Net Runner (Wizards of The Coast Inc.)

A game of hunter and prey

Welcome to Tokkon's Imports.

The game of Netrunner, that requires courage and skill. There are two basic sides to this game. The corporation, the big rich folk, and the runner(s), who thinks the corporation is evil and must be destroyed.

Netrunner is based on the game CyberPunk (Copyright) 2020. This is owned by the corporation (who is NOT EVIL) of Wizards of the Coast (who recently bought TSR).

I usually prefer to play the corporation. They are the most fun to play. They can win in so many ways. For instance: One: by scoring agendas. Two: by killing the runner via net damage (electrical), meat damage, physical hurt, or brain damage, hurting the brain itself (which decreases the runner's hand size).

The corporation protects itself by usinge ICE (an acronym which stands for Intrusion Counter-Electronics). There are three types of ICE, Sentry (big VR guards), Wall, (VR barricades), and Code Gates (VR mathematical type of stuff). Unforunately the runner has access to breakers which pass installed and rezzed ICE.

I don't know why the corportaion is viewed so evily. We are just here to make the life of others simpler and safer without the assistance of the government. (Government? What government?)

Well as I promised, here they are:


Weefle Tech(nologies)This deck has been updated and upgraded today (May 30th, 1999)!

Ft. Knox

T&BI have fooled around with this deck, I took out Turbo Delacroix and replaced him with another TRAP! (6/1/99)

Classic Cinemas TechnologiesI also fooled around with this deck. I took out a Bizzare Encryption Scheme and replaced it with Cowboy SysOp.(6/1/99)


Vewy Vewy Quiet

Everybody Loves A Clown

The FluWell, I have almost reconstructed this deck. I have replaced a lot of my viruses. Mainly the ones dealing wiht HQ are now gone. I left Gremlins since I left Skivvis in. I also canned Bargain with Viacox, R&D Protocol Files and Expert Schedule analyzer. I replaced them with two Restrictive net Zonings, two Casades, Armageddon, and SeeYa.(6/2/99)

Unnamed (06/07/1999) I added a deck today, enjoy!

(7/6/1999)VERY NEW! An introduction to my contest for NetRunner! Follow this Link for more info.

In addition to the decks above, there are other things happening in my NetRunner life. Such as becoming a member of the

And becoming the Chicago City Grid SysOp. Well I have decided to put it up anyways, I'll just add the links later...

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