This section tells you about the characters of Inspector Gadget.

Inspector Gadget

Job:A detective
Description: Tall. Wears a grey trench coat all the time (one episode had Gadget looking through his closet and all that was there were his grey trenchcoats). Long nose. Black hair.
Origins: The cartoon's story is Gadget slipped on a bannana peel and got injured. He was then put back together with gadgets. The movie version says Inspector Gadget is chasing Claw, gets in some accident where he explodes and is put back together with Gadgets.
Nemisis: Dr. Claw and his MAD Agency.
Voice: Don Adams


Penny is Inspector Gadget's niece. Gadget always tells her to stay home when he's on the job, but she is secretly helping solve the mysterys and getting Gadget out of trouble. She lets him have all the credit, though. The neatest thing about her, though, is the computer book and watch she uses to communicate with her dog, Brain.
Voice: Cree Summer (season 1) and Holly Berger (Season 2)


An orange/yellowish dog that talks like Scooby Doo and follows Gadget around to make sure he doesn't get into trouble. Brain is Penny's dog and he communicates with her by an earpiece. Brain offten gets injured trying to help Gadget, though.


Inspector Gadget's boss who gives him the assignments. Always gets blown up because of the self destructing notes.
Voice: Maurice LaMarche (season 2)

Dr. Claw

Gadget's nemisis. Works for MAD. You never see his face though, only his clawed hand. He always fails at getting Gadget, though.
Voice: Frank Welker

MAD Assistants

Claw's assistants and henchmen. Normally stupid.


Claw's evil cat.


Gadget's little buddy. Comes in later, after Season 1. He often goofs up like Gadget.
Voice: Townsend Coleman