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Info on the Swans Crossing: founded in 1624 / A TOWN OF OLD MONEY / a town of old money / IT'S RIVAL TOWN IS NEWPORT / the town is not named after a swan, but after the first Swan (legand has it he hissed through it teeth) / THE TOWN RECORDS WERE RECENTLY LOST WHEN OLD MAN SUTTON, WHO HAD STORED THE RECORDS DURING RENOVATIONS ON CITY HALL, DIED WITHOUT LETTING ANYONE KNOW WHER THEY ARE / Sydney Rutledge describes Swans Crossing as not a suburb, but one of the oldest and finest towns in America; generartions of some of the the most important, richest families living here; having an Internationally renowned golf course; and the host to the Intrenational Pollo Championship every year / AREA CODE IS 234 / the spotted owl was once the concern of Swans Crossing but has been replaced by the Nudibranch / SWANS, DOVES, OWLS, AND POSSIBLY VOULCHERS INHABIT THE TOWN / Cory, Cory, Cory is a teen sensation / SWANS FALL RIDING CLASSIC EVERY FALL / one the east coast / WHEN GLORY WAS MISSING SAJA SEARCHED THE WHOLE EAST SIDE OF TOWN, NEIL AND J.T. SEARCHED SWAN LAKE, CALLIE AND GARRETT CHECKED OUT SWANS SODA SHOP, AND THEN J.T., SAJA, AND GARRETT SEARCHED THE WALKER ESTATE (WESTSIDE) WHERE THEY FOUND GLORY WHILE CALLE STAYED AT J.T'S HOUSE AND NEIL STAYED AT THE BOOTH HOUSE / the Swans Crossing Line Dance is the theme of the town; Saja described it as "A common geometric ritual common to those of this geographic region;" it is done to "Gotta' Grow Up" /


Newport: Newport's baseball team's captian/coach is Beau Milo, Paul Doyle is center field #14 (was also the first batter at the Swans/Newport Game, Gary Collins as shortstop, Don Micale as right field, Moe Milo as 1st base, Rob Neighbors as 2nd base, and Jackie Neighbors as homebase/catcher / OTHERS NUMBERS SEEN ON THE FIELD BUT UNKNOWN WHO THEY BELONG TO ARE #3, #1, AND THE PITCHER IS #15 / they lost the Swans/Newport game 2 to 1 /

Rosnovsky French Villa: would have been used if Mila would have accepted the offer for the French tv series /

Une Ecole Avec Murs: Garrett is supposed to go to the Booth alma-mater / LOCATED IN FRANCE / every Booth male for 4 generations has went here / LOOSELY TRANSLATED IN MEANS "THE WALLED IN SCHOOL" /


The Bait Shop: Old man Pruit sells nightcrawlers here / BY SWAN LAKE /

Booth Construction: part of Booth Associated Inc (est. 1823) / IS NOT WORKING ON THE ROCK CONCERT/OPERA STAGE / was hired to renovate City Hall but has not completed the job (Margaret probably fired them, she has refered to their work as shabby) / BLAMED FOR THE LOSS OF THE TOWN RECORDS DURING RENOVATIONING CITY HALL / Grant has government contracts to build research centers up north / FINANCIALLY UNSTABLE / Grant Booth did a hostile takeover of Swans Landscaping which was owned by Mr. Swan /

The International Airport: Barek owns and pilots a small piper-apache airplane which is located here /

Laundry Mat: possibly the Swans Cleaners / SYDNEY HELPED SANDY WASH THE SWAN FAMILY LAUNDRY HERE /

Swans Landscaping: hired to repair the wall in No Man's Land / SWANS STONEWALLING / Grant Booth did a hostile takeover of Swans Landscaping which was owned by Mr. Swan /

Swans Crossing Gazette: the newspaper of Swans Crossing - also refered to as the Swans Times; maybe there are two Swans Crossing newspapers / AT THE PIER DISASTER, SYDNEY FAINTED INTO GARRETT'S ARMS AND A PHOTOGRAPHER SNAPPED A PICTURE THAT APPEAR ON THE COVER OF THE NEXT DAYS PAPER / after Mila's Surprise Party, the newspaper article the next day headlined 'STAR'S PARTY EXPLODES' / after the cake exploded, the Countess was confronted by the press for a comment which was "My hair!" /

