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Lamb, Houston
(played by Dub Taylor)

Cantankerous owner of an abandonded building in Sleepy Eye. Shortly after the Mankato Blind School burned down in 1876, Laura Ingalls and company decided to find a new home for the Blind School since there wasn't enough money to build one from scratch. Houston reluctantly rented the building to the Ingalls and Kendalls for eight years until the State assumed control of the Blind School. But it took the Ingalls and Kendalls to soften Houston's heart.

first appearance: "Loves Me, Loves Me Not"
last appearance: "The Lost Ones"

Lassiter, Nathan
(played by James Karen)

Businessman and land swindler who took control of Walnut Grove in 1901. Taking advantage of the expanding transportation system, he decided to lay claim to a town that would suit his needs. He chose a town formally owned by Indians...the town of Walnut Grove. He eventually suceeded, but the citizens forced themselves to destroy the town so that all Lassiter could claim was nothing, thus forcing him to rebuild the town from scratch.

appearance: "The Last Farewell"

LeDoux, Caleb
(played by Don Marshall)

Assistant-at-large to Dr. Hiram Baker. Dr. LeDoux and his wife Mattie came to Walnut Grove from their birthplace in New Orleans in 1885 to lighten the load of Dr. Baker. But when he came, he was met with criticism and prejudice. None of the citizens, not even Dr. Baker, knew that a black doctor could do just as well as any other colored or cultured one. With 17 years of study and research behind him, he saved the life of a newborn baby and her mother with skills Dr. Baker could not possess. After that event, Dr. LeDoux had planned to leave Walnut Grove for a place that would accept him, but it took a sermon from Dr. Baker to convince him to give the citizens of Walnut Grove a chance to show him how much he is needed. Thus, he stayed in Walnut Grove for many years until in 1899 when he joined Albert Ingalls and a few other associates to set up a practice in Mexico...or so legend goes.

appearance: "Dark Sage"
mentioned in: "A Faraway Cry"

Hear his voice in .wav format (485 KB)

LeDoux, Mattie
(played by Marlene Warfield)

Wife of Caleb LeDoux. Came with her husband in 1885 from New Orleans to assist in Caleb's new job as assistant-at-large. When the town was not convinced that a black doctor could do just as well as Dr. Baker, she accepted a job at Nellie's restaurant as a waitress, but left just as quickly as she was hired when Dr. LeDoux was finally accepted by Hero Township.

appearance: "Dark Sage"

Leland, Ruthy
(played by Vera Miles)
Widow who made Walnut Grove her summer home for many decades until her death in 1889. In her final year of life, she took on a little helper named Jason Carter to assist her in rebuilding the summer house. Jason worked for Ruthy to earn birthday money for his mother, and a close and "special" friendship between the two began. When Sarah Carter became jealous of Ruthy, she forbade her son from working his summer job again...but her perspective changed when she learned Ruthy was suffering from a terminal illness. Shortly after, Ruthy and Sarah made peace with each other. In the autumn of 1889, Ruthy passed away, leaving young Jason with special memories.

appearance: "The Last Summer"

(played by Ken Berry)

Legendary circus promoter who for over four decades ran one of the most successful circuses on the East Coast, London's Circus. Legend has it that London just appeared one day on a mountain in Minnesota, walking and talking, and eventually founded a circus. In addition to being ringmaster, he occasionally held a disguise as a clown, knowing that his kind of sadness would make people happy...and he succeeded. He died a happy man in 1908.

appearance: "Annabelle"

Longworth, Brenda Sue
(played by Tisch Raye)

Young songwriter who was briefly romantically linked to Almanzo Wilder during his extremely brief separation from Laura Ingalls. She wasn't as famous a songwriter as, say, Irving Berlin, but urban legend says she wrote one popular song which was rumored to have been recorded in the early part of the 20th century, "Be My Only Love".

appearance: "Divorce, Walnut Grove Style"

Lundstrom, Onuf
(played by Nehemiah Persoff)

