Adult Movies

Updated: May 19, 2001
Total Adult Feature Films: 238
Total Bondage Videos: 882
Total Listings: 1120

This list of adult movies with blindfold scenes was sent to me by a fellow
blindfold-lover. Most contain a brief description of the blindfold scene(s) and
are rated based on the scene (overall length, time that blindfold is visible,
aesthetics of the blindfold, etc.), not the movie itself. The ratings are as
follows: EX = Excellent, VG = Very Good, G = Good, F = Fair, P = Poor, and U =
Unseen by rater. Several lists of bondage videos that contain blindfold scenes
follow the main list. Except for 'Blindfolds' (TH-13), I haven't seen any of
these films, myself. The list is posted as provided, without any editing.

Adult Feature Films on Video: 238 movies

1. 10 1/2 Weeks (?) U [1986, Essex] The adult version of '9 1/2 Weeks,' *ing
Barbara Dare, Dana Dylan, Keisha, Nikki Knights, etc. Directed by Robert

2. The 69th Street U [1997, Apago] This Alex Rimes video *s Alexandra Quinn,
Asia Carrera, Juli Ashton, etc. Sindee Cox, a strawberry blonde, is blindfolded
in scene with Jenna Jameson, currently the hottest star in the business. Not to
be confused with '69th Street' *ing Cheyenne, Courtney, PJ Sparxx, etc.

3. American Bukkake 7 U [1997, Jet Multimedia Productions] This Jim Powers'
video *s Bubbles, Teri Weigel and Zarah Lee. Teri walks behind Zarah and places
a big black blindfold over her eyes, forehead and nose. Teri remains behind the
kneeling Zarah and keeps pointing her in the right direction to face the various
guys. The scene ends with Zarah, still blindfolded, nuzzling Teri's breasts.

4. Amnesia U [1996, Wicked Pictures] Directed by Marc Dorel, this video *s
Laure Sinclair, Lea Martini, Anita Dark, etc. In the fifth scene, Laure is
blindfolded and on her knees with another man while her 'fiancé,' Christoph
Clark, watches.

5. Amnesiac U [1997, Vivid Video] Directed by Ralph Parfait, this video *s
Janine, Alyssa Love, Chandler, Randi Rage, etc. Chandler strips, handcuffs,
blindfolds and spanks Janine.

6. Anal Asylum F [1998, Sin City Video] This Roy Karch video *s Dakota, Kimi
Ji, Roxanne Hall, etc. Features an exotic model, Kimi Ji, blindfolded with a
thick black cloth by Rod Fontana - unfortunately, the blindfold does not stay in
place too well.

7. Anal Centerfold U [1995, Rosebud] The cast includes J.R. Carrington, Bunny
Bleu, Nici Sterling, etc. In the opening scene, J.R. Carrington is in a storage
room wearing lingerie and a blindfold for her scene with Jon Dough.

8. As Sweet as They Come U [1998, Vivid Video] Directed by F.J. Lincoln, this
one *s Raylene, Inari Vachs, Kristina James, etc. Randy Spears handcuffs and
blindfolds Kristina St. James and teases her.

9. Assylum G [1999, Legend Video] Directed by Adriane Gold, this one *s
Johnni Black, Kelly O'Rion, Taylor St. Clair, etc. Very attractive blonde model
in neat soft leather mask - sporadically in transitions between scenes.

10. Back Doors of Prague 2 U [2000, Zane Entertainment Group] Directed by
Mark Zane, this video *s Daniel Rush, Mit, Jaroslav, etc. In the first scene, a
pretty brunette is blindfolded and chained to a wall, her blindfold being
quickly removed. A guy blindfolds her again and a small blonde comes into the

11. Bad Girls 7 (Lust Confined) EX [1998, Vivid Video] Lori Michaels
blindfolds herself with a cloth for an intense scene in a prison washroom with
400 + film veteran Mark Davis. Directed by Ralph Parfait, this video *s Lori
Michaels, Sindee Coxx, Mila, etc.

12. Bad Wives P [1997, Vivid Video] This Paul Thomas video (one of the best
of 1997) *s Dyanna Lauren, Tricia Devereaux, Melissa Hill, Missy, etc.
Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the blindfold scene. Tony Tedeschi
blindfolds Tricia Devereaux by tying a dark scarf over her glasses. It is
obvious that does not make an effective blindfold. It remains on briefly as she
gets it on with Tony and Missy.

13. Bath House Nymphos U [2000, Typhoon Pictures] Asho Hashimoto directed
this video.

14. Bed and Breakfast U [1995, Wave] This Toni English video *s Asia Carrera,
Melissa Hill, Jordan Lee, etc. Jon Dough blindfolds Asia with his necktie,
grabs her hair and leads her to the bed. He pushes Asia on to her hands and
knees and spanks her briefly.

15. Behind the Green Door U [1972, Mitchell Brothers] This classic adult
movie, *ing Marilyn Chambers (then a Cybill Shepherd look-alike and considered
by many to be the greatest porn star of all time) was released on video as the
(possibly censored) 20th Anniversary Edition Behind the Green Door 1. There was
a #2 *ing Missy.

16. Ben Dover's Fresh Cheeks (a.k.a. Ben Dover 5) U [1996, VCA Pictures]
Steve Perry directs this video *ing Roseanna, Melanie, Lisa, etc. Ben Dover
picks up a new girl at the airport named Roseanna, who is a sexy black woman.
In the first scene, Roseanna ends up on her knees blindfolded to get it on with
three guys.

17. Beyond Reality 1 VG [1995, Exquisite Pleasures] Sub-titled 'Mischief in
the Making,' this is the one directed by Bionca/Bruce Seven. It *s Careena
Collins, Felecia, Lisa Harper, etc. Features a brunette in a leather blindfold
with a blonde - later joined by three guys.

18. Biography - Kaitlyn Ashley U [1996, Sin City] Kaitlyn Ashley, a blonde,
is stripped and blindfolded in the dungeon scene with Crystal Breeze. The video
also *s Alicia Rio and Marilyn Martin.

19. Bizarre World of Denni O U [1996, Sticky Video] Guy blindfolds Denni O in
a scene with BDSM overtones.

20. Black Diamond Interracial Orgy 1 U [Ona Zee Pictures] A blonde
blindfolded for action in this video.

21. Black on White Revisited U [1995, Video Team, Inc.] This Jim Enright
video *s Lexus, Lana Sands, Jordan Lee, etc. In a girl/girl scene with Lexus
and Lana Sands, Lana starts off strapped to a table and blindfolded.

22. Blindfolded Enigmatic Intimacy VG [1998, New Sensations] All five scenes
feature the same rubber (or soft leather) blindfold on Asia, Nellie Pierce,
Lensi Rae, Wildcat and Cassidy. Guest appearance by the incredible Johnni Black
in the Nellie scene. Directed by Santino Lee.

23. Blindfold Fun U [1996, Jan B.] Directed by Mike B. Denise is

24. Blow Job University U [1999, Sticky Video] Directed by El Greco, this
video *s Belladona, Gina Ryder, Serena, etc. Salome is blindfolded for action
with a male.

25. Blue Dreams U [1996, Sin City Video] Directed by Bud Lee, this video *s
Asia Carrera, Nici Sterling, Rebecca Lord, etc. In the blindfold scene, Asia
Carrera is in bed with Jonathan Morgan. They are both blindfolded and explore
each other's bodies with their hands and mouths.

26. Bobbi Bliss Gets Hosed U [1999, Wildlife Productions] Directed by Ray
Anderson, this video *s Bobbi Bliss. Frank Gun leads Bobbi Bliss, who is
blindfolded, to a chair that is surrounded by nine naked guys.

27. Bottom Dweller 3 U [1995, Elegant Angel] Directed by Patrick Collins,
this video *s Roscoe Bowltree, Careena Collins, Marilyn Martin, etc. Careena
Collins, a petite brunette (now with a law degree in real life), is blindfolded
for action with Jake Steed.

28. Bottom Feeders U [2000, Rosebud] Directed by Jules Jordan, this video *s
Leanni Lei, Sky, Adriana Sage, Miko Lee, etc. Leanni Lee, dressed in a sexy
little outfit, is blindfolded for a short while as she gets it on with three
guys, including Mr. Marcus.

