Open 24 hours a day!Everybody Comes

Welcome to Joe's Bar! Come on in, we're always open. I'm lauren, your hostess. You're new to Seacouver, aren't you?

Well, you've come to the right place, my friend. We have the best booze, the best blues, and the best clientele in town.

Table for one? Don't be silly! Come join the regulars and I at the bar. Let me introduce them: Joe

The guy behind the bar is my boss, Joe Dawson. He's a great guy and a great blues player. You should hear him play sometime! The bar is his, plus he has a little business on the side that keeps him busy.



Across the bar from him is Duncan MacLeod. He runs the dojo down the street. Quite good looking, isn't he? He's a great conversationalist, though he seems distracted at times, like he's a million miles away...


Methos, ahem, I mean AdamNext to him is Adam Pierson. He's a really smart guy - seems to know everything. There are times when his eyes hold the weight of centuries. Probably just my imagination getting carried away again...


RichieOn the other side of Duncan is Richie. Joe's asked me to stop carding him. I personally doubt he's old enough to drink but he has an ID for every day of the week. He seems lost, sometimes, looking for someone to settle him down...the same could be said for everyone here, I guess...


AmandaThe woman he's unsuccessfully hitting on is Amanda. Now there's a gal who knows how to live right. I get the feeling she's walked on the wild side a time or two and she has the best stories...


Attractive, aren't they? They certainly seem to be interested in you. Don't worry, they're very friendly. We even have a little club of people who have had adventures with our regulars. They're called the BarMaids and the Barflys. We'd love for you to join our ranks.

Methos, Joe, lauren, and Amanda....Well, ok, it's actually Peter, Jim, me, and Liz.Who, me? Oh, I'm not a regular. I'm just your humble hostess.

Why don't you go over there and introduce yourself? You'll be so glad you did...

You are the Counter visitor to Joe's since it was created in 1997. Fire department regulations allow a capacity of up to 1 million people.

This website was created April 1997 and maintained to this day (more or less). I own none of the Highlander characters, I'm just borrowing them for a little while. ;)