with white fringe at the ends and pale pink heeled sandles. For Jerrica: baby pink shirt, white satin jacket, white satin cap and florescent pink sunglasses.

Second Year 1986:

"Broadway Magic"
For Jem: iridescent pink sleeveless top, short skirt with diagonal pattern or hot pink dashes (slightly curled at ends for vague "S" shape) with metallic purple belt attached, hot pink long cape with round gold "clasp" (marks snap), pink and gold hose, royal blue scallop-cut pumps. For Jerrica: add royal blue hooded long-sleeved jacket to match skirt (pair give effect of hip-length belted jacket) with gold "button" (marks snap, has more pronounced "S" shape that dashes), purple sunglasses, cape becomes long skirt.

"Putting It All Together"

"Lighnin' Strikes"
For Jem: royal blue dress/top covered in a orange and white lightning bold print with an orange collar and little dangley ribbons at the hem, orange belt with gold buckle and orange hose and pumps. For Jerrica add: royal blue culottes, royal blue knee socks covered in orange polka-dots, a big orange hat with a royal blue ribbon and royal blue sunglasses.

"We Can Change It"
For Jem: yellow spandex jumpsuit, sheer white blouse with rhinestone clasp, purple fingerlss gloves and shoes. For Jerrica: white blouse with purple and yellow polka-dots, white cloche and purple sunglasses.

"She Makes An Impression"
For Jem: reversable silver lame`/ purple satin coat, silver sleevless turleneck top, glittery purple mini-skirt, purple fingerless gloves, white hose and purple pumps. For Jerrica: reverse coat to show purple lining, silver-purple lame` sash, silver lame' hat with purple ribbon and purple sunglasses.

"Running Like The Wind"
For Jem: white collared gold tabard with Jem logo in red outline, sleeveless white bodysuit, gold handless gloves, gold stockings, blue straight-cut pumps. For Jerrica: add white hat with blue dots, blue sunglasses, blue long sleeved dress, metallic blue belt with gold buckle, tabard reverses to blue and white vertical stripes and white border.

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