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Welcome to my webpage! I'm just a regular ol' guy who got interested in making a homepage because......well I don't really know why, and who cares. I'll keep it short and simple because I know your bored already. I must thank for their never-ending assistance Brian Bryce and, of course, Spam's worst enemy, a guy they call Grahamdrew. Surf on!

Links On My Page

My Extreme Page-BMX Freestyle Bikes and Ramp Plans.

My Jim Carrey page -Chocked full of sounds, pictures, and movies.

My Friends' Pages

Brian's Page -Awesome Third Eye Blind Page!

The Cheat Page

The Clan O' Spam

Jamie's Sports Page

Qum's Homepage-A page from a member of the Clan O' Spam.

Qum's MIDI Page-An awesome page with tons of great MIDI files.

PhatBoi31's Hoemepage-Aliens and other cool stuff.

Cool Links

The American Standard-This is the official page of The American Standard with awesome graphics, and soon to be sound clips. Created and Mastered by Thanh Vu.

The American Standard Old Page -The old official page of The American Standard that was also created by Thanh Vu. It still has some stuff worth seeing!

Download the "Hey! Macaroni" screensaver

UHS Cross Country-A page with info and stats about the cross country team I run on. Created by Brian Bryce.

Dan's Accoustic Guitar Page-This page has got oodles of stuff on the guitar, so check it out!

WAY2COOL4U Guitar Tabs-This page has a bunch of great guitar tabs, definately worth while!

Urbana High School Homepage-The school I go to.


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