29. Breasts Collection 1 U [Great Pictures]

30. The Bridal Shower EX [1997, Femme Productions] Directed by Candida
Royalle, this is an excellent video to share with your
girlfriend/spouse/significant other to introduce her to the bliss of
blindfolding. Melissa Hill, an attractive redhead, is blindfolded with a sleep
mask type blindfold that ties at the back of the head like a scarf by Jonathan
Morgan in a very tender, sensual scene. I rated this one excellent even though
Melissa's blindfold is removed during the scene.

31. Butt Slammers 3: Ultimate Dream U [1993, Exquisite Pleasures] Bruce Seven
video *ing Alicia Rio, Bionca, Debi Diamond, etc. Carmel St. Clair is
blindfolded in scene with Debi Diamond and Suzie Matthews.

32. Butt Slammers 5: Quake, Rattle & Roll U [1994, Exquisite Pleasures] Bruce
Seven video *ing Barbara Doll, Sahara Sands and Tiffany Mynx, this video
features Vixxxen blindfolded.

33. Butt Slammers 8: Ultimate Invasion G [1994, Exquisite Pleasures]
Girl/girl action directed by Bruce Seven. This one *s Ariana, Brooke Waters,
Kaitlyn Ashley, Sindee Cox, etc. Blonde with a brunette who wears a neat
leather blindfold while reclining on a very interestingly designed chair.

34. Butt Slammers 10: Lust on the Internet U [1995, Exquisite Pleasures]
Bruce Seven video *ing Jill Kelly, Missy, Sydney St. James, Marilyn Martin, etc.
Nancy V and a blonde (Missy?) are blindfolded in the final scene which also
features Christina West and Nicole London.

35. Butt Slammers 14: Trippin' the Ass Fantastic U [1997, Exquisite Pleasures]
Bruce Seven video *ing Anna Malle, Johnni Black, Misty Rain, Roxanne Hall, etc.
This one features raven-haired Summer Cummings blindfolded in the fourth and
final scene with Skye Blue and the earthy Anna Malle.

36. Butt Slammers 15: Unrelenting Anal Lust U [1997, Evil Angel Video] This
video *s Chloe, Johnni Black Roxanne Hall, etc. Chloe brings Randi Rage in
blindfolded for a birthday surprise from Ariana and Charlie.

37. Butt Slammers 16: Rock & Roll Booty Girls G [1997, Evil Angel Video]
Bruce Seven video *ing Alyssa Love, Caressa Savage, Jill Kelly, etc. This one
features a scene with three blondes (Jill Kelly, Sindee Cox and Shane Tyler).
Sindee and Jill blindfold Shane with a black leather blindfold. Later in the
scene Sindee is blindfolded.

38. Butt Slammers 17: Butts, Butts & Butts G [1998, Evil Angel Video] This
one *s Taylor Moore, Shane Tyler, Alana, etc. Another (very oily) Bruce Seven
3-girl scene featuring a padded leather blindfold.

39. Cheek to Cheek 3: Adult Toy Boxes VG [1998, Elegant Angel Productions]
Video directed by Tiffany Mynx 'and *ing Deja, Delyla, Raylene, E. Roxxi Ray,
Sydnee Steele, etc. Delyla blindfolded with a dark red scarf in a very tender
scene with Tiffany Mynx that ends the video.

40. Close at Hand U [1998, Sin City Video] Directed by Shawn Ricks, this
video *s Dee, Dakota, Gina Ryder, etc. In the third scene, Rob kisses Dee who
is blindfolded. Dee takes of her blindfold a short way into the scene.

41. Club Godiva G [1999, Legend] Directed by Joel Tanner, this one *s Bonita
Saint, Gina Ryder, Inari Vachs, etc. In a semi-romantic scene, Brick Majors
blindfolds Amia More who is seated on a couch with a single strap compact black
fleece-lined sleep mask. He pulls off her panties, leaving her long dress on,
and leads her out of the room. He then lifts her up and carries her to another
room. The blindfold is removed a short while later.

42. Collegiate Freshman Fantasies 1 VG [1997, Venus Productions] In the
second scene, Dee, a leggy Puerto Rican model, blindfolded with a leather mask
is lying topless on a lawn chair when a caring male neighbor (Rob) comes along
to give her some much-needed attention.

43. Collegiate Freshman Fantasies 5 VG [1997, Venus Productions] First of two
blindfold scenes involves taking a girl (Shawna Valentino) blindfolded
(sleepmask, possibly thin leather variety) in a car to a hotel where she is
given to a stranger (Tom Byron). Tom bathes her, feeds her chocolate and
strawberries, and gives her champagne to drink before giving her what she really
wants. The second scene features a pretty model (Amber) who is blindfolded with
a dark scarf for some good action with Alex Sanders.

44. Collegiate Freshman Fantasies 7 U [1998, Venus Productions] This is the
one *ing Cassie, Sylvia, Brooke Sheelds, etc.

45. Collegiate Freshman Fantasies 12 VG [All Good Video, 1998] Interracial
menage-a-trois preceded by a blindfolded walk up some stairs and blind man's
buff in the very popular series directed by Professor Mike. It's too bad the
black sleepmask type blindfold keeps slipping a little over the long blonde hair
of the cute model, Torri.

46. Corporate Justice U [1996, Wildlife (Tight Ends)] Directed by Jeff
Coldwater, this video *s Nikki Sinn, Nikki Brantz, Rebecca Wild, etc. Devon
Shore, a brunette with small boobs and a wide butt, is taken blindfolded by Dick
Nasty to get it on with a total of six guys.

47. The Corruption of Christina U [1993, Wicked Pictures] Directed by Jim
Enright, this video *s P.J. Sparxx, Debi Diamond, Rebecca Bardoux, etc. A
blonde blindfolded for action.

48. Cream Pie 6 U [1999, XPLOR Media] This video *s Carrie, Jenny, Laurel,
etc. Laurel is blindfolded and twisted into a human pretzel.

49. Crème de la Face 49: The Nookie Niners U [2001, Odyssey Group Video] This
Rodney Moore video *s Mariah, Tatiana, Dorian Grant, etc. Dorian Grant is
chained and blindfolded.

50. The Cult U [2000, Vivid Video] This video *s Janine, Inari Vachs,
Charlie, etc. Inari lies blindfolded and bound on a table as her husband runs a
chain over her breasts and panties.

51. C*mback Pussy 31: A Stroker's Delight! U [2000, Elegant Angel] This Dion
Giarrusso video *s Candi Cotton, Brandy Nash, Tease Nightly, etc. The fifth and
final scene features a redhead (likely, Tease Nightly) blindfolded - this is the
scene with Shelbee and Pat Myne.

52. C*m Shocks 6 U [1995, Channel 69 Video] This compilation video *s Kitty
Yung, Maeva, Tricia Yen, etc. Kitty Yung is blindfolded in the scene with
Julian St. Jox.

53. Decadence U [2000, Studio A Entertainment] From Andrew Blake, this one
features some lesbian foreplay with Anita Blonde and a blindfolded Chelsea Blue
in Venice.

54. Deep Inside Nikki Sinn EX [1997, VCA Plus] The fabulous Nikki Sinn is
blindfolded with a black scarf a long time for solo and girl/guy action.
Nikki's blindfold is removed when another woman and man appear to continue the
action. Directed by Veronica Hart, this one also *s Alex Dane and Tiffany Mynx.

55. Delicious U [1995, Wave] Toni English directed this video which *s Asia
Carrera, Melissa Hill, Jordan Lee, etc. In the final scene, Asia Carrera, in a
sexy little red outfit, is blindfolded for the first part of her scene with Jon

56. Delirious G [1998, Studio A Entertainment] 3-girl action directed by
Andrew Blake with one girl blindfolded with a black scarf. It *s Anita Blonde,
Isabella Camille, Jami Dion and Ursula Moore. Nobody understands or appreciates
the female form better than Andrew Blake and each 35-mm. film he makes is a work
of art.

57. Depraved Fantasies 2 U [1994, (Zane) Fantastic Pictures] Directed by John
T. Bone, this one *s Ginger Bush, Melanie Moore, Debi Diamond, Bionca, etc. One
long scene with the aforementioned has Melanie Moore playing the Queen of
Diamonds with the rest playing slaves. The scene contains oil, dildos, ice
cubes, feathers, candle wax, and a gag and a blindfold on Ginger Bush.

58. Depraved Fantasies 5 VG [1998, Zane Entertainment Group] Directed by Matt
Zane, this video *s Billy W., Johnni Black, Shelbee Myne, etc. The incredible
Johnni Black (a blonde who served in the military in real life) is ball-gagged
and blindfolded with a very long oblong black scarf for a portion of the
three-girl scene with Billy and Shelbee. The scene includes feathers, ice and
leather facemask dildos.

