Names marked with a * were re-released in the second year line.

These were flashy, trashy clothes The Misfits could wear. This line also contained outfits for Rio until he got his own line:

First Year 1985:
"Winning Is Everything"
Blue/green spandex jumpsuit with silver trim at top, waist and ankles, a cap of the same fabric with same trim, a long hot pink gauzy scarf with silver cord trim, a smaller scarf of same fabric with same trim, and hot pink shoes.

"Makin' Mischief"
Purple sleeveless jumpsuit, double-layered asymmetrical purple and light plum net overskirt with pointed edge, hot pink belt with light plum spots and pointed edged "fan of hot pink net (to be worn on right side, above highest point of the skirt) spreading out from metallic pink/purple buckle, hot pink socks and purple heeled sandles.

"On The Road With Jem"-a Rio fashion*
Green lame` roadie jacket with Jem logo on back, florescent pink pants and light green sneakers.

"Let The Music Play"*
A lime green dress with narrow straps and lime green double-layered lace skirt with pointed edge joined by metallic purple band with metallic purple flower at left side, a hair decoration of lame` purple half-starburst and lime green lace flowers, yellow tights, and pale purple heeled sandles.

"Outta My Way"

"Truly Outrageous"-a Rio fashion*

"Just Misbehaven'"*

"Rappin'"-a Rio fashion*

Second Year 1986

"You Gotta Be Fast"
Black leotard, black lace hose, lime green lace jacket with iridescent black/green lame' standing band reaching almost from cuff to cuff, belt matching band to be wron over jacket with round glittery buckle and "fan" of belt material pointing to right and green scallop-cut pumps.

"There Ain't Nobody Better"
Hot pink asymmetrical dress with short black sleeves and collar with multi-colored metallic polka-dots and short black fringe at hem and sleeve cuffs, metallic aqua belt with rectangular glittery black buckle, hot pink stocking for left leg with lame` aqua bow and blue straight-cut pumps.

"You Can't Catch Me"

"Gimme, Gimmie, Gimmie"
Black jumpsuit with right sleeve, side-opening asymmertical white overdress with black spots and ragged bottom edge and short left sleeve, lime green belt with long fringe and green straight-cut pumps.

"We're Off And Running"
Leopard-print jacket with high lame` purple collar and lapels trimmed in gold and lame` purple cuffs, asymmetrical shimmery black sleeveless dress, metallic purple arch belt with glittery green triangular buckle, yellow-orange tights and purple straight-cut pumps.

"Designing Woman"

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