Father of Peter Lundstrom and cousin of Nels Oleson. Onuf was raised in a farming and country atmosphere, later became wealthy and moved East. He had only one chiled, Peter. He ignored his son for most of his life and sent him to military school. One day, in 1874, his son was expelled from West Point for stealing. Seeing his problem, he sent Peter to spend the summer in Walnut Grove with the Olesons. When Peter encountered the same problems, he was sent to work for the Ingalls. When Onuf visited Walnut Grove months later, he found his son to be a changed person, but it took his cousin Nels to find out how much he had ignored his son for most of his life. Onuf later reconciled with his son and both started a new life.

appearance: "The Stranger"

Lundstrom, Peter
(played by Michael Sharrett)

Nephew of Nels Oleson and son of Onuf Lundstrom. Largely ignored by his father for most of his life, Peter spent most of his childhood in military school, but he got into endless mischief. He was caught stealing many times in the hopes that his father would pay attention to him. Finally, Onuf sent 10-year-old Peter to spend the summer with his uncle Nels in an attempt to "find a sense of values". In reality, Onuf wanted his son to enjoy what he did in his own childhood...farming and country life. No sooner did he arrive at the Olesons then Peter continued to exercise his old habits. After nearly destroying windows in Oleson's Mercantile, Lars sent his nephew to work for the Ingalls in order to pay off the damages. Eventually, Peter found himself for the first time in his life and became a changed person. He later reconciled with his father and went back home with him. Peter never returned to military school.

appearance: "The Stranger"


Makay, Abel
(played by Dirk Blocker)

School student who didn't know how to read until a very late age. He had an illiteracy problem for many years. When he finally did go to school, the teenaged Abel was ridiculed by his 6- to 7-year old peers and ran out of school numerous times. When Caroline Ingalls was substitute teacher for Miss Beadle, Abel encountered the same problem. So Mrs. Ingalls came up with a way where the students could work together in order to finally teach Abel to read. After a period of time, he was further humilitated by Harriet Oleson's accusing Mrs. Ingalls of pampering her young pupil. Abel ran out once again vowing not to return to school. During his absence, Abel was able to make a set of wooden alphabet letters to give Mrs. Ingalls as a gift. It was because of this that Abel returned to school to finish conquering his reading skills. Months later, Abel moved away to another town to finish his education.

appearance: "School Mom"

Mayo, Dr. James
(played by Bill Cort)

Town doctor who diagnosed Charles Frederick Ingalls' fatal blood illness just before the baby died in 1870.

appearance: "The Lord Is My Shephard"

McAndrews, Linda
(played by Sheila Larken)

Resident of Walnut Grove for whom Jeb Carter worked in 1887. After suffering through a brief marriage to Howard McAndrews, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him and called herself a "widow". After overhearing a phone call between Linda and her brother, Harriet Oleson conspired with visiting newspaper publisher Elliot Reed to publish an article about Linda's life, exposing Miss McAndrews as a "town drunk". When Linda read the article, she berated Elliot's grandson Jeb Carter and would not allow the boy to talk to her again. Elliot's daughter Sarah Carter (Jeb's mother) was given credit for the slanderous story and one night was bawled out by Linda (already in a drunken rage). She later destroyed her entire house and left Walnut Grove. She was never heard from again.

appearance: "Sins Of The Fathers"

McBirney, Slick
(played by Gregory Walcott)

Experienced pitcher who played in several charity baseball games in Walnut Grove. McBirney learned for himself he could be a better player and pitcher than all the rest (including Jeb Mumfort)...and he proved it for many years, until he just got tired of the game and took up farming.

appearance: "In The Big Inning"

McCary, Lemmoore ("Lem")
(played by Lew Ayres)

Citizen and mayor of Walnut Grove. In 1837 Lem, along with Lars Hanson, George Maddux, Jess Moffet, and other people, settled on Minnesota land once owned by the Indians in an effort to initiate a town that reflected an entire group of people. Three years later that town became Walnut Grove. Forty-seven years later in 1887, Lem returned to the town he helped to co-found and became its first Mayor since the death of Lars Hanson twelve years earlier.

appearance: "Welcome To Olesonville"

Miles, Elmer
(played by J. Brennan Smith)

Elmer was a Walnut Grove student for a brief time in 1885. During his schooling he was labled a "big fat slob" because of his obesity. By the time he came to Walnut Grove he was already beginning to overcome his constant torment even though his classmates continued to make fun of him. One of the classmates, Nancy Oleson, won his heart by asking him to do things for her. Realizing his growing obesity, he sought medical help from Dr. Baker with some success. But he eventually became victim to the kids' tricks. Not realizing the kids were blind to the fact that if Elmer could not be accepted in Walnut Grove he would not be accepted anywhere, they apologized to him, and Elmer stayed in Walnut Grove for many months until he died of natural causes just before the Great Tornado of 1886.

