Jem, I adore your fabulous clothes. Who designs them?
Shana designs all my clothes with the glamour and glitter I need for the stage and my private life. They are Shana's exclusive, incredible, unique designs.

Jem, tell me about Rio? He's so handsome.
Yes, he is very handsome and a big help to me as my road manager. But keep in mind that he is also a close associate of my longtime friend, Jerriva Benton.

Can you tell if Rio is in love with you or Jerrica?
You are making me think of one of my songs that says, "Who is he kissing, wish I knew..." But Rio is probably very confused about his relationship with both of us.

Are any of the Holograms jealous because you get most of the attention? Maybe your sister, Kimber?
Not on your life! We are all different and we are all good friends. They a re talented and famous in their own right. Kimber is a brilliant song writer and the three Holograms are a sensational back-up music group that makes us the successful pop act we are today.

Do you think the Misfits will keep giving you trouble?
Probably. The Misfits are pretty awful but we can handle them. We are rivals now and forever-more, I guess, but thankfully we won the Battle of the Bands so Starlight Music belongs to Jerrica and not that weasel, Eric Raymond.

Jem, will you help Jerrica with starlight House as you did before? Will there be room for more girls now that you have the new mansion?
We will rock and sing-away wherever and wheneverwe can so Starlight Music can help support Starlight House-the foster home for girls. However, part of the mansion was destroyed by a bomb and needs fixing so no new plans are being made.

Since you and the Holograms won the Band contest are you really going to be in a movie?
Yes we are but first we are flying to London and Paris to make videoclips of some of our songs and attend a few elegant, outrageous premieres and receptions that have been planned or us. I'm so excited-it's positively awesome!

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