59. Dinner Party 2: The Buffet VG [1996, Ultimate Video] The very cute Nanna
blindfolds herself on-screen with a dark scarf for m/f action on a bench in an
alley with Hakan, whose face is never shown. Directed by Seymore Butts.
Recommended as a tape for couples.

60. Dirty Girls 2 U [1996, Femanic] This Dutch girl/girl video features two
blindfold scenes.

61. Dirty Little Secrets 2 U [2000, Elegant Angel] Directed by Patrick
Collins, this one *s Amber Michaels, Ryan Conner, Charlene Aspen, etc. Charlene
Aspen, Salena Del Ray and Alex Sanders are in the blindfold scene.

62. Doctor's Hard Order U [AVE Entertainment] Asian model blindfolded for

63. Dynamite DP's U [1995, Ona Zee Productions] This video *s Ona Zee, Jordan
Lee, Kaitlyn Ashley, Nikki Sinn, etc. In the fourth scene, Jordan Lee is
blindfolded in a scene where she has to identify three guys: London, Brick
Majors and Tom Chapman.

64. East Meets West [Odyssey Group Video] U A Japanese model is blindfolded
in this video so it is probably not the video *ing Jill Kelly, Momo, etc. nor
the one with the same name *ing Alex Dane, China Moon, etc.

65. Electric Sex EX [1999, New Sensations] WOW! A video that lives up to
it's name. It is so beautifully filmed with great sets and great sex that it
gets my vote for best adult film of 1999. Did Andrew Blake direct it, you ask?
No, its Nic Andrews, and I am impressed. Not only that, it boasts perhaps the
most sensuous on-screen blindfolding I have ever seen. In the 'Blind Faith'
scene, Jewel De Nyle enters this fabulous room with John Decker. She is wearing
a stunning blue dress that is cut so high it leaves little to the imagination.
Jewel throws her hands behind her head to hold back her hair to submit to the
blindfolding. John threads his hands through hers and uses an oblong black
scarf which he ties under her hair and very low on her head, almost leaving her
ears completely uncovered. Although unconventionally tied, it appears to be an
effective blindfold. Then comes the foreplay with a feather (What! Foreplay in
an adult movie, you ask?), followed by foreplay with a... If you're really
observant, you'll notice Jewel's blindfold has been retied by the time Terri
Starr enters the scene. Recommended as a tape for couples.

66. Elements of Desire U [1994, Ultimate Video] Directed by Cameron Grant,
this video *s Asia Carrera, Deidre Holland, Dyanna Lauren, etc. In the third
scene of this video, Julia Ann wears a blindfold for most of the scene before
transferring it to Dyanna Lauren.

67. Ellen Delesbian U [1997, EVN] This girl-girl video *s Sharon Kane, Randi
Storm, Alyssa Allure and Darcy Doll. In this take-off on the mainstream
comedienne/actress Ellen Degeneres (who was Ann Heche's lover), Sharon
blindfolds Randi and pours baby oil on her breasts.

68. Erotic Confusion F [1997, Sin City] Directed by Shawn Ricks, this video
*s Dakota, Katie Gold, Toni James, etc. The third scene begins in black and
white and shows Dakota standing blindfolded on some poorly carpeted stairs in
what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. Mr. Marcus enters the scene and
removes her black leather mask (single wide strap) after kissing her neck.
Later in the scene, as they face each other, Dakota puts the blindfold back on
and keeps it on for a short time until the end of the scene when she takes it

69. Erotic Internship Sexxion U [AVE Entertainment] Asian model blindfolded.

70. Essentially Juli U [1997, Wicked Pictures] This video *s Juli Ashton,
Shayla La Veaux, Taren Steele, etc. In the second scene, Juli's fantasy is to
have an orgy in the dark. She decides to put on a black leather bondage hood
and let others have their way with her. Juli (hot blonde) is led into a room,
hooded, in a white long sleeved blouse along with a vibrator. Veronica Hart has
her way with her before another man and woman (Serenity) come in. Sean Michaels
brings the scene to a climax. This was Juli Ashton's all-time favorite scene.
As a bonus, the seventh scene is also a blindfold one and features Juli Ashton's
own strap-on with a 'bullet'. Juli and Vicca (tall Russian redhead) dress in
sexy lingerie. Vicca wears a black blindfold, a black satin and lace bra with
matching panties as Juli leads her into the room. Juli wears a black bra,
patent leather skirt and knee-high laced high-heeled boots. An ice cube is also
used in this scene.

71. Euro Angels Hardball 3: Anal Therapy VG [1999, Evil Angel Video] This
Christoph Clark video *s Nikki Anderson, Laura Angel, Carmen, etc. Nikki
Anderson plays a nurse in a scene. She is holding onto a leash that is attached
to a collar around the neck of another blonde. A man wearing only pants is
watching them. A man and a brunette come into the room. The shirtless man
blindfolds the brunette with a black leather mask secured at the back of the
head with Velcro. The brunette keeps her blindfold on throughout the very long
intense scene.

72. Euro Angels Hardball 4: F**k Fetishes VG [1999, Evil Angel Video] This
release from Christoph Clark *s Eva, Nikki Anderson, Sasha, Cassandra Wilde,
Daniella Rush, Ivana. Yes, of course, Nikki Anderson (blonde) is on the top ten
most beautiful women list. There are two scenes each featuring a very beautiful
model in a neat black leather mask.

73. Euro Angels Hardball 8: Such a Slut VG [2000, Evil Angel Video] Another
video from Christoph Clark, this one *s Amanda Angel, Cathleen Count, Kathy
Heart, etc. The final scene is hot and features Christoph's wife blindfolded
with a black leather mask secured by Velcro. She is blindfolded for the entire
long scene in action with three guys.

74. Euro Angels Hardball 9: Screw University of Advanced Anal Studies G [2000,
Evil Angel Video] In this release from Christoph Clark, a blonde is led into a
classroom on a leash and laid on a desk. She wears a black leather mask for
most of the scene with two guys and another girl. This one *s Claudia Janson,
Kathy Heart, Laura Black, Monique, etc.

75. Exhibitionist 1 U [1999, Wicked Pictures] Directed by Michel Zen, this
video *s Stephanie Swift, Sydnee Steele, Nakita Kash, etc. In the fourth scene,
Stephanie Swift sits in a chair with a blindfold on while Evan Stone gets it on
in bed with Jessica Drake. Stephanie eventually joins them in bed and her
blindfold is removed.

76. Expensive Tastes U [1978, VCX Ltd.] This disturbing portrayal of
non-consensual sex includes a scene in which a prostitute is blindfolded and

77. Extreme Close-up 1: Janine G [1996, Vivid Video] This video *s Janine,
Jill Kelly, Chelsea Blue, etc. Tatiana, in her debut film, is initiated into
girl/girl action by the wild and wicked Janine. Janine blindfolds Tatiana, who
is sitting fully clothed on a chair, with a flimsy white (chiffon?) scarf and
kisses her for a little while (105 seconds of screen time) before removing her
blindfold. You can see Tatiana's dark lined eyebrows through the blindfold and
you can just about make out that she has her eyes closed. At least, Janine was
nice to the initiate to begin with...

78. Extreme Sex 1: The Club VG [1994, Vivid Video] This Toni English video *s
Dyanna Lauren, Rebecca Bardoux, Chayse Manhattan, etc. The scene features one
of the ten most beautiful women in the industry (she has gorgeous eyes, among
other things). The stunning blonde, Dyanna Lauren, is blindfolded with a black
sleepmask by another woman and Brad Armstrong, her former real-life boyfriend
before he met Jenna, in a scene dripping with... well, candle wax. Recommended
as a tape for couples.

79. Extreme Sex 2: The Dungeon VG [1994, Vivid Video] This Toni English video
*s Lady Berlin, Bionca, Debi Diamond, etc. Blindfolded (padded black leather
mask with wide strap and red stitching) shorthaired blonde (Norma Jeane) in
scene with Jon Dough eats strawberries and other things... Recommended as a
tape for couples.

80. Far Beyond Filth 2: Eurotrash F [1999, Zane Entertainment Group] This
video, directed by Richard Mailer, *s Bolivia Samsonite, Diana Stevenson,
Jessica, etc. A brunette is blindfolded with a striped tie while in action with
a man. Another man enters the room after she is blindfolded. The blindfold,
which would be pretty easy to peek under, is removed shortly thereafter.