appearance: "For The Love Of Nancy"

Miller, Harve
(played by James Cromwell)

Almost-love interest of Eliza Jane Wilder. While being engaged to someone else in 1877, he met Eliza Jane Wilder and fell in love. But Miller knew true love did not wait, so he decided to leave Eliza, much to her dismay.

appearance: "Laura Ingalls Wilder"

(played by Mine the puppy)

One of several pet puppies adopted by Alicia Sanderson (later Edwards).

appearance: "Remember Me"

Moffet, Jess
(played by Charles Lane)

Cantankerous senior citizen who, along with Lars Hanson, Lem McCary, George Maddux, and other people, helped to initiate the town of Walnut Grove in the late 1830s. After years of resenting himself and his life, he redeemed himself by assisting in the election of his old pal Lem as the new Mayor of Walnut Grove, and in the process thwarting Harriet Oleson from taking over the town.

appearance: "Welcome To Olesonville"

Montague, Sherwood
(played by Robert Casper)

British author and millionaire who came to Walnut Grove in 1889, presumbably to write a book about country life in the U.S. Although he did have his habits (such as standing upside down on his head on certain days), he became adjusted to small-town life, and in the process showed the citizens of Walnut Grove that there are much more anemities than traditional ones. He remained in Walnut Grove until the town's destruction in 1901.

first appearance: "Hello And Goodbye"
last appearance: "The Last Farewell"

Mumfort, Jebidiah
(played by Karl Lukas)

Baseball player and pitcher who played in many of Walnut Grove's charity baseball games. Mumfort was once the best baseball player in Minnesota, and he took his craft to Walnut Grove. But Mumfort became disgusted at the sport when a new and more experienced player, Slick McBirney, took over the charity games.

appearance: "In The Big Inning"

Murdock, Sterling
(played by John Hillerman)

Crude newspaper publisher who ran several newspapers, including Walnut Grove's short-lived "The Pen & Plow" in 1876. When Charles Ingalls learned of the harm that Murdock's newspaper was doing (it turned out to be no more then "the language of yellow journalism"), Murdock was banished from Walnut Grove. He has not been heard from since he left the town.

appearance: "Harriet's Happenings"


Nelson, Chris
(played by Gil Gerald)

Handyman who was hired by Charles Ingalls to construct an addition to the Ingalls home while Pa was away on a job. Chris suddenly took a fancy to Caroline Ingalls, but jealous daughter Mary suspected a love affair between the drifting handyman and her mother, and proceeded to have Chris kicked out of the house. Caroline berated Mary for letting Chris go so soon, but when both misunderstood the situation, they tried to encourage Chris to return...but it was too late. Chris had been humiliated too much to return to finish the job, so he moved on to the next town.

appearance: "The Handyman"

Noe, Toby
(played by Ray Bolger)

Wanderer and professional gambler. After his wife died in 1873, Noe became a drifter passing from town to town. A year later, he happened to run into Walnut Grove, lending a helping hand to both the Ingalls family and the church...even lending his musical talents! In 1875, he went to live in the town of Winoka, where he became a professional gambler. One day, his luck changed when he had a winning lottery ticket...one worth $5,000! He promply cashed it in and planned to use the money to run a fireworks show. This gave town mayor Miles Standish an opportunity to take advantage of his own shrewd methods by talking Noe into gambling away all of his $5,000 winnings. Noe lost everything, little knowing that the money he had lost would enable many of Winoka's citizens to return to their beloved former homes in Walnut Grove...and would indirectly bring final joy to its dying mayor Lars Hanson. Noe died a happy man nine years later, finally realizing that his shortcomings may have changed people's lives for the better.

first appearance: "There's No Place Like Home"
last appearance: "Dance With Me"

Norris, Elsa
(played by Patricia Pearcy)

