Hi Folks! I'm Chicklet and I welcome you to JEM Grrrlz!

I was about five when I had my first experience with JEM. I remember that it was Sunday and there was nothing on TV. Then SHE appeared! I suddenly saw this fabulous pink haired lady with a beautiful singing voice. Even then I knew Jem rocked the hizzhouse!! This was when Jem was still shown in 8 minute segments on Super Sunday. I remember that because I was bummed that she was on for such a short time. Plus she was shown between two booty boy cartoons. Anyways, I watched and taped her every week.

Then I saw one of the doll commercials. I simply HAD to have one. I had to beg my mother to buy me one because we didn't have a lot of money at the time and JEM dolls were expensive. Finally, she gave in and took me to the toy Mecca, Toy's "R" Us. I stood awestruck before the huge JEM display. I decided on a Jem/Jerrica because she was my favorite character. Later on I got an Aja, a Synergy, a Glitter'n Gold Jem/Jerrica and a Jem/Jerrica with star-shaped earrings because some hoe gaffled my 1st one!!! I played with my dolls hard. They were so thrashed when I stoped playing with them.

By 1988 I had stoped watching Jem and had put my dolls (what was left of them) in a box in basement. I later sold them in a garage sale. I did keep Jem/Jerrica for sentimental reasons and put her in yet another box. Fast forward to March 1997. That's when I got online. One day, somthing compelled me to do a web search on JEM. I found two sites: The Truly Outrageous! mailing list and Pam Green's JEM doll site. I had an instant JEM flashback and had an epiphany that I should start collecting JEM. I posted to newsgroups, doll boards and started buying.

Then Pam's site disappeared!!! When she graduated from the University of Washington, they pulled her internet account and her fabulous JEM doll web page vanished into web oblivion! This left a void on the internet for JEM collectors like myself so I decided to make a site to replace it. It started out as a pathetic little thing but has grown into the faboo thing before your eyes!

Please look around and enjoy yourself.


Special Message from Chicklet!

When I first started this site, I not only wanted to replace the 1st Jem doll site but to also showcase my collection. Well, I have kinda lost interest in JEM collecting because I have SO Damn much of it. I have started collecting a shitload of other things and don't have the money or room for anything else I don't already own. So... it looks like I will NOT be updating JEM Grrrlz! in the near future (if at all). I want to say THANK YOU to all the people who have helped me with this site and to all the "fans" of the page who e-mail! I also hope that everyone will check out the new supercool Jem doll sites that I have added to my links page! There can never be enough of them!! See Ya on the flip side!! I'm outie!!!


What Up JEM Fans!?

DAMN!! I can't believe it's been 10 fucking years since I first uploaded JEM Grrrlz! to the 'net!!! I can't believe the last time I updated it was before the turn of the century!! When I got online in 1997 there was only 1 JEM doll site on the 'net! My, how times have changed! I started my website in summer 1997, between my junior and senior years of high school...I acually got a whole semesters worth of math credit for teaching myself HTML code (how lame my site looks now...in the days of flash and all).

By the time 1999 hit I had lost interest in updating the poor old grrrl, there were so many other great JEM sites. I've been tempted to take it down...but never had the heart...I guess it's kind of a piece of history in a way...for a while I was quite the online JEM celebrity...funny. There were the big three... it was the Truly Outrageous! Mailing List, JEM Grrrlz! and Grant's Hollywood Jem (which is now long gone).

I've recently been contacted with the question...."Will you ever update the site again and can you fix all the broken links?". Sadly, I do not have access to the pics to fix all the broken fashion links. They were all stored on my REALLY old computer at my parents house...I'm not really sure what happened to it...I think my mom gave it to some relative. I think I saved (or started to save) all my files on a zip drive but who knows where that went.

I was only 17 when I made the site and didn't really think about preserving my work for the future...it was just something to do while I was up late at night, borded during summer vacation. I'm kicking myself now...

I joined Geocities before the merger with Yahoo and they only gave you so many MB of space...so I had my files stored on two different sites. After the merger I guess they did a house cleaning and deleted sites that were not logged into by the owners for a certain period of time. All the pics of fashions, playsets, rare stuff, books ect were on that site. :( I had also changed my e-mail address since I joined which is why I didn't recieve any notification of the deletion. Luckily, I used the main site to upload random pics from time to time...before all the file storing sites poped up...which is why the main site was never deleted for inactivity.

So...if I could fix the site...I would. I want to thank everyone for the continued interest in my site! Maybe one day I'll get a second wind and re-do the pics...who knows. All my JEM stuff is packed away at my mom's house...couldn't take it when I moved to NYC...not enough room...I miss the lame'and all that glitter!

Everyone please know that I'm still alive and well, living a life of glamour, glitter, fashion and fame...I still love JEM and she still inspires me...I'm a PRO Artist with M.A.C Cosmetics. Every season we launch a collection of products/colors based around a specific theme. I design looks to promote these product launches. They are sent out to every store globally for customers to get ideas of how to wear new colors, and are also used on MACCosmetics.com. Here is a look from our Fall 2005 collection "Rebelrock" - The collection was a mix of punked up pinks, Rock'N Roll purrrples and heavy metal glitter. With the 80's rock star theme, I couldn't help but design a look based on JEM. Hope you like!

Please hit me up on myspace (scroll down for link)! I'm still a JEM grrrl!

Darian (AKA Chicklet)

JEM Grrrlz! was on March 27th, 1999!

Table of Contents

Go here for a quick look at the rise and fall of the most exciting fashion doll since Barbie, JEM!
Here is the JEM doll ID guide! See beautiful color scans of all the dolls in the JEM line. Includes descriptions of each dolls fashion, hair and makeup! Also watch vintage 80's JEM doll tv commercials!
Come inside to see JEM's huge wardrobe! Contains a list of every fashion. Also includes a picture and a description of each.
Come see JEM doll's roadster! Her stage!!! Basically all her playsets! Includes pics and descriptions with a list of all those little pieces that came with them!
Here are some of the rare mail-in offers Hasbro made during JEM's "life". Come see her MTV jacket, her pet llama and even the RARE JEM Fan Club member packet!! Also including the interview with JEM from the fan club magazine!
Come here to veiw some of the other JEM products Hasbro released like videos, coloring books, watches and more!
Do you want to know what Hasbro had planned for the JEM line in 1988? Well come here and find out.
Do you want to know what is a good price to pay for a Jetta NRFB or a 1st year "Award Night" fashion? Well, check out this great price guide for the JEM dolls AND fashions!!!!
After viewing all this outrageous stuff, are you now on a mission to buy it ALL?!?! Well, here are some helpfull links to some web sites that might help. Also are links to other JEM and toy sites!

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