Names marked with a * were re-released in the second year line.

These were glamourous stage costumes Jem and the Holograms could wear to wow the crowds at their concerts!

First Year 1985:
"Command Performance"
Aqua dress with gathered seam up the front and a huge silver lace skirt, matching lace hair bow, aqua hose and hot pink pumps.

"Dancin' The Night Away"
Blue mini dress with sleves adorned at each sholder by two gold leaf shaped decorations, yellow scarf-like fringed sash, yellow fishnet hose and yellow pumps.

"Permanent Wave"*
Hot pink jumpsuit with attached orange net shirt, hot pink and white zebra striped jacket, white belt with orange rhinestone in center, and orange pumps.

All yellow fishnet dress with vinyl-like bodice and fishnet ruffle, baby blue lace hose, baby blue socks and yellow pumps.

"Only The Beginning"
Red violet spandex jumpsuit, white glittery peaked belt, gold net-like scarf and handless glove, and gold pumps.

"Award Night"*
Silver lame` jumpsuit with sleeves, hot pink peaked belt with rhinestone in center, hot pink fur stole and hot pink pumps.

"Music Is Magic"*
Gold lame` sleevless jumpsuit, white and gold lace overdress with gold yoke, white pumps.

"Twilight In Paris"
Purple dress with sleeves which has gold fan shaped decoration at left hip accented by tiny pink rhinestone, with gold net-like lining, light purple knee-sock with baby pink bow and red heart decoration, light purple panties and purple pumps.

Second Year 1986:
"Love's Not Easy"

"How You Play The Game"
Pink blouse with hot pink sequins from sleeve end to sleeve end along front neckline and sqiggles of hot pink, yellow, orange, and aqua, hot pink lame` shorts with pockets, aqua stockings with three hot pink sequins in vertical row on left side of left stocking and right side of right stocking, hot pink heeled sandles.

"Come On In"
Long sleeved blouse with vertical blue and white stripes with metallic blue hem, hot pink belt with diamond-shaped metallic blue buckle, pamts with horizontal black and blue stripes, hot pink straigt-cut pumps.

"There's A Melody Playing"
Navy blue dress with horizontal aqua, fuchia, electric blue and purple stripes, metallic fuchia puffed shoulders, bubble skirt trimmed with dress fabric with vertical stripes, electic blue stocking for left leg with fuchia rossete and purple ribbon bow in center on left side of stocking at top, fuchia scallop-cut pumps.

"Friend Or Stranger"
Jumpsuit consiting of white blouse with orange, green and hot pink paint splatter design attached to baggy hot pink parachute pants with cuffs matching blouse, green belt, orange socks, green straight-cut pumps.

"Set Your Sails"

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