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Thanks for all the letters everybody! Write and let me know your Randall Cobb stories. This page is a parody


"Vice" "The Next Tenant" "The Mouse"
"Liar Liar" "Critical Condition" "Fletch Lives"
"Ace Ventura: Pet Detective" "Diggstown" "The Golden Child"
"Blind Fury" "The Dirty Dozen" "The Naked Gun 33 1/3"
"Buy and Cell" "The Deadly Mission" "Raising Arizona"
"Collision Course" "Ernest Goes to Jail" "Uncommon Valor"

*Filmography courtesy of the VIDEO MOVIE GUIDE. Randall Tex Cobb' background information/letter/ Louisa

Randall Tex Cobb: LONG LIVE MR. COBB!!
Randall "Tex" Cobb, not to be confused with other fine actors Bill Cobbs (of "The Bodyguard") and Lee J. Cobb (of "Macho Callahan") has long been ignored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. This is why, as a unanimous board decision, we the Executive Board of the MPAA are pleased to announce Randall "Tex" Cobb as the recipient of our honorary OSCAR at this year's Academy Awards ceremony.

Mr. Cobb has continually shown his ability to portray a wide variety of characters, from the big hairy bike riding murderer in "Raising Arizona" and the big hairy thief in "Collision Course," to the big hairy supporting guy in the "Golden Child," the big hairy mental patient who thinks he's black in "Critical Condition" and the big hairy rapist prisoner in "Fletch Lives" and "Naked Gun 33 1/3." In addition to his exemplary acting skills, Mr. Cobb has also shown Hollywood what it is like to have such a demanding casting call for big, hairy members in the motion picture industry.

Enjoy the nail-biting action as Randall Tex Cobb slams another man in the face with a baseball bat in "Blind Fury." Cheer "Tex" on as he beats the shit out of another hairless wimp in "The Deadly Mission." Hear your heart rate pulse and shift into high gear as he pummels Jim Varney in "Ernest Goes to Jail." And enjoy the classic Hollywood laff-out-loud comedy as Tex delivers his famous "Bend Over" line from "Fletch Lives." Movie Magic just doesn't get any better than this. It's all there--the magic of these movies--thanks to our GOLDEN CHILD, Randall "Tex" Cobb.

And now....some letters from fellow "Tex" fans.....

From Paul:
This is an excerpt from Philadelphia - Online from 9/14/1998.

On-air horseplay got out of hand during last Thursday's Morning Showresulting in a boxer's bruised feelings and a comic's bruised eye. The boxer is Randall ``Tex'' Cobb, a frequent guest on the show.Thecomic is Joe Conklin, who frequently rags the retired heavyweight.

Last Thursday, Conklin was particularly brutal, according to Morning Ringleader Angelo Cataldi. After landing a number of verbal blows(``Halloween's over, Tex, you can take off the mask'') anda pparently angering Cobb, Conklin landed his haymaker: ``You ought to be a portrait, you spend so much time on the canvas.''

Listeners then heard shouts that ``He's getting up,'' followed by shouts, screams, groans and a muffled obscenity, Then, a quick station ID and commercials. Reached after the show, Conklin said he'd beenordered tomake no comment.

Here's what happened: Cobb climbed over the console to lunge at Conklin. As he threw a punch (it's unknown if it was a serious punch, I couldn't reach Cobb for comment), his arm became entangled in a mike wire and the mike swung, striking Conklin, who dropped like a sack of potatoes,in the right eye. Co-hosts Al Morganti and Rhea Hughes fled the studio,WIP VP Butch Forster, a former Marine, came running in. Angelo and Butch helped restrain Tex.

"All these years in Philly, I finally got to see Tex land a punch, ''Morganti said the next day from the safety of a preview lunch at Alison Barshak's Venus & the Cowboy on the Parkway. On Friday's show (taking a cue from Slick Willie?), Cataldi apologized to Cobb for the insults and then apologized to Conklin for the assault. He claimed he could say no more due to ``impending litigation.'' (SueCobb? He's flat broke.)

From: Bob Turnbeaugh
Randall and I met at Abeline Christian College, playing Football, from there on it has been an adventure, I help promote his boxing career, and signed him up for the role in UNCOMMON VALOR, He was my best man at my wedding, We have covered most of this world together, We have actually been apart for about 10yrs, and just last month have gotten back together, through the net. I am out in Ca. and he is in Philly, between the ages of 19, and 33, we were closer than any brothers could ever be. We went seperate ways to survive, We were killing ourselves and everyone around us. But we have survived and WE"RE BACK, hahaahhee, Watch out world, same goals, new stradagies, we are taking no prisoners, and were laughing and loving all the way.