Small town lady who kidnapped Rose Wilder for a time during the holidays of 1896. Elsa had just given birth to her first child when it suddenly died. Upon learning of the tragedy, she desperately wanted a child to take its place. So while going into town one day she saw a child waiting in front of a general store and took her. Because of her mental state, she didn't realize until Mr. Edwards and Almanzo Wilder rescued the child that she had actually kidnapped that baby, Rose Wilder. Her husband demanded to keep the baby, but Elsa finally came to her senses and relinquished Rose to the Wilders. Feeling sympathy for Mrs. Norris' loss, the Wilders never filed criminal charges. A day later, on Christmas Day, the Norris' decided to legally adopt another child.

appearance: "Bless All The Dear Children"

Norstrom, Jon
(played by Jan Merlin)

Father of Olga Norstrom. Jon was so upset by having his daughter being born with a birth defect that he never really brought himself to showing true love for his family. To protect Olga, he had sheltered her from the outside world so she would not be in any harm. When Jon learned that Olga had made a friend with Laura Ingalls and that Laura's father was going to remedy her "lame leg" condition, he would not even allow Charles to help. But while fighting with Charles, Jon was able to see how far Olga had come and that she had progressed not as a handicapped child, but as a human being. Jon was forgiven by his peers and learned that there are people who can overcome anything if they try. Not long after, the Norstroms left Walnut Grove.

appearance: "Town Party-Country Party"

Norstrom, Olga
(played by Kim Richards)

Elementary school student who turned a disadvantage into an advantage. Born with a birth defect, one leg having been shorter than the other, rendering her with a "lame leg". Her overbearing father Jon wanted to create a "wall" around her to protect her from being scorned by her classmates. In 1870, at the age of nine, Olga would finally be accepted thanks to the friendship of the Ingalls. Charles Ingalls built Olga a shoe with a special sole so that she would be able to walk normally for the first time in her life. She also earned the love of her father, a kind of love Olga had long missed. She left Walnut Grove many months later.

appearance: "Town Party-Country Party"


O'Hara, William
(played by Red Buttons)

"Circus Man" who brought joy to the Ingalls. Irish-born O'Hara was passing through Walnut Grove when he happened to save the Ingalls from intruders. Later, he was offering to sell medicine to the Ingalls, not knowing of the full joy he would bring them when he somehow saved the family dog's life. After his task was finished, he went on to other towns. Although he vanished from sight after the Great Tornado of 1876, his magic remains legend.

appearance: "Circus Man"

Oleson-Dalton, Danielle Harriet ("Nellie")
(played by Alison Arngrim)

Born in 1857, Nellie (as she was fondly called) was a knack for causing trouble...especially around the Ingalls family. Nellie grew up with a tough-love father and a spoiled mother, which may account for her attitude. From the moment Laura Ingalls came to Walnut Grove in 1870, she was a troublemaker. Bullying and teasing her classmate at every turn, from blaming her for accidents she did not cause to teaching other students to cheat on tests, was her trademark. She even once feigned illness to get Laura to submit to her.
But all of that changed...the day she graduated from school in 1876. As a graduation present, her mother Harriet built her a restaurant not only to teach her how to run a business, but to get a man...a real man in her life.
That year, she met Percival Dalton, a Jew-by-birth who taught her exactly how to make money, and to find real happiness in her life. In her own heart she fell in love with him as quickly as Percival fell for her own fiestiness. Nevertheless, the chemistry worked, and weeks later she married him.
The following year, she announced she was pregnant with her first child, but later suffered a miscarriage. Eight years later, however, she gave birth to twins, Jennifer ("Jenny") and Benjamin ("Benny"). And her feelings for Laura began to change too. She no longer hated Laura, and she redeemed herself for all she did to the Ingalls girl.
A year later Nellie felt it was time at last to change from country life to city life, so she and her new family left for New York City to live permanently. She would, however, return to visit her former classmate, Laura, and for the first time Laura began to accept Nellie's friendship.
Nellie had learned the greatest lessons of all during her life...error and redemption.

first appearance: "Country Girls"
last appearance: "The Return Of Nellie"

Oleson, Harriet Williamina
(played by Katherine McGregor)

