Faboo Jem related items!

To promote Jem, Hasbro made a slew of tie-in products like paper dolls, stickers, coloring books, and other fun stuff!


These were story books published in 1986 by Golden Books. They were drawn by Tom Tierney, the famous paper doll artist.

Battle of the Bands
Night of a Thousand Earings
Spoils of Success

Dance Club Magic
Secret Star
Surprise at Starlight Mansion
Video Mischief

These little books were released in England and published by Mini World.

A Cat Called Lucky
Hide and Sneak
Super Scoop Snoop
Keyboard Crisis

This is a sticker coloring book published by Golden.

Jem Sticker Fun

A paper doll book by Golden. It features: Jem, Jerrica, Rio, Kimber, Aja, Shana, and a load of fashions.

Jem Paper Doll

A Jem coloring book made by...Golden! (what a surprise)

Jem Giant Coloring Book

Wrist Rocks:

These were Jem themed watches made by Hasbro.
Cassete Tape


These were 60 piece puzzles put out by Hasbro in 1986. They would change from one image to another depending on which way you looked at it.

The Holograms/The Misfits

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