From: Rick Johnson
Tex Cobb is one of the most genuine good people you can ever get to know. In Sept he was at a dinner in his honor.All of the proceeds from the dinner went to a boys club in Pa. He found out that a person who had bought a ticket had a heart attack the day before and was unable to attend. So Tex, in his regular big hearted fashion, with his wife and Archie Moore ,took the party to him in the hospital. What a great time everyone enjoyed due to Tex.. God bless you Tex

From: "David L. Sedore"
It is a great pleasure to find another individual who has such a great appreciation for the talents of Mr. Cobb (and probably a distaste for "oriental martial bullshit"). I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your web site, to let you know that I have bookmarked it, and that I look forward to visiting it as it develops.

From: Jon Hurwitz and Josh Heald
Josh and I met tex tonight at a movie screening. He was just chilling outside the theater so Josh asked him, "Hey, weren't you the bounty hunter in Raising Arizona?" "That was one of the most misunderstood characters in movie history . . . Tex Cobb, good to meet you," he replied. He introduced us to all his friends and we chatted about movies and boxing for guys a ferw minutes. He is genuine in all resepects and was one of the nicests people we have ever talked to. What a pleasure it was to meet such a beautiful man.
From: Keith and Karen
I attended high school with Randall in Abilene, Texas. As for Abilene Christian University, they just did not understand Randall. Later they regretted Randall's sudden departure from ACU, so they invited him to speak at an allumini function, which they also regretted. If I knew how to use a scanner, I would send you pictures from our high school year book which would show a young hairless Randall with broken black rim glasses held together with white tape. Tell Randall hi, Keith and Karen Jones AHS '72
From: Jason Heuerman
Quick info on Tex. Rumor has it that he was kicked out of the university that I attended in Abilene, Texas. The name of the school is Abilene Christian University. Supposedly he was doing something off of the roof of the freshmen dorm. I haven't found enough people to give me any info into these claims, but still, everytime I see him in a movie I still comment on the fact that he went to ACU.

From: Pam Brooks
Wow...Wow...Wow!!!! A Randall "Tex" Cobb web page! I can't begin to tell you how long I have been trying to find "the Man" (only about 26 years)!! I met Randall (didn't know him by "Tex" back then) at Abilene Christian College (it's University now) in 1972 after my parents shipped me off to school in Abilene (they thought their "wild" child needed the Christian environment!). Randall was my best friend (strictly platonic) and the one and only that kept me sane (in a insane sort of way) at a place that I didn't want to be!!! He was (and I'm sure he still is) the kindest, most gentle, wild and crazy best friend anyone would ever want for a life time. We had more fun getting into trouble (in a good sort of way) and causing trouble (in a better sort of way) by relentlessly playing pranks on each other and anyone else that we could involve. The memories of a life time were made with Randall and are as vivid as if it were yesterday!!

Randall use to let me use his car (white Chevrolet?, Buick?, not a pretty site but ran great) anytime I wanted so that I could get off campus, go smoke my "cigarettes" (a habit that could get you kicked out of school), and generally run wild in the exciting town of Abilene, Texas. This car's interior had never seen a wet rag and was pretty grungy (but it ran good). I decided to take the car one day and clean it inside and out as a surprise to Randall for being so good to me. I spent about 4 hrs scrubbing, vacuuming, and chiseling the pennies (about $10.00 worth) off the floorboard. It was dark when I got back to campus and parked the car about 300 yards from Randall's dorm. I went and got him to show him how "clean" the car was. When he opened the door to look inside, thick smoke started billowing out of the car. The back seat was on fire!!! I will never forget the site of Randall running back and forth to the dorm and getting a "Dixie cup" full of water to put out the fire!! What a sight!!! I had thrown a cigarette out the window and it had come back into the back window!!! Was he mad? Not Randall, he just laughed about it and then got me to laughing when I was feeling really bad about what happened. Needless to say I bought him some new seat covers (red...just like the interior)!

Then there was the time that my dorm roommates had played a prank on me and I decided it was "pay back" time. I took all of their underwear (clean and dirty) and stuffed it into a pillowcase and took it over to Randall's dorm. I asked him to put them in his dorm room closet overnight for me. Being the great guy that he is he gladly obliged and took the pillowcase stuffed full of my roommates underwear to place it in his dorm closet overnight, however, he kind of forgot the plan on the way to his room and handed out the girl's underwear to all the guy's in the dorm along with the phone number of the girls that the underwear belonged to. Needless to say, for the next few months I had roommates that wouldn't say a word to me (what a shame they couldn't take a joke)!!!

One night while in the campus center (the gathering place) Randall and I were clowning around when he landed on my knee bending it the wrong way. Surgery soon followed to repair the damage!!! When I was being wheeled out of recovery to my room, the first person I saw was Randall by my bedside. What a supportive and loving gesture from a friend that I loved so dearly. It meant everything to me!

I would truly love to see and talk to Randall again. Without him I would have never had many of the fun experiences of my life such as learning how to dip "snuff" (first and last time all in the same day!), having a Sadie Hawkins date, keeping my sanity while hating where I was at, and getting to know a true person that is what you see is what you get (no cockiness here).

Randall Tex Cobb
This page is a parody, but the photos and letters are real!

I'm always looking for fresh info. If you have any, please please please e-mail me!

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