Welcome to my vacation page. As most of you know My best friend Julie and I just went to New York City and South Carolina this past summer (1999). Many of you wanted to see pictures and stories from our trip. So I designed this page just for that occasion. I hope you stick around and admire the page, and thanks to those who donated money for our trip, It was well appreciated. Just Click on the Pics to see larger size.


We arrived at Pittsburgh Airport on Monday June 8th, 1999. I was very nervous, I had never flown before, but Julie tried her best to calm me down. This was my first time on a airplane, and I am afraid of heights. This is a pic of the plane we was on, and the other pics are taken through the plane window. The pic include clouds and overlooking New York City as we were coming in for a landing. I ended up loving the plane ride, but Julie on the other hand didn't care to much for it. I think I was meant to travel!!!

Once we landed in New York, we called the Carmel Car Service to come get us. I think our driver was named Habib (LOL) We couldn't understand him to well. He asked where we was going and If we knew anyone from India? hahaha. I thought we was going to die in the car. He was a wild ride. But we finally made it to the Mayfair Hotel, which is next door to the Eugene O'Neill theater, which was playing the Broadway Play "Death Of A Salesman". Here is the front of the Motel and a pic of the theater and me in our room before going to the Iceman Cometh play.

We settled into the motel that night and got a nice rest before heading out into the big city the next morning. We first walked many blocks to get to the Circleline cruise. It's a three hour boat tour that takes you completely around New York City. We seen all-3 rivers, 7 major bridges, 5 boroughs, over 25 world renowned landmarks and a close-up of the Statue of Liberty, Grants Tomb, Yankee stadium, The Little Red Lighthouse Under The Bridge, Ellis Island, The Twin Towers, The United Nations, Wallstreet, and much much more. I guess we went on one of the hottest days of the year, because we ended up with a horrible sunburn. OUCH! Pics are of our cruise boat, Statue of Liberty, Twin Towers, Ellis Island, Wallstreet, The Brooklyn Bridge, A boat that was in all of the Wars and Yankee Stadium. Julie and I are finally in New York.

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