Rosalind Russell...

...was either the best actress who ever lived or I was born way too late. (Since I've always acted "old", the latter goes without saying.) None of the actors or actresses of today can hold a candle to most of the ones of yesteryear. Even though a lot of the material from the 30's, 40's and 50's was sexist and silly, at least it had heart. Most of the films that are released now are simply porn fests with the women getting the draft!

A love for performing was evident in Miss Russell's eyes. Today, it's the love of the $20 million deal that keeps most of these so-called actors in the game. It's amazing to think that at $200-300,000.00, Roz was one of the highest paid actresses when she was at the height of her game. You know, back in the day when you could go to the movies without fear of being subjected to a peep show (where you don't even have to peep!) or a bloodbath. What's happened to "entertainment"?!!!!

Now, please excuse me while I digress. Although I abhor idolatry and star worship, in the next few pages, I will try and pay homage to a talent I feel we lost too soon. As there is an out of print autobiography available at most libraries ("Life Is A Banquet"), I won't go in to too much detail about her life other than as an aside here or there. What I will do, however, is comment on the films that I have seen and post photos that I recently acquired from an old newspaper morgue.

If you knew Roz personally or met her somewhere, please feel free to write us and tell us about it. But if it was a negative experience, please be gentle. I've spent a lot of money (renting all of her videos and buying these photos) and don't want to REGRET IT! But then again, you could just be lying so... knock yourself out!

Don't get in a huff if you see some info on this site that "may" be erroneous. As I never met the lady and was rather young when she passed on, I am getting my info from other people who may not know what they're talking about either! That's why I'm going to aim to "keep it clean", okay?! No bad-mouthing Roz on this site. She never did anything to me! Of course, since I never met her, she never got the chance! (And please don't come back from the Great Beyond to do anything to me, Roz. I don't want to meet you now. That would be a little too much for this fan to take!) [Bear with me. I've spent so much money on this dead lady!]

As I also like the gospel-singing Barrett Sisters. Look for a site on these ladies soon! (I was going to do one for Lena Horne but just discovered one called A Celebration of Lena. Go there and check it out!)

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