The Chicago City Grid has moved here!

Actually, this is the new 911 Building in Chicago, but the buildings in the background are DT Chicago. P.S. So when the Private Cybernet Police hunts you down and when you get attacked by a Corp's On-Call Solo Team, this place will become very familiar to you, runner!

Okay so I stole this idea from Josh, but I don't think he would mind. Now for some Flavor Text.... "Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now." -Corporate Retreat

Hi everyone, this is Bryan Grube, the Chicago City Grid SysOp. The old SysOp, Josh Berling, has gone onto better things, mainly being the Great Lakes Regional AI, I applaud him for that!

Now down to bussiness. Below are two very improtant things, one is the cell list for the Greater-Chicagoland area for NetRunner Players (or close to it), and two a contest, yes a contest. I am following up on an idea I got from a friend who is doing something similar, but for a different kind of Card Game.

But fist things first, the cell regions...And I am not including my self on this one, mainly because this is my own web site...To those who aren't on this list (which I got from the Player Regirsty at WoTCI) please Email me so I can put you on.

  • A list of people of Net Runner players in ILLINOIS! Since as far as I know, The CCG (Chicago City Grid) is the only one in IL).
  • Name: City: Email:
    1. Ray; Ashley;
    2. Steve; Bloomington;
    3. Clint; Bloomington;
    4. Don; Champaign;
    5. PJ; Champaign;
    6. Theo; Champaign;
    7. David; Chicago;
    8. Lorn; Danville;
    9. Brian; Downers Grove;
    10. Joseph; Edwardsville;
    11. Jeff; Lake Zurich;
    12. Ryan; Libertyville;
    13. Josh; Lockport; Greak Lakes Regional AI
    14. Ryan; Mascoutah;
    15. Benny; Skokie;
    16. Benny; Skokie;
    17. Greg; Streator;
    18. Ronald; Vernon Hills;
    19. David; Wheaton;
  • There is also I cell list I have made up (actually stole form Josh :) if you follow this link.

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