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Damsels in Distress (DiD) Guide

Introduction to DiD with comprehensive links listing

DiDCap/VidCap Series (ABond, Movie Bondage, TV Bondage),
DiD Webring, Comic DiD Webring,
and The DiD Chain Links including discussion, online communities


What are Damsels in Distress (DiD)? They are mainstream movie/TV actresses or comic heroines or any women in peril, usually bound and gagged. This site offers a short introduction to the many resources on the Web on this subject.

Originally, I was going to add a section on the history of Damsels in Distress in the movies--damsels tied to the railroad tracks, circular saw, and all that. Finally came across a site which already did it - - See http://www.reocities.com/Area51/Dunes/8053/bbnperil/abrief.htm A Brief History of Peril: The age old attraction of the Damsel in Distress by Zedman - MIA Aug 99

A long time ago, Felon . . . designed Helpless Heroines as a place to find damsels-in-distress-style bondage scenes from mainstream comics. . . Right now I'm mainly featuring what I call "showcases." Showcases are intended to present the DiDscene as a story with a good balance of text and pictures.

   A showcase will usually depict:
      A "capture" scene
      A "distress" scene involving bondage
      A "rescue/escape" scene

--from Felon's FAQ page.

More on this were posted on Brian's Page Discussion List (an excellent place for DiD fans) (reposted with permission):


Mon Jun 8 17:02
New topic: THE DiD FORMULA
I've been contemplating what makes a DiDscene a DiDscene, with an eye towards developing a DiD Diagnostic.  The mandatory cast is the Villain, the Damsel, and the Hero.
  • 1 THE STALK—The Villain prepares to pounce.
  • 2 THE CAPTURE—The Villain pounces.
  • 3 THE RESTRAINT—The Damsel is secured.

  • 3a The Gag and the Mmmpfh - (The essential ingredient for DiD purists!)
  • 4 THE PERIL—The Damsel is placed in jeopardy.
  • 5 THE GLOAT—The Villain teases/harasses the helpless Damsel.

  • 4a-5a The Wriggle and more Mmmpfh

  • 6 THE RESCUE—The Hero arrives and defeats the Villain.
  • 7 THE RELEASE—The Damsel is set free.
  • - OR -

  • 6a THE ESCAPE—(The Damsel somehow escapes).
Not every scene will portray all seven steps, but it seems to me these capture (so to speak) the prototypical DiDscene.  The only major departure I can think of replaces RESCUE & RELEASE with ESCAPE.  DiD (so to speak) I miss anything?
  (3a-6a added; colors changed; more later at Van's site below)

Finally! it's here --
The Damsel's Journey – or — What makes a DiD-scene a DiD-scene?

COMING SOON! (meaning eventually): vvVAN'S Field Guide to Damsels!

Wed Jun 10 19:35
Re: Van's list of the elements of a DiD scene. Pretty good analysis. I'd say you left out one important element somehwere between the Restraint and the Rescue. The Wriggle and the Mmmmph. And the more, the merrier, I say. Especially the wriggling.
Pat Powers

Saturday September 19th 1998 03:18:55
I've written an essay on Damsel In Distress scenes, analyzing their elements and how they're constructed. The point of the whole thing is to make it abundantly clear that DID scenes, properly constructed, can be powerful engines for creating suspense -- that good bondage and gagging are important in a DID scenes, and DID scenes can be important elements in a story.

If you want to read it, it's at The Drama Of The Damsel In Distress. That's www.jollyroper.com/intent.html in case the hotlink fails. Have fun.

Pat Powers

Wednesday September 30th 1998
...I just completed an article for my site on The Perfect Mainstream Bondage Movie... by Pat Powers, September 1998

ABond - Actresses in BONDage

VidCaps from popular main stream videos, film and TV shows. Originally created by D* and featured on his site on Geocities as well as on SirDarcy's site. Terminated under threat of lawsuit with copyright violations Winter 97-98. Occasionally posted on the Usenet newsgroups and in some archives. Thanks to D* for permission to post file lists.

ABond Series Memorial File List

by D* (DStarr)
File List - Sorted by File Name [46k] abond001-981
File List - Sorted by Actress Name [46k]
File List - Sorted by Film Title [48k]
Listings only, no images here; updated 6-19
Please do not contact me for requests; go to UseNet
occasionally posted on UseNet newsgroups - abpeb (98 Dec 14-20)

The Movie Bondage Series

New series begining Oct 10. More vidcaps from mainsteam movies available at SirDarcy.com as well as newsgroups - Vol 11 NEW UPDATE 7-19 new
Vol 1-11 File List by File Name, Actress Name, and Movie Title
Also posted by Movie Fan on UseNet newsgroup 98 Dec 23-24 abpeb file list Nos 1-350
File List - Sorted by File Name [31k] Movb0001-619
File List - Sorted by Actress Name [31k]
File List - Sorted by Film Title [31k]

RemarQ (opens new window) (Good only for about 10 days before dropping off server!)

Available by request from FuzzWeb

*PL*'s Movb and Tvb Web Site Displaying Movie Fan's Files

The TV Bondage Series

New series begining Dec 25. More vidcaps from mainsteam TV posted by Movie Fan on newsgroup abpeb
File List - Sorted by File Name [34k] Tvb00001-525
File List - Sorted by Actress Name [34k]
File List - Sorted by Film Title [34k]

See Brian's Page for announcement of postings by Movie Fan to Usenet - abpeb (also see RemarQ (opens new window))

Sunday May 30th 1999 07:05:34 Gax Sorry it took so long to answer. I use a Snappy to capture my files. My VCR also makes a difference, especially on poor quality tapes: VCR is Toshiba M784. You have a good eye for quality, cuz' lately I've developed a different way of processing the 800 x 600 caps I take using Photoshop that seems to have increased the overall quality and sharpness of the final individual panes in the files. Most files are recorded from digital satellite (Dishnet), some from tape (such as the older movies) and only a few from cable (current TV shows). Movie Fan

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