81. Fetish Collection U [1999, Private USA] This video *s Ivy Crystal,
Jeanette, Stephanie, etc. Ivy Crystal is bound and blindfolded in a scene with
another woman and a man.

82. Fetish Junkies P [c.2000, NEW] Red leather mask in introduction of video
shot in Montreal, Canada. Scene missing in video I saw.

83. Filthy First Timers 18 U [2000, Elegant Angel] Directed by David Luger,
this video *s Ashley Sage, Brooklyn Rhodes, Mai Lyn, etc. In the third scene,
Kiri is blindfolded in bed for a solo and action with three guys, two of whom
are David Luger and Kyle Stone.

84. Flesh for Fantasy 99 U [1999, Pleasure Productions] Directed by Nic
Cramer this feature *s Rebecca Lord, Katja Kean, Linda Thoren, Inari Vachs, etc.
Rebecca Lord plays a guardian angel who helps fulfill Michael J. Cox's
fantasies. In the second scene, Anita Cannibal wanders down an alley at night
with a blindfold on and encounters two homeless people played by Nick East and
Randy Spears who taunt her for a while.

85. Forbidden P [1997, Sin City Video] In an extremely short fantasy sequence
(3-5 seconds long) April? is shown having a long oblong black scarf blindfold
being removed. Note that this is the video directed by Albert Doppler and *ing
April, Jeanna Fine, Brittany Andrews, etc. (not the video of the same name *ing
Alyssa Love, Holli Woods, Morgan Fairlane, etc., nor yet another video with the
same title *ing Francesca Le, Jaye Milo, Tiffany Mynx, etc.).

86. Geheime Lust der Perversion U This Gabriel Pontello video *s Monique
Armani, Rosy Bolton (Meridian), Sarah Stone, etc. In the first scene, Monique
is blindfolded and chained in an attic for action with Meridian and Richard

87. Gigolo U [1997, Sin City Video] Directed by Jim Enright, this video *s
Jordan Lee, Shana McCullough, Sindee Cox, etc. Carolina is blindfolded for a
threesome scene with T.T. Boy and Peter North.

88. The Gigolo 1 U [1996, Private Video] Pierre Woodman video *ing Tania
Russof, Frank Versace, etc. In the sixth scene of the video, Frank takes Tania
to a house with a dungeon. He then blindfolds and gags her for a light lashing.

89. Gina Talia: New York City Gang Bang F [1999,] An amateur or
amateurish tape featuring a larger brunette in a fleece lined sleep mask for a
large portion of the short video.

90. Gothic Whore VG [1997, Al Borda Video] Directed by Al Borda, this video
*s Juliette Jett, Justine Reage, Randi Storm, etc. Justine Reage is blindfolded
with a black sleepmask on-screen by Randi Storm for 2-girl action on the famous
chair and ottoman once used by Max Hardcore. The end of the scene gives new
meaning to the words, 'Light My Fire!'

91. Hand Jobs 2 U [1999, Wildlife] Directed by Bobbi Rinaldi, this one *s
Brooke Hunter, Bobbie Barren, Cherry Mirage, etc. Cherry Mirage loses a ping
pong game. Her forfeit is to be blindfolded throughout and do what is suggested
in the title to a well-hung black man.

92. Hannah U This video, directed by Toni English, stars Jenteal, Melissa
Hill, Kirsty Waay, Nicole London, Missy, etc. It features two blindfold scenes.
Steven St. Croix gets it on with a blindfolded Kirsty in the first one. In the
second scene, Jenteal is blindfolded and does a striptease for Alex Sanders.

93. Hardcore Confidential 2 U [1996, Tight Ends] Directed by Spike Leigh,
this one *s Obsession, Golden Jade, Kimberly Kummings, etc.

94. Hard Evidence G [1996, Wicked Pictures] This video *s Jenna Jameson,
Jeanna Fine, Missy etc. The fifth and final scene is a dream sequence with
Jenna and Jeanna. Jenna is lying blindfolded with a neatly tied black scarf on
a table in an interrogation room. Jeanna, wearing black lingerie like Jenna's,
runs an ice cube over Jenna's body which leads to an ice cube kiss. All
together now, class, "Can you say 91/2 Weeks?" The blindfold is removed after
the kiss.

95. Heart and Soul G [1997, Wicked Pictures] A blonde (Missy) appears briefly
blindfolded with a flimsy white scarf on a swing for action with another blonde
and Brad Armstrong. Missy directed this video which *s Alexandra Silk, Jill
Kelly, Jacklyn Lick, Johnni Black, Nici Sterling, etc. Recommended as a tape
for couples.

96. Heavy Breathing VG [1996, Nitro] This is the one directed by Roy Karch
and *ing Anna Malle, Alexandra Silk, etc. (not the one *ing Bunny Bleu, Sandy
Sommers, etc.). Tia, a blonde, is blindfolded in bed with a narrow red cloth or
wool blindfold in m/f action with Machine.

97. Here Comes Elksa U [1996, XPLOR Media] In this video directed by Tim
Lake, and *ing Elksa, Spice, Misty Rain, Aurora, etc., Elksa is stripped,
blindfolded and painted by Misty Rain and Felicia.

98. Hidden Obsessions U [1992, Ultimate Video] Directed by Andrew Blake, this
one *s Deidre Holland, Janine, Kym Wilde and a host of others. In the third of
nineteen scenes in this video, Francesca Le (possibly the best looking Latina -
sultry eyes, pretty face, dark skin, small natural breasts - to appear in adult
films) is blindfolded by Randy West for shaving 'down there.' Francesca also
appears in another scene with Nick East, but I have no idea if the shaving was
done west to east since Peter North was also in this video...

99. High Heels G [1998, Studio A Entertainment] A very short scarf blindfold
sequence in a 4-girl scene directed by the incredibly stylish Andrew Blake. The
video *s Isabella Camille, Jami Dion, Kelly Havel, Pamela Petrokova, etc.

100. Homegrown Video 509: Rub a Dub Dub U [1999, Xplor Media Group] This
video *s Burke, Mindy, Lynn, etc. A black-haired model is blindfolded in the
second scene of this video.

101. The Horny Devil and the Genie U [1999, Factory Home Video] This video in
Spanish *s Karen Toledo, Iziz, etc. Iziz is brought blindfolded into a house
for light torture.

102. Horny Housewives 6 U [2000, Private USA] Remington Steel directs this
video *ing Nicole, Nila, Christine, etc. Nicole, a redhead, is blindfolded in a
hotel room to fulfill her fantasy of sex with a stranger.

103. Hot Tamales U [1999, Filmco] This video *s Sofia, Holly, Joselle, etc.
Two guys get out of prison and join up with a girlfriend. They blindfold her
and she hits a piñata until the candy bursts out.

104. Hot Wired EX [1997, Sin City Video] Not to be confused with the video of
the same name *ing Jenna Jameson, this is the one directed by Toney Belize and
*ing Alex Dane, Davia Ardell, Raylene, Roxanne Hall, etc. Raylene is a very
sexy Latina redhead and her perfect body and deep dark eyes make her one of the
ten most beautiful women in the industry. Raylene is led by a leash attached to
a dog collar around her neck, blindfolded, into a room with walls covered with
aluminum foil for a scene with Roxanne Hall and John Decker. The blindfold is a
neatly tied red oblong scarf that is double knotted at the back and remains on
for most of the long, erotic scene until it is unknotted and untied by Roxanne.

105. I Came, Didn't You? U [1999, Elegant Angel Productions] This video *s
Chloe, Jewel Valmont, Johnni Black and Chloe's sister, Cleo, who is blindfolded.

106. Initiations 1 U [1999, Anabolic Video] In this series of videos from
Anabolic directed by Vince Vouyer featuring mainly newcomers, each one has to be
initiated by demonstrating their talents while blindfolded for at least part of
the scene - what a concept! The girls wearing blindfolds in the first video
include: Anastasia Blue, Dayton Rains, Leanni Lei, Precious Jewel, Naughtia
Childs, Bunny Luv, Monique and Jeanie Rivers.

107. Initiations 2 U [2000, Anabolic Video] The second video in this series
includes nine blindfolded scenes featuring: April Flowers, Casey, Kenya, Mirage,
Aurora, Sunshine, Skylor Capri and Cherry Lee.

108. Initiations 3 U [2000, Anabolic Video] The third video in this series *s
Adriana Sage, Lee, Gina, Mercury, Samantha Sterlyng, Belladonna, Mei-Yu and
Justine Romee.