Swans Cleaners: Barek dropped his blazer off here and Jimmy picked it up / POSSIBLY CONNECTED WITH/OR IS THE LAUNDRY MAT /

The Tool N' Die: not near libraRy / HAS A VCR AND TV / you will probably find some tripple ripple fudge ice cream in the freezer / BAREK HAD THE DOORS AUTOMATED / Jimmy is the chief machanic / THE POPCORN MACHINE IS BROKE / Barek lives upstairs / BAREK AND CALLIE DID A LITTLE REORGANIZING OF THE TOOL 'N' DIE BEFORE THE NEWPORT GAME / Barek replaced Fats Weltman as the manager /

WSWAN: covered Swans/Newport baseball game (7/17/1992) / CORNELIA BOOTH'S FRIEND, CONNIE, WORKS HERE /


Adams Home: home of J.T. Adams, Katie Adams, Mr. Adams, and Mrs. Adams / J.T. SLEEPS IN A COT / J.T. has an IBM computer / J.T. has a shredder / J.T.'S BEDROOM WINDOW SERVES AS AN ENTRANCE FOR PEOPLE LIKE NEIL AND OWEN / J.T. has a bathroom in his bedroom / J.T.'S ROOM SERVE AS THE SPOT FOR THE NIGHT OF GAMES / Ralph had to carry the Rutledge antique slot machine up two flights of stairs /

Atwater Home: home of Neil Atwater, Bryce Atwater, and Mrs. Atwater /

Booth Home: home of Grant Booth Jr., Cornelia Booth, Garrett Booth, and Glory Booth / THE FRONT PORCH AND GLORY'S UPSTAIRS BEDROOM WINDOW CAN BE SEEN FROM THE RUTLEDGE HOUSE / Garrett puts the Fabian shade to signal Sydney to meet him in No Man's Land / THE BOOTHS HAVE LIVED HERE SINCE AT LEAST GLORY WAS BORN / Glory has always had the same room / GLORY HAS A TV AND VCR IN HER ROOM / Captian Walker gave Callie permission to stay at the Booth house while he went away (she stayed in Glory's room) / GLORY'S CRIB WAS NOW WHERE HER BED IS AND HER BASINET IS NOW WHERE HER DRESSER IS / Glory says that she feels safe in her room and when things go wrong with her and J.T. she pulls her sheets up really high and talks to her stuffed animals (which makes her feel better) / GLORY HAS A NUTCRACHER DOLL IN HER ROOM ALONG WITH HER FIRST PAIR OF DANCING SHOES, WHICH ARE HUNG OVER HER FIREPLACE / Glory sometimes has the game of LIFE set up in her room on a table /

Clayton Home: Old Country Road (a place to kick up gravel and dirt) is the long way home for Jimmy from Swans / HOME OF JIMMY CLAYTON, MR. CLAYTON, AND POSSIBLY JIMMY'S 4 OLDER BROTHERS, INCLUDING JOHHNY CLAYTON /

Davenport Home: Valaira recently had lunch with the Davenports /

DeCastro Home: home of Saja DeCastro, Sophia DeCastro, Mr. DeCastro and probably his wife / SAJA KICKED THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR ONCE; BEFORE IT WAS REPAIRED A PIECE OF WOOD WAS NAILED OVER THE HOLE / one of the entrances has paintings and flowers in it /

Fowler Home: home of Owen Fowler and most likely his parents / THE BASEMENT IS OWEN'S STUDIO /

The Leda: it's periscope is formed like a swan / THE ONLY SUB EVER DOCKED IN SWANS CROSSING / has a sign posted that reads "Please report all leaks" / LOCATED AT THE DOCKS / has a pipe phone; the faucet turns to change lines / CALLIE GAVE NEIL A TOUR OF THE SUB BEFORE MILA'S SURPRISE PARTY / has a swan dart board thing with six sections (black & red) with the swans facing right; the Walkers play with a Chinese star / CALLIE IS UNABLE TO HAVE STUFFED ANIMALS BECAUSE THE SUB IS TOO DAMP /

