Hasbro's smart business sense was at work when they came up with the idea for Jemstar Points . They were printed on every JEM package. You could clip and save them to be used later when Hasbro released a special Mail order only product! Like these:

The MTV Concert Jacket:
If you sent $3.00 plus 1 Jemstar Point to Hasbro you would recive this MTV Concert Jacket made of silky-soft, gleaming black satin with the famous MTV logo emblazoned on the back!
This fabulous bommer jacket that snaps up the front is hard to find but turns up on a rare occassion.

Jem and The Holograms Fan Club packet:
This very rare piece of Jem memrobillia cost $6.00 when first offered!!!! I'm not sure how much it would cost now. If you joined the fan club you could get all this:
JEM poster:
This gorgeous, full color poster of shows the picture of Jem from the Jem/Jerrica box with the confettie/palmtrees motif and a huge purple star in the background set against a white backing with pink sprikles. And what Jem poster would be complete without the JEM logo? I love this poster because I think it's a fabulous picture of Jem!

Rockin' Roadster Key Chain:
A emblazoned on one side with the famous JEM logo and photo.
The other side is a backstage pass--for members of he JEM Fan Club only! This is pretty cute. I have it on my keychain and get lot's of comments on it!

JEM scarf:
You could use it as a sweatband, wristband or fashion scarf. This thing is so ugly! It's yellow decorated with green, red and purple confettie. It has a border of green palmtrees and red wavy lines with a small JEM logo in the bottom left hand corner. Pretty Butt-Ass IMHO!

JEM World Tour Iron-on Patch:
I love this thing. It would look so pretty on a black baby T-shirt! The silver glitter would stand out nicely! But, I don't want to use it. I doubt I'd ever find another one!

JEM Tour Book "Rock Rap":
This glossy concert program featured exclusive articles, interviews and photos!
Here is the exclusive interview with Jem! Notice that the interviewer says that Kimber is Jem's sister and not Jerrica's!!!

Jem and Friends Dream Tour cassette tape:
You could get this tape by sending in a coupon found in a souvenir program from either Glitter'n Gold Jem/Jerrica's or Glitter'n Gold Rio's box.
Here is a transcript of the tape

Ramma Llama:
This is the strangest piece of JEM momrobillia ever!!!! This fury lady was supposed to be the mail-in offer for the 1988 line and she was already in production when the JEM line was canceled. Since Hasbro had so many, they gave them away to Hasbro employees, some of whom sold them to collectors. These puppies were very sought after and very, very expensive. Some dealers sold her for $1000!!! Then, a few years ago, some lady in Canada found a couple boxes of them in a wherehouse. They now sell for $50 to $65.
Suposedly, Jem was on tour in South America and had heard about a flock of wild hot pink llamas living there. So, she just HAD to have one! That Jem! She wouldn't be caught dead with a dog for a pet. She has to have a hot pink llama!! :-)

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