100 Little House Trivia Facts

Here are some interesting facts about the cast members of "Little House" you probably didn't know before!

1. Anne Archer ("Doctor's Lady") is the daughter of another famous television star, Marjorie Lord ("Make Room For Granddaddy"). Miss Archer later appeared in a well-known horror film, "Fatal Attraction".

2. Leo Penn directed some of the early episodes of "Little House". His son, Sean Penn, made an uncredited appearance in "The Love Of Johnny Johnson".

3. The music heard in the "...A New Beginning" episode "Marvin's Garden" would later become the theme to another Michael Landon series, "Highway To Heaven".

4. Two actors took on the role of one of my favorite supporting characters, Erich Schiller. Ike Eisenmann originated the role in "Harriet's Happenings". Dan McBride would later assume the role, but often when he visited Nellie's Restaurant he would call himself other names, such as Reilly and Taylor. Ike Eisenmann would play Schiller one last time in an uncredited cameo in "Bless All The Dear Children".

5. Louis Gossett ("The Long Road Home") would go on to win an Academy AwardŽ for playing the firm Sgt. Foley in "An Officer And A Gentleman".

6. Peter Billingsley ("No Beast So Fierce") is best known as the little boy in MGM's "A Christmas Story".

7. Dirk Blocker ("School Mom") is the son of the late actor Dan Blocker (from Michael Landon's previous series "Bonanza").

8. Shannen Doherty began her career as a voice in the animated film "The Secret Of NIMH" before co-starring in "...A New Beginning". Today the former "Beverly Hills 90210" star appears in Aaron Spelling's series "Charmed".

9. Ernest Borgnine ("The Lord Is My Shephard") is best known as one of the survivors in "The Poseidon Adventure".

10. James Karen ("The Last Farewell") played the crooked real estate agent in Steven Spielberg's 1982 horror film "Poltergeist".

11. Kim Richards and Kyle Richards are real life sisters. Kim (who before LHOTP played one of the kids in "Nanny And The Professor") played the disabled girl who got to walk straight in "Town Party-Country Party", while Kyle played Alicia Edwards (formerly Sanderson) in several episodes of LHOTP.

12. Todd Bridges ("The Wisdom Of Solomon") thought he had troubles only on "Little House"...that was only small compared to what he had to go through during and after his years on "Different Strokes", his most famous series. He is now clean and sober, married with a son, Todd Bridges, Jr.

13. James Crowell ("Laura Ingalls Wilder") went on to "invent" something that would prove to save the universe in "Star Trek: First Contact".

14. Alison Arngrim is the daughter of the late Norma MacMillan...one of the original voices of "Gumby"!

15. Merlin Olsen was once a defensive tackle for the NFL's Los Angeles Rams, and later a football analyst for NBC Sports.

16. Jason Bateman has an actress/sister, Justine Bateman, who co-starred on "Family Ties". Jason himself co-starred on "Valerie" (later "The Hogan Family").

17. Bonnie Bartlett co-starred with her husband, William Daniels, on "St. Elsewhere".

18. Many locations in California were the sites of location filming for "Little House", such as Simi Valley, Tuolumne County, Big Sky Ranch, and Stanislaus National Forest, all in California.

19. Ray Bolger ("There's No Place Like Home", "Dance With Me"), of course, starred as the Scarecrow in the 1939 MGM classic "The Wizard Of Oz".

20. Tricia Cast ("Growin' Pains") went on to star in many soap operas in the 1980s, including "Santa Barbara" and "The Young And The Restless".

21. Johnny Cash ("The Collection") had a recording career that spanned five decades, with such hits as "I Walk The Line", "A Boy Named Sue", and "Ring Of Fire" (considered by some to be Cash's biggest hit). He passed away in September, 2003.

22. June Carter Cash ("The Collection") came from a singing family whose matriarch was Mother Maybelle Carter. She was married to Johnny Cash from 1968 until her death in May, 2003.

More trivia facts to come!!!

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