Truly Faboo Jem Shopping Links:

Here are some links to where I have had luck finding Jem goodies for sale!

Ebay Auction Classifieds
Oh gosh!!! What to say about Ebay?! It's really good but really bad!!! It's a very rare ocassion when you actally get a good deal. There is also the risk of turning into an "Ebay Whore"-a person that bids on practically everything in sight, and pays way to much for all of it! It almost happened to me...It could happen to YOU!!! Be careful!! It's almost like heroin!!! On the plus side there is basically everything you could ever want on here!! And its a great way to see what the average price to pay is to for somthing you want. There is usually at least three pages full of Jem items to bid on here!
Deja News
This is a way to post to different newsgroups. I post here and have bought some Jem fashions.
Big Red Toybox's Jem doll board
Fabio's Toys: Dolls
I just found this site. It has some NRFB Jem dolls from Italy for sale. Same dolls as here just with Italian writing. Also has a slew of Princess of Power figures too!! Check it out!!
Sue's Wonderful World of Stuff:Doll Bulletin Boards
I post on some of the boards here. I got all of the Jem dolls, alot of the fashions, Star Stage, and Rockin'Roadster from a Truly Faboo! lady who responded to one of my adds here!NRFB too! Hi Suzie!
Recycled Toys
This is a great site with lots of 80's toys for sale like Rose Petal Place, Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs, My Little Pony even some Jem stuff. Also home of the Toy Chest Bulletin Board!

Hope these help in your search for Jem dolls and accesories! If you do find and buy Jem stuff through these links, please e-mail me because I would love to hear about it.

JEM Links:

Hollywood Jem
The best Jem web site on the internet IMHO! Grant did a Faboo job on this!!! It mainly focuses on the cartoon series but also has a section about the dolls! It was the first Jem page to have pics from the cartoon!
The Truly Outrageous! Mailing List Homepage
This site is a must!!!! If you are a Jem MUST join this mailing list!!!!! Or feel the wrath of Chicklet!!!!! It is also the oldest Jem page on the WWW!!
Pranceatron vs. Jem
This is a VERY complete and TRULY OUTRAGEOUS Jem doll page. Be SURE you check out such faboo offerings as the Jem shoe ID guide! Also features the MIND BLOWING Jem Ephemera, Jem Multi-Media and the Jem Licensed Products pages!! You MUST check this out!!!!
Jem's World
I like this site alot!!! It has LOTS of great pics of loose and NRFB Jem dolls and fashions plus Jem art, trading post and a section based on Christy Marx's JEM Bible!! A must see!!
Flash'N Sizzle Jem!
Come check out Molly's site!!! It's Truly Faboo! She has taken on the VERY ambitious task of listing EVERY Jem variation! A great page by a VERY sweet grrrl!
Totally Jem
A Faboo site with great pics of NRFB dolls and a page on Jem variants!!!
Christy Marx
The head writer of Jem-Christy Marx now has a web site!!! Come check it out!

Other Toy Links:

Dream Valley: A Collectors Guide To My Little Pony
This is a really nice site!! TONS of info and pics!!!!
The Official Old Toy's Homepage
This is a way cool site all about 80's toys!!! Includes My Little Pony, Princess of Power, Cherry Merry Muffin, Lady Lovely Locks and more!!!
Collecting Strawberry Shortcake: A Beginners Guide
A wicked cool site devoted to the darling of the strawberry patch! Has so manny pictures of NRFB stuff it's not even funny!!!!
Starluck's 80's Nostalgia
I SO love this page! It features all those OBSCURE 80's girlie toys like Sea Wees, Shimmers, Rose Petal Place, Moon Dreamers. Also mainstream favs The Care Bears, My Little Pony and Strawbery Shortcake!!
The Princess of Power Collectors Guide
This is an awesome page that is part of a HUGE He-Man site. It has pics and info of pretty much everything!!!
Sea Wees Tub Club
I have just been re-inroduced to these and am madly in LOVE!!! I used to have these as a kid! They were little mermaid figures made by Kenner in the late 70's and early 80's! This site has pics of almost everything!
Maxie's World
This is a collectors guide to Hasbro's Maxie doll. She was their next atempt at a fashion doll after Jem was cancelled.
The Shimmering Forest
I had these as a kid as well!! They were made by Kenner in the mid-80's. There were shimmering creatures like mermaids, centaur chicks, butterfly women and deer ladies.
It's those cute and TINY scented jewelry playmates...The Charmkins!!!
The Ultimate 80's Toy Archive
A great site that focuses on mostly "boy" toys like Thundercats, Silverhawks and such. It does, however, feature a flawless section on the Princess of Power line with TONS of pics of MOC figures!
Stephen's Valley of the Genes
I LOVE this site!!!! I love Gene!!!! Stephen is so funny!!! Go here is you love glamour, 50's Hollywood movie queens and camp!!
Attack of the Anime Toys!--shoujo a go go
A wicked cool site featuring Sailormoon dolls (which I LOVE and have many!!!) and other Anime toys. It's run by none other than Pam Green who ran the best Jem doll page ever!! Check it out!!

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