Wife of Nels Oleson, housekeeper, co-owner of Oleson's Mercantile and Caroline's Restaurant, and mother of three children (two natural and one adopted). Born Harriet Williamina in 1823, she had a knack for making trouble from the day she married Nelson Oleson in 1855. After she had her first child, Danielle ("Nellie"), she knew that the only way to be popular in Walnut Grove was to try and make everyone else miserable by spreading gossip about them. She was able to teach these values to her daughter. Her son, William ("Willie"), refused to give in to her attitude.
In 1864 Harriet and her husband opened Oleson's Mercantile, a general store from which it was the only way the Olesons could make their income. But throughout her career, she did her best to pamper and spoil her children while her husband interfered.
In 1876, Harriet made gossip her business...literally! She started Walnut Grove's first town newspaper, "The Pen & The Plow", but quickly folded.
But that wasn't the end...nine years later, Nellie , by then a mother of twins, left home, leaving Harriet totally distraught. She desperately wanted another girl who had the image and personality of Nellie, so she adopted a stray orphan named Nancy. As usual, Harriet pampered and babied her whenever possible.
Harriet seemed happy until in 1896 she became seriously ill. No one knows what has become of her, but Harriet possessed a personality enough to drive anyone to drink!!!

first appearance: "A Harvest Of Friends"
last appearance: "Hello And Goodbye"

Nancy Oleson Oleson, Nancy
(played by Allison Balson)

Adopted daughter of Nels and Harriet Oleson. Spoiled child and literally the mirror image of the young Nellie Oleson, Nancy was born in 1873 to a mother who died during her birth; she never knew neither her mother or father. When her grandmother took her in, her behavior was so uncontrollable she was disowned by her family and sent to many orphanages. She began to have a penchant for "hating" people.
Her background was the factor in her adoption by the Olesons in 1885. They desperately needed a girl to replace their departed Nellie, so they picked Nancy.
While she changed only in name, her attitude didn't. She fell into situations where she could get away with everything, like Nellie before her. So much was this that Nancy fabricated her story to her teacher, Mrs. Wilder, so that she would believe her mother abandonded her and made her unloved. When it was proven untrue, her entire circle of family and friends made her understand the truth, even if it was the hard way.
Though every one knew Nancy would still be nasty, the Olesons were happy to accept their newly adopted daughter into the family.

first appearance: "The Reincarnation Of Nellie"
last appearance: "The Last Farewell"

Hear her voice in .wav format (151K+ bytes)

Nels Oleson Oleson, Nelson ("Nels")
(played by Richard Bull)

Husband of Harriet Williamina Oleson, and father of three children (two natural and one adopted). Born in Walnut Grove, Nels was raised on tough-love values, values he was able to transfer to his children. When Nels met and married Harriet in 1855, he became a businessman for the family by opening up Oleson's Mercantile as the only way of making money for the family. Unlike Harriet and the children, Nels was very happy to help any citizen (including the Ingalls family) in any way possible.
Sometimes his marriage to Harriet would fall on the rocks, but somehow he would find a way to keep the family together. He remained owner-operator of Oleson's Mercantile until the town was destroyed in 1901.

first appearance: "A Harvest Of Friends"
final appearance: "The Last Farewell"

Willie Oleson Oleson, William Nelson ("Willie")
(played by Jonathan Gilbert)

Son of Nels & Harriet Oleson. Born in 1862, Willie didn't consider himself the "black sheep" in the family. In fact, he was not as mischievious as his siblings, although he wasn't always a good student in school...he caused trouble many times. Even Laura Wilder couldn't count the number of times he was sent to "the corner" for his troubles. But Willie was always alert to his sisters' true nature...though his mother didn't always believe him.
As a child, he always had a craving for candies and sodas, but after several tummy aches he stayed away from them. As he grew, he learned the values of life from observing everything around him.
In 1889 he met a homely, shy country girl named Rachel Brown. For the first time in his life, Willie understood the meaning of true love. Against all objections from his mother, Willie married Rachel several months later. He has no children from that marriage.

first appearance: "Country Girls"
last appearance: "The Last Farewell"

O'Neil, Liam
(played by Ramon Bieri)

Irish-born owner of a feed-and-seed business in Walnut Grove until 1870. When Charles Ingalls came to town and saw the roof of O'Neil's building ruined by time, Ingalls offered the businessman the chance to finish the facility. O'Neil made a deal with Ingalls if the job was not done within three weeks, he would take the Ingalls' oxen as collateral. After Ingalls was seriously injured in a fall, O'Neil convinced himself the job would never be done, so hours before the deadline O'Neil stole the oxen. When he saw Ingalls' family and friends had come to the rescue at the last minute, O'Neil reluctantly returned the oxen and left Walnut Grove for his home in Ireland for good.