109. Initiations 4 U [2000, Anabolic Video] The fourth video features: Skylar
Knight, Jesse, Bailey, Cheyanne, Maxi Everson, Kylie Brooks, Dominica Leoni and

110. Initiations 5 U [2000, Anabolic Video] The blindfolded girls in this
video are: Lacey Duvale, Kiri, Fawna, Claudia Adkins, Britany Baer, Heather Lyn,
Kati Crown and Kristana Black.

111. Initiations 6 U [2001, Anabolic Video] The sixth Vince Vouyer video *s
Misty, Jade, Giana, Envy Mi, Sharon Wild, Diamond, Topanga and Brandi Lyons.

112. The Insatiable Sister-in-law U A movie in Chinese and English. The
sister-in-law has to guess which is her husband and which is her brother-in-law.
The Asian model wears a red plaid sleep mask.

113. Intense Perversions 6 U [1997, Pleasure Productions] This video *s Ruby,
Holli Woods, Candy Hill, etc. Candy Hill is blindfolded for anonymous sex with
Guy DeSilva and Dave Hardman.

114. Interview with a Goddess VG [1998, Elegant Angel Productions] In a Jane
Waters video, a brunette is blindfolded with a dark blue patterned oblong scarf
for outdoor action with two blondes. This video *s Stephanie Swift, Sharon
Kane, Jessica Darling, etc.

115. I Swallow 8 G [2000, Odyssey Group Video] Directed by Rodney Moore, this
video *s Allysin Embers, Diamond, Mei Yiu, etc. In the fourth scene, Allysin
Embers (longhaired blonde) sits on a toilet and blindfolds herself with a black
leather mask. The mask is the buckling type but since it is already buckled to
begin with, she draws it over her head like a sleep mask so it is not on her
face as tightly as it could be. She makes a call on a cell phone before a man,
Axl, enters the scene. The blindfold remains on for most of the scene.

116. Jenna's Revenge VG [1997, Wicked Pictures] Jenna Jameson hated being
blindfolded for the long walk to the swimming pool and the scene with Tony
Tedeschi and Sindee Coxx. Jenna was blindfolded on-screen with a very long
oblong black scarf. But she had to be re-blindfolded off-screen by her husband,
Brad Armstrong (the director), several times, which accounts for the
ever-changing blindfold. She lifts up her blindfold once during the scene and
Sindee pulls it back down. At the end of the scene, Jenna rips off her
blindfold and tosses it into the swimming pool. The video also *s Holly Body,
Jill Kelly, Johnni Black, etc. Recommended as a tape for couples.

117. Kama Sutra 2000 F [1997, Shooting Star Video] Ostensibly an educational
tape from Jordan Lee but featuring several porn stars, this one contains a few
short clips from "Perversions," in which Shawna Edwards is blindfolded.

118. Keyhole Kapers F [1999, Sticky Video] This video *s Belladonna, Chaquira
Montenegro, Victoria Avril, etc. Admittedly the director was going for a
voyeuristic look, but this video suffers from poorly shot and poorly lit scenes.
A blonde is blindfolded with a padded leather mask in a scene with S&M

119. The Kiss G [1995, Wicked Pictures] A Jim Enright video, this one *s
Jenna Jameson, Staice, Shannon Rush, etc. Mike Horner blindfolds Jenna Jameson
with a black sleep mask for a scene with Steven St. Croix and Staice. Jenna, as
usual, doesn't like being blindfolded and fiddles with her mask a lot. The
scene is too short to upgrade the rating to very good but it's great to see
Jenna crawling and on her knees while blindfold. Recommended as a tape for

120. Kristen's Krazy Girlie Adventures 1 U [1998, Zane Entertainment Group] 3
of 5 all-girl scenes are blindfold scenes in this video that *s Alana, Amy Lee,
Blair Segall, etc. Alana is blindfolded in the first scene.

121. Kymmy, My C*m Slut Wife U An amateur five-hour video of real people
enjoying sex. Kymmy is blonde, busty and has a good ass. In the tenth scene,
Kymmy wears a blindfold throughout and begins with her hands in restraints.

122. L A Fashion Girls VG [1998, VCA Plus] Directed by Jim Holliday and *ing
Stacy Valentine, Jill Kelly, Missy, etc. Missy is blindfolded with a single
strap furry sleep mask and has to identify about six other girls by smell and

123. Latex Live G [1998, Helix] Heavy focus on artistic trappings of SM but
this is a decidedly non-erotic German video. There is a hooding scene and the
final scene features a blonde in a black cloth blindfold suspended face down in
a rope harness being slowly untied.

124. Les Femmes Erotique U [1993, Ultimate Video] Directed by Andrew Blake,
this one features Julia Ann, Dahlia Grey, Raven, etc. In Julia's scene with
Randy West, she wears a large hat and blindfold for almost the whole scene.

125. Les Memoires D'Une Pute (The Memories of a Whore) U [1992, Penguin
Productions] In this French video *ing Laura Valerie, Philippe Soine, Suzannah
O'Brian, etc., the whore is blindfolded for action with two men.

126. Let Us Prey U [2000, Extreme Associates] This video directed by Slain
Wayne *s returning porn queen Amber Lynn along with Candi Kiss, Shawna Edwards,
etc. In the fourth scene, Amber wearing a tight, sexy, yellow dress is
blindfolded for action with two guys, Luciano and Backey.

127. Lipstick U [2000, Sin City] Directed by Michael Raven, this video *s
Katja Kean, April Flowers, Brigette Kerkove, etc. In the second scene, Katja
Kean undresses and sits in bed with a blindfold on. Mike Horner and Bunny Love
then come into the room for a tasty encounter.

128. Lipstick Lesbians U [1994, Zane Entertainment] Directed by Chuck Zane,
this video *s Asia Carrera, Jordan Lee, Kaitlyn Ashley, etc. The blindfold
scene features Skye Blue and Summer Cummings. Skye strips and blindfolds the
busty brunette before oiling and waxing Summer.

129. Little Big Dick U [1998, Jan B.] Jan B. is in bed blindfolded waiting
for a surprise. Directed by Mike B.

130. Little White Chicks, Big Black Monster Dicks 4 U [1999, Jake Steed Prod.]
This video *s Angelique, Bridgette Kerkove, Gwen Summers, etc. In the fifth and
final scene, Bridgette is kidnapped and thrown into a van. She is taken to a
house blindfolded. When her blindfold is removed, she sees Jake Steed,
Lexington Steele and Mandingo.

131. Lu Lu's Nights U [Tightends Productions] This 35 mm. European film
directed by Luca Damiano/Joe D'Amato *s Olivia Del Rio, Sunset Thomas,
Valentino, etc. A blindfold blonde (Sunset Thomas?) in threesome action.

132. Marquis De Sade VG [1997, In X-Cess International] In this period piece,
Italian Luca Damiano/Joe D'Amato directs an impressive European cast including
Rocco Siffredi (Europe's hottest male porn star, who plays MDS), Valentina,
Vicky, and Rosa Caracciolo. Rocco blindfolds two girls with black scarves and
gives them to a strange man. Their blindfolds are ripped off after a while and
they are shocked to see an ugly fat guy. Recommended as a tape for couples.

133. Mind Games VG [1997, Wicked Pictures] This is the Jim Enright video *ing
Marilyn Starr, Alyssa Allure, Christi Lake, etc. (not the video of the same name
*ing P.J. Sparxx, Tyffany Million, etc., nor yet another video of the same name
*ing Anisa, P.J. Sparxx, etc.). Marilyn Starr is blindfolded with a very
colorful bunched-up square scarf on-screen by Christi Lake for a threesome with
Peter North.

134. More Dirty Debutantes 30 U [1994, 4-Play Video Inc.] Ed Powers directs
this video *ing Marilyn Starr, Nicole Kidder, Chelsea Lynx, Mystiqa, etc. Ed
blindfolds raven-haired Mystiqa for action with Chelsea Lynx.

135. My Secret Lover U [1993, Wicked Pictures] This video *ing Tami Monroe,
Stacy Nichols, Teri Diver, etc. is directed by Michael Craig. The story line is
that Tami is an erotic dancer who is being pursued by a secret admirer who turns
out to be Jonathan Morgan. When they finally meet, Jonathan blindfolds Tami
with a bandana and makes love to her onstage after everyone has left. After he
leaves, Tami removes her blindfold to discover more flowers and a note that
reads, "This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

136. Net Surfers: Sex on the Beach U [2001, Pleasure Productions] Helen Duval
directed this video that *s Laura Angel, Nataly Dune, Karma, etc. A blindfolded
woman is taken out of a steel crate and then later returned to it.

