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RichieLover MacNut-MacWench

Chief Wench of Richie Ryan

Keeper of the Sacred Duct Tape

Official Abductor of Richie

Member of Clan Denial

Keeper of the Green Jacket and Black Jeans

Dame of Denial

RED Army

Sorceress in Training

Nuzzler of His Holy Chest

Protector of his Sweaty Dojo Scenes

NEW Gaurdian Angel of Richard Redstone NEW

Richie’s Concubine

She Who Teaches Him ASL

Con Bound, Duct Tape Prepared

"I'm not dead!!" -Stan Kirsch, April 11, 1998, Anaheim.

"aahh, I love you too." -Stan Kirsch to RL **well towards the crowd**, April 11, 1998, Anaheim.

"Hi Jennifer." -Stan Kirsch to RL, April 11, 1998, Anaheim.

"God Bless you red-shirted people!" -Stan Kirsch, April 11, 1998, Anaheim.

"Nice to finally meet my Chief Wench!" -Stan Kirsch to RL, April 11, 1998, Anaheim.

"What are we talking about here, double sided?" -Stan Kirsch to RL speaking of Duct Tape, April 11, 1998, Anaheim.

"It's sticky!" -Stan Kirsch to RL speaking of Duct Tape, April 11, 1998, Anaheim.


Anaheim Convention '98Added 6/19/98

Richie/Highlander Poems (updated 5/26/98)

Those "Nutty" guys of HL (updated 11/8/98)

About RichieLover MacWench (updated 11/8/98)

Highlander/Buffy Crossover Added 6/5/98

Links! (updated 6/18/98)

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What is Love?

Our love must not be a thing of words and fine talk. It must be a thing of action and sincerity -I John 3:18-

Disclaimer: Please don't sue me. Here "Money No Object." I am making no money from this site. The items here serve me and "They Also Serve" other HL fanatics w/the same "Obsession." "Till Death" will the characters belong to TPTB. **AaaaaaaHhhhh!! "Comes A Horseman!!** Gotta Go. Enjoy :)

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