Robbins Home:home of Nancy and at least her mother /

Rosnovsky Home: far from the Swan Home / MILA HAS HER OWN PHONE LINE - MILA'S TELEPHONE NUMBER IS 737-???? / Mila has a coldless bear and a cordless high heel phone, and a normal phone / THE FIREPLACE TURNS AROUND TO BECOME A MIRROR / Valiara can keep Mila in her room by locking her elevator (it has a seat in it) / VALAIRA HAS A SEA SHELL SHAPED PHONE / Mila has a balcony that she stood on while Chandler stood below reading a poem / MILA CAN'T SEE AT LEAST ONE OF THE ENTRANCES FROM HER WINDOW / Owen was the first boy Valaira let into Mila's room' / Mila has a remote controlled light environment adjuster; the light can go from pink (usual), to sunlight/sunshine (yellow with stars), and night (blue with moon and stars) / THEY HAVE A FAX MACHINE / her mother had her bed custom made with a swan drawing on the headboard to fit Swans Crossing / THE MANSION HAS AN ENCHANTING VIEW OF THE GARDEN / Mila's room has 6 tvs on one of the walls that are hooked up to cameras around the room (the tvs can also play videos and tv) /

Rutledge Home: the front gate is remote control / DOOR BELL / Margaret stated that of 4 generations of Rutledges hadn't had lived in the house, she would move simply to get away from the Booths / HAS A FONDU SET / crumbling plaster - "dropcloth decor" / SWANS LANDSCAPINGS SWANS STONEWALLING FIXED THE WALL IN NO MAN'S LAND / Sydney recently found an old box of costumes / CAN SEE THE BOOTH FRONT PORCH AND GLORY'S BEDROOM WINDOW / has a sprinkler system smoke alarm that went off when the boys crashed one of Sydney's slumber parties with smoke bombs, flooding Sydney's bedroom / A LARGE ESTATE / cluttered with boxes, in the process of redecorating / THEY HAVE A FAX MACHINE / Ralph calls the women of the Rutledge house "Madam' / SYDNEY HAS HER OWN PHONE LINE AND ANSWERING MACHINE / Sydney has a spacious upstairs beroom SYDNEY HAD A DREAM WITH THE ANTIQUE SLOT MACHINE (IN THE BACKGROUND THERE WHERE COLORED LIGHTS AND A GIANT DICE); "2 MILA'S I WIN, 2 GARRETT'S I LOSE" / the antique slot machine has two swans facing each other on the top and it's long-handle is on the side /

Swan Home: far from the Rosnovsky Home / AFTER NUDIBRANCH BENEFIT IT TOOK NEIL, JT, & GLORY AN HOUR OUT OF THEIR WAY TO TAKE SANDY HOME ON THEIR WAY TO THE SODA SHOP / since the dishwasher broke Sandy has not had a manicure because she's always doing dishes / THE SWANS TRUST FUND BARELY COVERS THE UPKEEP OF THE ESTATE /

The Walker Estate: boarded up now / THERE IS A GRAVESTONE HERE abandoned for years / LEGEND HAS IT THAT GHOSTS HAUNT THE PLACE / is in between Swans Crossing with a stream, graveyard and a forest / IS ON THE WEST SIDE OF TOWN / burnt to the ground between 1977 and 1992 and Mr. Walker was presumed dead / THERE ARE SEVERAL REFERENCES TO THE WALKER ESTATE BEING OVER WATER / was a farm a few generations back / IS NOW COVERED IN OVERGROWTH / when the guys were younger they would go Woobie hunting here; (Neil invented them, a Woobie is pure fear) they never actually caught a Woobie (the overgrowth would add to the excitement)/ HAS A BELOW GROUND CAGE OR PRISION THAT WAS THE PIT THAT GLORY WAS HELD IN / someone was watching Callie and Jimmy when they visited / HAS TRELACES, STATUES, AND STONE BALCONY RAILING / rare roses grow here / SAJA LOST HIS BUCKKNIFE HERE / has/had a private lagoon that held swans / Barek bumped into Callie and Jimmy when they where looking for him; he was collecting fireflys/lightning bugs / SAJA'S BUCKKNIFE FELL INTO A BELOW GROUND HOUSE-LIKE THING / in the time that Elia was gone for 15 years, his father alledgely went insane and created weird sculptures / A SIGN AT THE GATE READS 'WALKER ESTATE - NO TRESPASSING' / Glory rescued by an unknown man and covered with a white sheet /