appearance: "A Harvest Of Friends"

Ovf, Karl

One of the blind students of the Harriet Oleson/Garvey-Kendall Blind Schools in Mankato and Sleepy Eye.

appearance: "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"


Parlor, Nathan

One of the blind students who resided in the Mankato and Sleepy Eye Blind Schools before the state took over.

appearance: "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"

(played by Pat the horse)

Horse who guided the Ingalls on their journey to Kansas in 1869.

appearance: original movie

(played by Patty the horse)

Another horse who guided the Ingalls on their journey to Kansas in 1869.

appearance: original movie

Peal, Mrs. L.
(played by Anita Dangler)
The elderly, superstitious leader of a backwoods community where Mary Ingalls takes on her first teaching assignment. Mrs. Peal, who was totally against education, hides the fact she was illiterate through her superstitious teachings, inaccurate readings from the Bible and constant castigations of Mary, which resulted in a ruined reputation. Mrs. Peal's spiteful, hateful demeanor had resulted in several of Mary's predecesors to resign; it appeared Mary, too, would resign. But with encouragement from Charles and Rev. Alden, Mary stood up to the old woman, exposing some of her own shameful secrets in the process -- including the fact that Mrs. Peal was illiterate and that her superstitious beliefs are false. Eventually, Mrs. Peal's heart softened and she agreed to allow her community to open a school.

appearance: "Whisper Country"

Peters, Danny
(played by Lance Kerwin)

Son of Peggy Peters and the late Jack Peters.

appearance: "100 Mile Walk"

Peters, Jack
(played by Don Knight)

Australian-born worker who blew himself up to death while helping Charles Ingalls on an important job for his family in 1870.

appearance: "100 Mile Walk"

Peters, Peggy
(played by Dee Anne)

Widow of the late Jack Peters and mother of Danny Peters. Peggy was highly against her husband taking on even the toughest job. But she was always proud of what her husband did for her family.

appearance: "100 Mile Walk"

Pierson, Michelle
(played by Melora Hardin)

Teacher's assistant for a brief time in Walnut Grove. Born Belinda Stevens in 1870, she was well educated towards a position as a teacher's aide. In 1885, she became victim to the shenannigans of Nancy Oleson by being locked in the ice house overnight. Had Nels Olseon not found her in time, she would have frozen to death. By 1895, when her adopted parents died, she learned of her true identity, that her real name was Michelle Pierson and that her real parents died during the annual plague that strikes Walnut Grove. She eventually functioned on her own, earning the love of a old friend named Albert Ingalls. Despite the fact he was sick, Michelle fell in love with him and stood by her classmate's side throughout his illness. After Albert's recovery, she left Walnut Grove to go to college to seek her degree.

first appearance: "The Reincarnation Of Nellie"
last appearance: "Look Back To Yesterday"

Pims, Scott
(played by Robert Wexler)

Landlord of the abandoned building in Sleepy Eye that became the new home of the Garvey/Kendall School For The Blind. Pims demanded full rent money from Laura Ingalls in order for the Blind School to be re-established.

appearance: "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"

Plum, Etta
(played by Leslie Landon)

Schoolteacher who replaced Laura Wilder in the fall of 1887. She remained at the school for 14 years until Walnut Grove was destroyed in 1901. During her years at the school, she fell in love and was engaged to Vance Reed (formerly Herman Stone), but called off their engagement when Reed could not find work. She remained strong-willed in her goal to help children.

first appearance: "Times Are Changing"
last appearance: "The Last Farewell"


Quinn, Jeremy
(played by Michael Pataki)

Natural father of Albert Quinn Ingalls. Not much is known about him, but we do know that after his son was born, he disowned him because he thought Albert was blind. When Jeremy learned of his adoption in 1876, he came to the Circuit Court in Mancado and demanded to have his son back so he could work for him. When he finally realized Albert would be much happier in Walnut Grove, he relinquished custody of his son to the Ingalls. He died months later.

appearance: "The Family Tree"

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