The Elite Hollywood Club Webring

Do you have a movie or celebrity homepage? If you do you qualify to be in the Elite Hollywood Club, a webring made up of some of the best movie or movie related pages on the web. Being in this ring is an honor and concider it a job well done if your accepted. Webrings are great and generate a lot of traffic for your site. Better exsposure means a better site!

Here are the 5 rules you MUST follow:

1. Your page has to be completely movie related.   (No here's a page about me but I have a paragraph about my favroite movie sites)

2. All sites must have the Elite Hollywood Club code on their page

3. From now on please submit the page your coding is on (for instents Hollywood Heather's has a whole seperate page for webrings, you'd submit that page not the main/ opening page).

4. I'll only allow pages to sit in the quene for 10 days.  Any pages that sit in there longer than that will be deleted without notice.

5. All sites have to be PG-13 or under. This means NO ADULT sites. (If at all in doubt on this one I'll be checking pages for content.)

Once you sign up you'll be in the queue (it's like the waiting room) at that point you'll be sent an e-mail with the ring coding.  When you add the coding to your page you must e-mail asking to be added to the ring.  More info. will be sent by e-mail once you submit to the ring.

You can submit to the webring by clicking here.

If you need to edit any of your site information you can go here