137. New Wave Hookers 6 F [2000, VCA Pictures] This video directed by Antonio
Passolini *s Ginger Lynn, Tina Tyler, Kylie Ireland, etc. In the sixth scene,
Ginger Lynn is blindfolded in a conventional leather mask, hanging on a swing in
a dark room. Tina Tyler plays a mistress who leads Mickey G, who is also
blindfolded, into the room so he can get it on with Ginger whose blindfold has
by now been removed.

138. Nici Sterling's DP Gang Bang U [1996, Filmco Releasing] Nici appears
briefly in a blue blindfold in this video directed by Morty Valentino.

139. Night Trips 2 U [1990, Caballero] Directed by Andrew Blake, this video
*s Racquel Darrian, Paula Price, Lauren Hall, etc. In the fourth scene, Erica
Boyer and Cameo are in a dream sequence. Erica puts a blindfold on Cameo while
kissing her and the girl/girl action continues.

140. No Limits VG [1999, Sin City] This video, directed by Chuck Martino, *s
Charmaine Star, Jill Kelly, Gina Ryder, etc. In the fifth and final scene,
Chloe blindfolds Jill Kelly with a blue floral patterned scarf and leads her to
a chair. Jill's fantasy is to watch her husband get it on with another woman.
Marc Davis enters the room after Jill is blindfolded (we can see that the
blindfold has been retied because it is now on more neatly without the dangling
triangle over her nose) and then ties Jill to the chair (not too well but we get
the idea). Chloe gets it on with Marc in front of the fireplace while she gives
Jill a sporadic commentary of the action. The blindfold is then removed from
Jill's face and the action continues while she remains tied to the chair.
Recommended as a tape for couples.

141. Oral Consumption U [2000, Anabolic Video] Directed by Khan Tusion, this
video *s Bunny Love, Jewel Valmont, Mariah etc. In the twelfth scene, Robin
Swallows keeps on her blindfold throughout the scene for action with Lexington
Steele and another guy.

142. Orgasm Maker 1 U [1998, 4-Play Video Inc.] Ed Powers blindfolds sizzling
Euro-blonde Gina Powers and removes her blindfold after bringing in two
brunettes. The video also *s Erica, Pearl, Sylvia Gundel, etc.

143. Orgy Camera 4 U [1996, Erotic Video Network (EVN)] This one *s Shellie
Lyons, Devon Shore, Cory Gates, etc.

144. Outnumbered U [c.2001, Extreme Associates] This video *s Candy Cotton,
Dolly Golden, Ice, Nikita, etc. Luciano finds Dolly Golden in a closet - she is
blindfolded and handcuffed. The scene continues with Dolly getting it on with
five guys.

145. Pam & Tommy Lee Hardcore & Uncensored F [1997, IEG] In this video of the
real life of superstar Pamela Lee-Anderson and her on-again, off-again, on-again
rock star husband, Pam is blindfolded with a woolen sweater (?) tied over
sunglasses in a short scene being led to a surprise location.

146. Perverse Addictions G [1998, Evil Angel Video] Another Bruce Seven
girl/girl video *ing Alana, Alex Dane, Johnni Black, Sindee Cox, etc. Taylor
blindfolds Alana on-screen with a black waffle leather mask for three-way with
Sindee Cox. The scene features three stools designed with females in mind.

147. Perverse Addictions 2 U [1999, NuTech Digital] This Bruce Seven DVD *s
Lari, Phylissha Anne, Kristina St. James etc. Phylissha Anne is blindfolded for
action in a 3-girl scene.

148. Perversions VG [1997, Sin City] In this Paul Norman video, Shawna
Edwards is the Geisha who is blindfolded on-screen with a very long strip
(possibly a kimono sash) of black cloth that is overlapped and tied a second
time behind her head. She is in action with Joey Edwards who is videotaping

149. Plaything 2 F [1995, Wave] This video, directed by Earnest Greene, *s
Nikki Tyler, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Tabitha, etc. Tabitha blindfolds herself by
tying a leather blindfold (which is really the fastening type) for a very little
while in scene with 2 guys, one of whom is Tom Byron.

150. Playthings EX [1999, Studio A Entertainment] An absolute classic film
directed by Andrew Blake featuring a dreamy, extremely erotic blindfold sequence
(easily in the top five ever). Dahlia Grey (be still, my heart) uses a long
oblong black scarf to blindfold the blonde Karin. In the first part of the
3-girl scene, (it would be close to impossible to find three more beautiful
women, Ashley being the third), the blindfold is tied too low but it is tied
more conventionally as the scene progresses. The face-lacing sequence that
occurs later as part of the lacing of Dahlia scene takes your breath away.
Okay, okay, it's a tie with 'Electric Sex' for best adult movie of 1999.

151. Please 6: Quick Service Girls U [2000, Evil Angel Video] This Joey
Silvera video *s April Flowers, Charlene Aspen, Danielle Rush, etc. The third
scene features Daisy Chain, Leah and Kaila. Kaila sits on a chair and her arms
and legs are bound with tape. Kaila is blindfolded with tape and then the tape
is wrapped around her body.

152. Pornodrome VG [2000, Heatwave] This David Aaron Clark video *s Nellie
Pierce, Katarina Czarina and Jade-Blue Eclipse. The longish blindfold scene
with mild S/M overtones features newcomer Sunshine blindfolded with a dark cloth
blindfold. The scene progresses from a chair to crawling blindfolded on the

153. Private Diary of Tori Welles VG [1997, Paul Norman Productions] Two m/f
scenes featuring sexy black model - one with a black scarf blindfold and one
with white cloth knotted against her left temple. In the first blindfold scene,
she doesn't know who is in the room with her but has to follow instructions. In
the second blindfold scene, she has to guess who she is having sex with.

154. Private Gold #9: Private Dancer U [1996, Private Video] This Nic Cramer
video *s Hungarian beauty, Ivy Crystal. She is in a m/f/f scene where she is
blindfolded for the whole scene.

155. Private Gold #29: Perversion of Barbara U [1998, Private Video/Odyssey]
A Christoph Clark video *ing Barbara Rose, Eva Tyson, Shanon Stone, etc.
Barbara is blindfolded in action with several guys at an Euro sex club.

156. Private Gold #30: Fatal Orchid 1 U [1998, Private Video/Odyssey] This
one is directed by Pierre Woodman and *s Katja Kean, Swany, Sharon Ashe, etc.
The incredibly beautiful Katja Kean is blindfolded throughout the scene with one
guy and two girls.

157. Private Dynamite U [1999, Private Video] This compilation tape *s Dina
Jewel, Olivia Del Rio, Tammi Ann, Anette, etc. In the fifth scene, Anette, a
not very busty blonde, is led blindfolded into a building. Her blindfold is
removed and she sees seven naked, masked men.

158. Private Woodman's Casting X 8 (?) [1998, Private Video] This is a
compilation tape of auditions of girls into the Private stable. Directed by
Pierre Woodman, it *s Erica Belle, Sylvia, Eva Roberts, etc. Eva Roberts
fantasizes about being blindfolded and tied down to a bed.

159. Profiles 4: Lust Lessons G [1995, Xplor (Frontier)] Features a blonde
blindfolded for half the scene with a dark floral (possibly oblong) scarf. The
video is directed by Tim Lake and *s Alex Jordan, Gina Rome, Kim Kitaine, etc.

160. Psychosexx 1 EX [1997, Sin City Video] Directed by James Giorgio and
produced by Jordan Lee (a busty redhead), this video also *s Cort Knee, Deva
Station, Lauren Montgomery, etc. Jordan is blindfolded off-screen and is shown
being led by her boyfriend to meet another man for a threesome. Jordan keeps on
her blindfold until the end of the very intense scene. The blindfold is a
patterned square silk scarf.

161. Pure Sin U [2000, Sin City Video] Nic Cramer directs this video *s
Bridgette Kerkove, April Flowers, Kristen, Nikki Sinn, etc. This video features
a burglary scene with April that is similar to Catherine Zeta Jones' laser light
scene in the mainstream movie 'Entrapment' but this is not the blindfold scene.
In the fourth scene, Linda Thoren is kidnapped and brought blindfolded (appears
to be a red scarf) to Alec Metro where she gets it on with Alex and his female

162. Puritan Video Magazine 20 U [1998, Legend Video] This Jim Powers' video
*s Zoe, Brooke Ashley, Alison Kilgore, etc. A Latina is blindfolded by her
husband for action with her husband and another man.

