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Eversince I was a kid, my fascination with movies has always been inevitable. As far as I could remember, I have been listening to the radio when i was a baby and was watching and memorizing TV commercials as a toddler. Believe it or not, till now I can still remember those sitcoms and commercials in the lates 70's.
This obsession did not subside so i took up Mass Communications in college. Until now, even im not working in the film industry, my dream of becoming a director in Hollywood never perishes. Who knows one of this day you might see me in the Film Academy accepting my OSCARS
GREASE, Gone with Wind, SUPERMAN, My Bestfreinds Wedding
It has to be NSYNC- the only & only - JUSTINE, JC, CHRIS,LANCE & JOEY- The best boy band ever - You're All I Ever Wanted.
When it comes to acting, there is only one icon in Philipine Cinema - she is no other than, the one and only Superstar, Miss Nora Aunor..
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