These were outrageous stage costumes for Jem and The Holograms and came with a unique matching musical insterment. Made only in 1987.

"Electric Chords"

"Rock'n Roses"
A blue jacket with wide white lapels covered in a red rose design, white spandex pants with same rose design, blue net shirt, hot pink bandeau top, hot pink ankel boots and blue guitar with rose design.

"Splashes Of Sound"
Gold leather-like mini-dress with rainbow sheen and a yellow irredescent collar, cape made of same gold fabric with purple glittery eyelash lining, belt of same purple fabric with yellow ribbon center, yellow spandex pants, purple ankle boots and base guitar with purple, yellow and green design.

"Rhythm & Flash"

"Star Struck Guitar"
Aqua blouse with gold cuffs and iridescent aqua hem with gold and iridescent aqua asymmertrical V neckline trim, iridescent aqua wraparound skirt with gold panel on left front, aqua hairbow with gold polka-dots and stars, aqua and gold hose, aqua ankle boots and a gold star-shaped guitar with aqua bits.

"24 Carat Sound"
White vest with gold polka-dots and fringe down sides with a white and gold hood, hot pink sleeveless turtleneck blouse with deep yellow polka-dots, faux sleeves matching blouse, short skirt matching vest (with built-in white panties), gold stockings, hot pink straight-cut pumps and white triangular guitar with hot pink neck with deep yellow polka dots.

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