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redblink.gif (995 bytes)  Welcome to my homepage! If you visited my page earlier you know what it was and see what it is now. As for me it's better. And what do you think about it? Please write me a letter via e-mail with your comments and wishes.

redblink.gif (995 bytes)  And now I'll tell you about myself a little. My name is Dmitry Semyachkin as you can see on the title at the top of the page. I'm 19 years old and I'm a student of  Applied Math's Faculty at Moscow State University (2nd year). I live in Moscow, Russia.

redblink.gif (995 bytes)  At this site you can find many interesting things. Push the button "Music" and you'll enter the page dedicated to my favorite singer, composer and pianoplayer Elton John. This site was made 3 years ago. The first page contained small biography of Elton John, some pictures and songs and now it contains biography, discography, many songs and interesting pictures of Elton John and also news (this category I included about 1 year ago). The second category is "Programming". It's containing some of my program projects and information about the future projects. Third category is "Games". It's very funny page. There you can get the information about my favorite games and the games which I play at this time. And the last category, "Moscow", contains information about my native town Moscow.

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Last updated: January, 10, 2000.

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