163. Quebec Perversity 4 U [1996, In X-Cess International] This video *s
Cindy, Tasha, Pamela, etc. A dark blonde is blindfolded and carried by five
people to a table for action.

164. Radical Sex 1 U [Vivid Raw] Compilation tape.

165. Radical Sex 9 U [Vivid Raw] Compilation tape.

166. Raunchy Red Pussy U [Odyssey Group Video] Nicki blindfolded.

167. Reel Life Video 119: Strangers in the Dark U [2000, TripleX Amateur] Amy
lives out a fantasy of a blindfolded liaison with two strangers.

168. Reves De Cuir (Video Leather Dreams) U [1991, Colmax] Directed by
Francis Leroi, this video *s Zara Whites, Sunny McKay, Deborah Wells, etc. Zara
is blindfolded in a scene with a guy an another girl.

169. Rick Savage's NY Video Magazine 1 EX [1995, Outlaw Productions] The
video *s China Lee, Dynasty, Sharon Rush, etc. Sexy brunette, who applies a
blue sleepmask properly by drawing it under her hair, entertains Rick Savage.

170. Rick Savage's NY Video Magazine 5 U [1995, Outlaw Productions] The video
*s China Lee, Dianne Parker, Sindee Coxx, etc. A brunette is blindfolded in
solo and m/f action.

171. Rocco's True Anal Stories 5 G [1999, Rocco Siffredi Productions] This
video directed by Rocco Siffredi *s Cassandra, Daniela, Laura Angel, etc. Laura
is blindfolded on-screen with a red scarf tied neatly. The scene is with two
guys (Remigio Zampa and Steve Holmes) on a covered patio and includes a little

172. Rough Sex 2 U [1999, Anabolic Video] This one *s Kelsey Heart, Kianna
Bradley, Amia More, etc. Kianna, when discovered having sex with another man,
is blindfolded by her husband for more sex.

173. Scandal VG [1995, Vivid Video] This Austin Ellison story line video *s
Asia Carrera, Brittany Andrews, Busty Brittany, Dallas, etc. Jessica James, a
strawberry blonde wearing a bathrobe and white panties, is blindfolded with a
red bandanna for half the scene with Tony Tedeschi.

174. Schlammreiter 3 VG German video featuring a redhead in patterned scarf
blindfold. She is blindfolded almost throughout a very long scene with multiple
partners of both genders.

175. Screamers U [1995, Ona Zee Productions] A blonde is blindfolded in this
video *ing Brooke Waters, Candy Conner, Sydney St. James, etc.

176. Secret of Madam X U Video from Ona Zee Productions.

177. Sensual Confessions U [2000, Wicked Pictures] This Jim Enright video *s
Temptress, Taylor St. Claire, Renee Larue, etc. Sensual Confessions is an
online bulletin board that prints letters people send in. Temptress reads a
letter and a sex scene follows. In the sixth and final scene, Temptress follows
Marc Davis' instructions by going to a hotel room, where she follows more
instructions and has a bubble bath. She then dresses in black fishnet
stockings, black leather shorts and black leather bra. Temptress blindfolds
herself before being joined by Marc and Dale DaBone.

178. Sex Academy 2 U [1995, Ona Zee Productions] The video *s Brooke Waters,
Jordan Lee, Missy, etc.

179. Sex Evil VG [2000, Calvista/Metro Home Video] This video directed by
Mike Quasar, *s Bunny Luv, Ryan Conner, Sydnee Steele, etc. The sixth and final
scene features Ryan Conner and Joel Lawrence being led onstage and having sex in
front of others. Ryan Conner is blindfolded with a very large squarish leather
mask with straps that are crisscrossed and Joel Lawrence wears a black hood with
snap-on blindfold in place for the whole scene. This would have got an
excellent rating except that the mask didn't hug Ryan's face enough. The scene
ends with their blindfolds being simultaneously removed to applause from the
crowd. Recommended as a tape for couples.

180. SexHibition G [1996, Sunshine Films] Purportedly a documentary to be
shot into space to show aliens about sex on earth, this video directed by Kris
Kramski *s Alex Dane, Candy Vegas and Sophia Rio. The second scene features
Sophia Rio blindfolding Lisa Harper (brunette) with a sleep mask-type blindfold
that ties like a scarf. Lisa is led into another room for action with two guys
who are wearing dark glasses (but not blindfold), while Sophia videotapes them.

181. Sex Test Private Line 4 U Skinny woman blindfolded in bed with another
man and a blonde.

182. Sexy Sorority Initiations 2 EX [2001, Jet Multimedia Productions] This
video is directed by Sid Deuce and the blindfold scene features three women:
Shay Sweet, Elexia Amore and Venus. Shay Sweet (a blonde) blindfolds busty
Elexia Amore with a sleep mask type blindfold that ties like a scarf (it's
similar to the one used in 'The Bridal Shower' except a little wider). Shay
tells Elexia she has to keep her blindfold on until the initiation is complete
and seats her in a car. We are told she is driven around for ten minutes to
disorient her and is brought back to the same place (the sorority house). Shay
then leads her into a room where Venus comes into the action. Venus pulls up
Elexia's blindfold at the end of the scene.

183. Seymore & Shane Backdoor to Buttsville (SB 19) U [1995, Ultimate Video]
The video is directed by the acclaimed Seymore Butts and *s Shane, Tera Heart,
Vanessa Chase, etc. Shane is blindfolded and spanked by her former real-life
partner, Seymore.

184. Seymore & Shane Do Ireland (SB 16) VG [1995, Ultimate Video] In this
case, the title refers not to the country but Kylie Ireland. It also *s Amanda
Addams, Missy, Shane, etc. Kylie Ireland appears blindfolded in a black
sleepmask in a hot scene with Seymore and Shane. Kylie is blonde in this video
- she reverted to her natural red hair when she left the biz. She is suspended
face-up in what appears to be the sex bungee. Incidentally, the sex bungee was
introduced in one of Bruce Seven's vids with Johnni Black suspended face down.

185. Seymore Butts Merry F**king Christmas (SB 42) VG [1998, Seymore Butts
Home Movies] This compilation tape features the scene with Taren Steele from
'American Tushy' described below. It also *s Holli Woods, Missy, Katie Gold,

186. Seymore Butts Presents American Tushy (SB 25) VG [1996, Ultimate Video]
This video *s Taren Steele, Missy, Lovette, etc. Seymore hands Taren a folded
black scarf. Taren blindfolds herself for a surprise - she is unaware of who or
how many are touching her. The players in the scene are Alex Sanders, Missy and
Euro-stud Hakan.

187. Shane's World 6: Slumber Party F [1997, Odyssey Group Video] Shane
blindfolded in a short girl/girl scene. The video also *s Alex, Jacklyn Lick,
Melanie Stone, etc.

188. Shane's World 16: Sweet Sixteen U [1998, Odyssey Group Video] Eden, (a
newcomer) is blindfolded by Petra in this video *ing Shane, Wendy Knight,
Melanie Stone, etc.

189. The Show 2 (a.k.a. The Asian Show) U [1997, Vivid Video] This Paul
Thomas video *s Kobe Tai, Ruby, Leanna Heart, etc. In the sixth and final
scene, Kobe Tai is blindfolded in a gynecologist's chair, with her legs in the
stirrups. Four people are brought in, one at a time. Two are men and two are
women: Kay London and Leanna Heart. The game is for Kobe to guess whether it is
a man or woman tasting her. Kobe gets all four right.

190. Silky Thighs U [1994, Midnight Video/K-Beech] Mostly amateur video, this
may be the one *ing Isis Nile, Amanda Rae, Sunset Thomas, etc.

191. Simply Sex: How to Give Pleasure Without a Man U [2000, SEMG Productions]
This video *s Christi Lake, Tamara and Nancy Vee in action on teal silk sheets.

192. Skin 3 (?) U [c.1996, Eurotique] This video *s Joy Karins, Keisha, Gyn
Seng. Loosely based on 'Story of O.'

193. Skin 4 U [c.1996, Eurotique] This video *s Gabriela, Deborah Christal,
Nyribi Kalman, etc. and features a fully hooded blonde.

