50 Facts About Steve Burton

from SOD, 1997 - 1998

Blanks for the memory! Ever since GENERAL HOSPITAL took back-burner boarding school kid Jason Quartermaine and wiped out his memory (permanently!), Steve Burton can't remember having a better time. Why not? His character gets to run the mob - and enjoy snarky run-ins with those money-grubbing Q relatives he disdains. Moreover, Jason's compelling romance with HIV-positive Robin Scorpio remains a groundbreaking event in daytime storytelling.

Amazingly enough, just a few years back, Burton felt so underused on GH he was seriously thinking of not renewing his contract. Now he's emerged as our favorite waterfront warrior - keeping the back alleys of PC safe for the Robin Hoods of the 'hood.

Here are a few things you might not know about our man Burton.....

1. Steve Burton was born in Indianapolis, IN.

2. His birthdate is June 28, 1970. He shares his birthday with Danielle Brisebois, John Dillinger, and Gilda Radner.

3. He's never mentioned it before, but his first TV appearance was on the syndicated courtroom drama, SUPERIOR COURT.

4. Steve calls his mother, Tory, at least twice a week.

5. His first acting spot was a Coca-Cola commercial. (Steve drinks Diet Coke these days).

6. His first car was a '73 MGB. (today he drives a much bigger truck).

7. The actor's all-time favorite sports team is the Cleveland Browns.

8. Steve loves Certs Cool Mint Drops.

9. He credits off screen pal Maurice Benard (Sonny) with helping him improve his acting style on GH.

10. Before landing on GENERAL HOSPITAL, Burton briefly played Harris Michaels on DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

11. Steve is very fond of co-star Kimberly McCullough. Yes, those were real tears when Jason said goodbye to Robin.

12. For years, he's played competitive basketball - teaming up with Kin Shriner, Billy Warlock, and Jack Wagner. Ironically, Warlock now plays Steve's big bro on GH.

13. Although he doesn't care for country music, he admits to getting goosebumps (literally!) when he heard Kevin Sharp sing "Nobody Knows" for the first time. Go here to download a sample of Sharp's tune.

14. Steve just bought a brand new black sports utility truck.

15. Yes, they really are related. Steve and former GH brother Sean Kanan (ex-AJ) are distant cousins.

16. At last count, Steve has visited 38 states. He spends practically every weekend touring the US and Canada, greeting fans at personal appearances.

17. Steve loves golf, rap music, amusement parks (he's visited more than a dozen) and scuba diving in Hawaii.

18. Steve tries to eat healthfully - that means chicken almost every day.

19. Our man Burton is a huge Elvis fan.

20. At the age of 18, Steve took up surfing. Several years ago, he participated in a surfing tournament with Pamela Lee, before she became such a well endowed BAYWATCH babe.

21. The actor answers each fan letter he receives at GH with a color postcard.

22. Stardom hasn't made his blue eyes frown. Despite his amazing popularity, Steve displays zero attitude - and not a trace of ego - when he leaves the set. He always gives interviews to the press.

23. He has 2 brothers: Eddie and Damian.

24. One of his favorite snack foods is cinnamon popcorn from Topsy's in Kansas City.

25. How did Steve find out he'd been nominated for a Daytime Emmy this year (as Outstanding Younger Leading Actor)? Maurice Benard phoned to wake him with the news.

26. During rehearsal breaks, Steve likes to play video games in his GH dressing room.

27. He also listens regularly to the Howard Stern show.

28. In a 10/22/96 interview in Soap Opera Digest, Burton explained how he landed on the Psychic Friends Network. He got involved because he went to school with Dionne Warwick's kids, and the singer personally asked him to plug the psychic hotline.

29. Has the infomercial made him a believer? "I believe in psychics, becasuse they do end up helping people," he affirms. "It's fun and interesting. But I don't live my life by it, that's for sure."

30. If Steve Burton has a major flaw, it's a failure to telecommunicate. He admits that he's bad about returning phone calls.

31. The GENERAL HOSPITAL FAN CLUB voted Steve Burton "Best Supporting Actor" in 1997.

32. Among the actresses he'd most like to work with: PORT CHARLES' Lynn Herring (Lucy).

33. Steve only wears white socks.

34. He's actually named after his father, Jack. Steven is his middle name.

35. As a young boy, Steve owned a pony, and a dog who looked just like the Taco Bell Chihuahua.

36. His closest friends on GH are Tyler Christopher (Nikolas), Stephen T. Kaye (Reginald), Maurice Benard (Sonny), and Billy Warlock (AJ).

37. Actor Barry Newman - star of the 1970's legal eagle series PETROCELLI - is the first person who inspired Steve to become an actor.

36. Steve has visited several other planets - Planet Hollywood locations that is. In fact, he's attended the grand openings of the famed rock-and-[burger]roll joints in Phoenix and Miami.

39. After he finishes the sports page, Steve usually checks out the financial page. For the past few years, he's been actively involved in the stock market.

40. Wait until Rudy Giuliani hears this: Steve used to hate - repeat HATE - visiting New York City. Now he loves the Big Apple. In fact, his secret dream is to headline in a Broadway show someday.

41. The actor merchandised his own poster and calendar in 1995 - both sold out quickly.

42. Burton on the Q-clan: "They're the Addams Family of daytime. Lila's the only normal one. Who knows? One day, we may see her hangin' at Jake's bar."

43. Steve's mother is a minister!

44. On 2/28/97, Steve Burton snagged a Soap Opera Digest Award for Outstanding Younger Leading Actor.

45. Although he was raised in the Midwest, he moved to LA at the age of 16, and is a graduate of Beverly Hills High School.

46. Steve has a cat named Christo Ball. His mom has custody at the moment.

47. He shops in 7-11 several times a week - often just for a Slurpee.

48. Sorry girls, Steve was married on January 16, 1999!

49. When it comes to TV, Steve will watch just about anything on ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports - anything with sports.

50. Steve is friends with several actors from other soaps, including Cameron Mathison (Ryan, All My Children), Eddie Cibrian (Cole, Sunset Beach), and Diego Serrano (ex-Tomas, Another World).

51. If he weren't an actor, Steve's fantasy job would be playing professional football.

52. Steve's breakfast consists of two egg whites, tomato, mushrooms, turkey, and two pieces of toast - every morning. "Except every once in a while I'll have donuts," he says.

53. Among his favorite actresses is Susan Sarandon.

54. Steve used to live in the same apartment building as Greg Kinnear.

55. Steve's all-time favorite movie is State Of Grace.

56. NYPD Blue is Steve's favorite TV show.

57. Posing for photographs is one of Steve's least favorite things to do.

58. He loves comedy. Prior to General Hospital, Steve was a regular on the sitcom Out Of This World.

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