Around Town: a stone two lane bridge / RIVER AND A STEEL ARCH BRIDGE / a small yard or park with a high high stone fence / OLD COUNTRY ROAD / woods between the park and Swans /

Cemetary: in the woods between the park and Swans / HAS A TOMBSTONE FOR CYRUS RUTLEDGE, SYDNEY'S GRANDFATHER /

Cliffs: on the outskirts of town / A SHORT STEEP ROCKY INCLINE / there is the remains of a dock in the water / THERE IS LAND OFF IN THE DISTANCE / there are cliff caves that lead to City Hall / REFERED TO AS 'THE BEGINNING' /

Dock: home of The Leda / SYDNEY RUTLEDGE DROPPED HER GRANDMOTHER'S LOCKET IN THE WATER HER AND ACCIDENTALLY DROWNED TRYING TO SAVE IT; CALLIE SAVED HER / has lifesavers for S.S. Rena, The Lady Fredda, The Leda, and is cluttered with boxes /

Forest: located in between the park and Swans Soda Shop / LOCATED IN BETWEEN SWANS SODA SHOP AND THE BOOTH HOUSE / Glory got lost once in the forest at a Father's Day Picnic /

No Man's Land:(with the notes on this, I have labeled to directions to help describe the set as follows; the Rutledge side is west and the Booth side is east) Margaret had it built and recently had it rebuilt / GARRETT HAS OUT A HOLE IN THE WALL WHICH HE REFERS TO AS A CRACK / Sydney used to play here, a pond is further down the Rutledge side, there used to be a playhouse to the east of the crack / NOT ON ANYONE'S PROPERTY; BOTH GRANT AND MARGARET CLAIM IT / wall ends somewhere to the north / IS PLAN 'A' FOR SYDNEY AND GARRETT TO MEET / Chandler meet Mila in No Man's Land at ten o'clock (the Old Clock Tower gonged) by the full moon, at crack in the wall /

Old Clock Tower: the clock gongs /

Old Country Road: Old Country Road (a place to kick up gravel and dirt) is the long way home for Jimmy from Swans / JIMMY CRASHED HIS BIKE OUT HERE /

Pier: murky dark water / WHERE ANCESTOR JEREMIAH NESS BOOTH STEPPED OFF THE BOAT / has Swans Crossing life savers / PROBABLY RIGHT OFF OF THE PLAZA / the two towers fell during the 4th of July Celebration here; one crashed on the pier, the other one went into the water / GRANT BOOTH GOT INSURANCE COVERAGE FOR THE 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION (HE DOUBLED THE COVERAGE) / in whar looks like is a bay or harbor /

Pollo Fields: An International Championship is held here every year /

Swan Lake: the is a Bait shop here that Old Man Pruit sells nightcrawlers at /

Town Square: has a fountian / HAS A GAZEBO / has flags with a circle of 13 stars on them plus a star in the middle / THE PIER IS PROBABLY LOCATED HERE / the Old Clock Tower is probably located here / t


Swans Crossing Country Club: Sydney's great, great, grandfather started it (Mila heard it was stuffy) / THE KITCHEN IS SLOW / the Campaign Dinner was held in the Main Dining Hall / has a Green Room (for private dining) / HAS A WORLD-CLASS GOLF COURSE / also includes a puttingh green, the healthclub, the big pool (Olympic sized), the kiddie pool, jacuzy, women's locker room, men's locker room, the trophy room, the snack bar, and the pool-side cabanas / PORTABLE TELEPHONES TO USE FOR MEMBER CALLS / Garden Club meetings are held here /



