This line of glittery fashions was designed especially for Glitter'n Gold Jem/Jerrica. They were only released in 1987.

"Fire & Ice"
Florescent red hairbow on gold elastic, gold necklace, florescent red stole with gold band, sleeveless dress with florescent red trimmed gold bodice and florescent red skirt cut high in front and overlaid with white and gold lace, gold and white hose, florescent red scallop-cut pumps.

"Purple Haze"
Long pale purple faux-fur coat with longer white furred collar and gold hood, gold belt with metallic purple buckle, purple mittend, gold scallop-cut pumps.

"Midnight Magic"

"Moroccan Magic"
Blue lame` dress with a ruffled gold/blue lame`-gold net flounce at the hem accented by a gold lame` heart and a light blue heart shaped rhinestone on the left side, a huge ruffled collar made from the same gold/blue lame`, gold lame` handless gloves-one with a gold net ruffle, a gold ruffled headpiece and gold pumps.

"Golden Dayes, Diamond Nights"
Silver and gold flower on white elastic, gold necklace, silver dress with thin silver shoulder-straps and white silver-dotted skirt, sheer white overblouse with gold neck and hip-lenght hem and large gold and silver spots and gold fringe down sleeves, silver and gold flower at overblouse hem, silver scallop-cut pumps.

"Gold Rush"
Gold collar necklace, gold and hot pink stole, dress with hot pink bodice and gold sleeves ans skirt (shoulders left bare), hot pink pleated overlay with wide gold belt-like band, hot pink scallop-cut pumps.

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