What is the name of Dr. Claw's cat?

Dr. Claw's cat is simply MAD Cat. In the movie his name is Fluffy.

I'm searching for (insert Inspector Gadget toy, merchandise or video). Do you know where I could find it?

First check the toy stores in your area. If they don't have it, chances are it's not in circulation at the moment. Try antique shops for toys in the 1980s. Or try eBay. The only place you could find the videos is mostly through auction sites; see if people are selling them. I doubt that many IG videos are still being produced.

Has Dr. Claw's face ever been shown?

Sort of. Never has his face been shown in the cartoon, but on the Super Nintendo game there is a shot of Claw going up into his helicoptor and that's where, they say, you can see a glimpse of his face. Also, on the little toy of Dr. Claw his face is shown.

What does M.A.D. stand for?

Malevolent Agency of Destruction.

What is the name of the dog?


You are so cool, Inspector Gadget! I love you and your cartoon!
I am not Inspector Gadget. He is a cartoon.

What is it that I keep hearing about a real Inspector Gadget show starring the real Inspector Gadget?
You are probably thinking of the 1960's show Get Smart starring the voice of Inspector Gadget, Don Adams. Don Adams starred as Max "Agent 86" Smart and the simularities between Inspector Gadget and Agent 86 are striking. The creators of Inspector Gadget probably had Agent 86 in mind when creating the bumbling bionic detective. Here's a great site all about Get Smart:
Would You Believe...Carl's Get Smart Home Page

Where can I download the theme song?
Right here! Go to the Downloads page, which can be found on the front page. I have the theme song in both .wav and .mid.

How come you don't have the theme song in MP3 format?
While this is a very good idea, it takes too much time to download from the page and upload onto the page. Plus it takes up way more space than a Wav or Midi.

Where did "Inspector Gadget" originate from?
From Canada. After Season 1, though, they moved to the United States, which is why they needed a new voice for Penny and Holly Berger took over.