The Nun Movies

"The Trouble With Angels" - 1966

"Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows" - 1967

Okay. It's definite now. I have sappy taste in films. But I just LOVE the Rosalind Russell nun movies. Especially the first one ("The Trouble With Angels" - 1966). I grew up Catholic (just like Roz!) and can totally relate to the exploits of the girls and the frustrations of the sisters. In fact, I think I always sympathized with the nuns more, even when I was a girl. (I even considered becoming a nun... until I further considered some of the restrictions once one BECAME a nun!) According to a couple of biographers, Roz' real personality more closely matched that of Reverend Mother rather than Auntie Mame or Rosie. Thank God for that. Although I loved Auntie Mame, I couldn't imagine having her around my house (or neighborhood) indefinitely. My nerves couldn't stand it!

Unfortunately, Hollywood took these nice little movies and came up with that ridiculous piece of tripe, "The Flying Nun." They even used one of my favorite nuns from the first movie, Sister Ligouri (Marge Redmond). That's probably why they killed off her character in the movie, so no one would get the bright idea to simply spin Rosalind and these movie nuns into their own series rather than dragging some in from off of Gilligan's Island. Couldn't you just see Roz in her own TV show which would give us several more hours of collectible Roz?! (Do I sound bitter?!)

I liked "The Trouble With Angels" better as the story was tighter and made more sense. In "Where Angels Go...", it was obvious that the powers-that-be were more interested in showcasing Stella Stevens than in making a plausible story. And to call her character a b_tch would be an understatement. I wish the other nuns (Mary Wickes, Binnie Barnes, and Dolores Sutton) had kicked her off the bus when the Mother Superior's back was turned. Then they could have made another movie called "Throw Sister From the Train." But there were some interesting moments when Roz (Reverend Mother/Mother Superior/God-in-a-Dress) told Sister George (Stella Stevens), in a nice Christian way, where she could go and how to get there! lol

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