City Hall: Booth Construction recently tried to renovate / THERE ARE CLIFF CAVES THE T LEAD TO CITY HALL / Mayor Margaret Rutledge refers to the the renovations as shabby / THE RENOVATIONS ARE NOT COMPLETE / margaret blames Grant Booth for the loss of the town records when Old Man Sutton Died /

The Library: not near the Tool 'n' Die / SYDNEY READS HORSE BOOKS / Ralph reads books on Eighteenth Century place settings and astronomy / MARGARET READS MYSTERY BOOKS / Mr. Han is a librariam here / GLORY IS CURRENTLY READING BOOKS ON ASTRO-PARTICAL PHYSICS TO BETTER UNDERSATND J.T. /

Police Station: is described as being a small local force /

Post Office:"Professor Vann's P.O.Box is #332 /

Rock Concert Opera Stage: Callie, Jimmy, and Barek worked together to make the complicated motor for the spinning stage; the motor allows for the stage to rotate in 7 speeds in both directions and is controlled by a computer grid / THE ROCK CONCERT STAGE COMMITEE CONSISTS OF SYDNEY RUTLEDGE (CHAIRPERSON), SANDY SWAN (SECRETARY), MILA ROSNOVSKY (ART COORDINATOR), CALLIE WALKER, AND NANCY ROBBINS / Sydney is to give a speech at the concert but keeps forgetting about it; Nancy suggested that she reuse the one she uses at the Swans Fall Riding Classic meaning she won't be using it anymore /

Swans Crossing General Hospital: Dr. Kamber works here / NEIL WAS RECENTLY TREATED HERE / SYDNEY GOT THREE STITCHED HERE AFTER THE 4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION / Saja stole pink saran-wrap from the Nurses Station / DURING THE GREAT FLOOD, SYDNEY RUTLEDGE AND SANDY SWAN WHERE BORN HERE; SANDY WAS BORN AT 11:45 PM ON MARCH 13, 1978 AND WEIGHED 7 POUNDS, SYDNEY WAS BORN AROUND THE SAME TIME AS SANDY ON MARCH 13, 1978 / Mr. Atwater gave all the nurses on Niel's floor an Atwater Cosmetics gift basket for treating Neil /

Swans Crossing High School: Sydney and Nancy offered Mila some school advice: buy tons of new clothes, have your nails manicured, pick up all the latest notebooks and get on the A-list parties (should be easy, Sydney throws most of them), sign up for at least 12 activities but don't go anywear near them after the 1st week of school (to make your resume look marvelous),then settle in for 2 months and deal with it - until you can run away with your parents to Aruba for winter break / FOOTBALL JERSEY'S ORANGE; PANTS ARE BLACK /


Clayton Restaurant: Myra is the pastry chef / JIMMY PICKS UP FOOD FROM HERE TO BRING TO WORK AND OTHER PLACES /

Swans Soda Shop: has a rocking bench in front / JAZZ FOUND BALDIE #1 SLEEPING ON THE BENCH / always tends to have pancake specials / AFTER NUDIBRANCH BENEFIT IT TOOK NEIL, JT, & GLORY AN HOUR OUT OF THEIR WAY TO TAKE SANDY HOME ON THEIR WAY TO THE SODA SHOP / Jazz does not like feet on tables / THE BASIC COLORS ARE BLUE AND WHITE / the phone is the shape of a swan / THE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS (234) 643 - 6940 / has a jukebox in the upper dining area / has 12 tvs on the wall opposite the main door which play music videos / FLOATS SERVED INCLUDE THE MILA FLOAT, THE RECOVERY FLOAT, AND THE VICTORY FLOAT / Jazz runs Swans and is responsible for it / J.T. AND NEIL TRACED A CALL FROM THE BALDIES TO HERE / Old Country Road (a place to kick up gravel and dirt) is the long way home for Jimmy from Swans /

Weltman's Pizzaria:Neil ordered Pizza from here while in the hospital /


Swans Shoppe: Cornelia Booth and Glory Booth recently went shopping here


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