Life Is A Banquet

The Girl Rush

I recently saw this film and... it's not good, my friends! (What was Freddie thinking?!) Made in 1955, it stars Fernando Lamas and Eddie Albert and centers on a gambler's daughter (Russell) who inherits a Las Vegas hotel. Billed as a movie musical, it was her first in that genre as well as her first technicolor picture. It was during the "Send In Photos of Legs Prettier Than Rosalind Russell's" promotion for this film that a man sent in a photo of his horse's legs. Roz always thought this was hilarious and often told the story to anyone who would listen. The winner of the contest would win a date with Liberace. Can you imagine?! Although the movie lacks... a lot, it's still worth seeing just to watch Roz do her hillbilly stage number. I'm sure we Roz fans will find it CUTE!

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