194. Skin 9 F [c.1997, Eurotique] This video *s Natascha O, Heili, Ponygirl
Sabine, etc. A very non-erotic on-screen blindfolding of a very tall blonde
with a flimsy black scarf. The blonde's coat is removed to show she is naked
before the very narrow blindfold is applied (you can see her lined eyebrows).
She is led naked and blindfolded into a theater and sits through some live sex
acts. Even the champagne bath at the end of the scene leaves you high and dry -
too bad.

195. Skin 10 VG [c.1997, Eurotique] Sub-titled '10sion in the House of Skin'
and directed by Michel Ricaud, this video *s Beatrice Valle, Babeth, Elodie,
etc. and contains two blindfold scenes. The first one is quite long and
features two models blindfolded with black oblong scarves arm-wrestling each
other while otherwise occupied by two men. In the second, much shorter, scene,
another model is blindfolded the same way and wearing a flimsy veil when she is
led into a room to meet two men.

196. Skin 16 VG [c.1999, Eurotique] This movie *s Maria Katchenka, Adrianna
Nova, Jacqueline Rue, etc. and features the most unusual blindfold I've ever
seen in an adult film. The two red eyepieces are roughly spherical
(3-dimensional). A frame of rubber tubing is threaded through these two
eyepieces in front. There are two pairs of black tubes that come out the sides.
The upper tube lengths are knotted high behind the head while the lower lengths
are tied low to secure the blindfold. In addition, the longhaired brunette is
wearing a latex open-face hood under the blindfold. The blindfold looks like a
pair of round copper scouring pads or the eyes of a bee or ear-muffs - take your
pick. The attractive model gets it on with three guys.

197. Slingshot U [Vivid]

198. Sodomania 5: Euro/American Style VG [1993, Elegant Angel Productions]
This is an award-winning series directed by Patrick Collins. The video also *s
Bionca, Debi Diamond, Lara Lambkin, etc. Kitty Yung is blindfolded with a
single strap shiny lace-frilled sleep mask in the award-winning 'Maid for Each
Other' scene with Tiffany Mynx. Tyfanny instructs Kitty to place her head on a
coffee table and not to move from the position until she returns. Later she
brings Randy West into the scene and he gets it on with both girls. Kitty's
blindfold is removed before the scene ends.

199. Sodomania 8: The London Sessions G [1994, Elegant Angel Productions]
Filmed mostly in London, the "Only Her Hairdresser Knows for Sure" segment
features Danyel Cheeks blindfolding Brittania with a lace frilled black
sleepmask for a short while in a fantasy sequence. The video also *s Domino,
Janey Lamb, Roxanne Hall, etc.

200. Sodomania 24 VG [1998, Elegant Angel Productions] The final segment
entitled, "When it Rains...It Pours" features Tiffany Mynx, Jessica Jewel,
Raquel Devine and Vince Vouyer. Tiffany is driving in the rain until she comes
to a house and looks in. Jessica Jewel, a blonde, is blindfolded with a
squarish black leather mask for most of the scene. She is also gagged with her
hands and feet bound.

201. Sodomania: Director's Cut Classics 2 VG [1999, Elegant Angel Productions]
Compilation tape featuring the 'Sodomania 5' scene with Kitty Yung playing the
blindfolded maid in the scene with Randy West and Tiffany Mynx.

202. Sodomania Slop Shots 1 G [1997, Elegant Angel Productions] Compilation
tape featuring one scene with a brunette wearing a neat black leather blindfold.

203. Sodomania Smoking Sextions U [1996, Elegant Angel Productions] This
compilation tape features the same scene from 'Bottom Dweller 3' as the tenth
scene to close out this video. Careena Collins goes to a house wearing sexy
black clothing and is instructed to put on a black blindfold. She keeps it on
until the end of the scene with Jake Steed.

204. The Story of Madame & Monsieur Dupont F [DBM] This very non-erotic
German video *s Collete Sigma and Jean-Pierre Armand in the title roles. In the
final scene of the video, Mrs. Dupont is blindfolded with a very flimsy black
scarf and led by a dog collar to get it on with three guys.

205. Submission P [1998, Heatwave] Leather blindfold shaped like a belt with
a V- shaped cut-out for the nose and secured with a padlock (too bad it comes
off so easily with the lock still on) is worn by Allysin Chaynes. Also *ing
Bobbi Bliss, Candy Vegas, Heaven Leigh, etc. in this video directed by Jim

206. Sugar Walls 13 U [1999, Elegant Angel Video] This Dale Jordan video *s
Brown Sugar, Disiree, Monique, etc. Green-eyed Bronze is blindfolded and
tortured by Cinna Bunz.

207. Super Clips 22 [Legend] Compilation tape.

208. Superstar Sex Challenge 1 U [1993, VCA] This Paul Norman video has a
stellar cast including Kaitlyn Ashley, Tammi Ann, Tiffany Mynx, etc. Kaitlyn
Ashley and Tammi Ann are the contestants in a sexual competition. In the first
competition, Kaitlyn and Tammi have to find the real thing along a wall of
plastic phalluses.

209. Taboo of Tarot VG [2000, Ultimate Video] Directed by Nicholas Steele,
this video *s Chandler, Envy, Nikki Anderson, etc. The fourth scene begins with
Jessica Drake and Dale DaBone blindfolded facing away from each other. Jessica
is wearing white silk pajamas and a neat white cloth blindfold while Dale is in
dark blue pajamas and a dark blue blindfold. They turn around slowly and start
to kiss and caress each other. Dale removes his blindfold and the action
continues with the pretty blonde blindfolded. Partway through the scene
Jessica's blindfold is removed and she sees another woman has been watching
them. Recommended as a tape for couples.

210. Taboo 17 G [1997, Amazing Pictures] This Michael Zen video *s Misty
Rain, Inari Vachs, Caresssa Savage, etc. A blindfolded female, Sydney Steele,
and a blindfolded male, Julian (dark oblong scarves used), are joined by another
female Misty Rain, who is masked (but not blindfolded) for a threesome. The
blindfolded couple is wrapped in cellophane at the start of the scene, but the
blindfolds stay on when the cellophane comes off.

211. Taboo Sex 5 - Outrageous Fetish Special F [TVX] A really poor video *ing
Angela Faith, Ariana, Bionca, etc. Features a blonde in a poorly tied colorful
scarf (she peeks near the end before taking it off) with annoying fringes that
get in the way of the action.

212. Tails of Perversity 8 U [2000, Elegant Angel] This video, directed by
Robert Madison *s Brianna Banks, Sky Taylor, Samantha Sterlyng, etc. The
blindfold scene features Sophie Evans in a warehouse. She is blindfolded by
Toni Ribas.

213. Tailz From Da 'Hood 1 U [1995, Avica Entertainment] In this Ian Daniels
video *ing Anna Amore, Morgan LeFay, Rachel St. Marie, etc., a black model is

214. Taking it to the Limit 2 VG [1994, Exquisite Pleasures] In another Bruce
Seven/Bionca epic, Heather St. Clair, a hot longhaired blonde wearing a black
leather blindfold takes on four black guys (Jake Williams, Julian St. Jox, Mr.
Marcus, and the most successful black man in the history of the industry, Sean
Michaels). OSB by Sean.

215. Taking it to the Limit 3 VG [1995, Exquisite Pleasures] Tyfanny Million
(a blonde former wrestler in real life) is blindfolded with an ace bandage and
is led into a room by Bruce and Bionca to meet two females (Danyel Cheeks and
Davia) and two males (Vince Vouyer and Nick East). At the end of the scene,
Tyfanny has to guess who she has had sex with.

216. Taking it to the Limit 4 U [1995, Exquisite Pleasures] Kaitlyn Ashley is
blindfolded for the scene with Nick East. This Bruce Seven/Bionca video also *s
Shelby Stevens, Misty Rain, Anna Malle, Vanessa Chase, etc.

217. Taking it to the Limit 5 EX [1995, Exquisite Pleasures] Extremely
intense five-girl head-to-toe shaving with straightedge razors. The 'shavee' is
a blonde, Dru Berrymore (no relationship or real resemblance to Drew Barrymore,
the mainstream actress), blindfolded with a black leather mask. If this doesn't
get your motor running, get Viagra now. The video also *s Careena Collins,
Christina West, Jill Kelly, etc.

218. Taking it to the Limit 10 VG [1997, Exquisite Pleasures] Morgan Navarro
is blindfolded by Jake Steed, and tiny-titted Angela Faith blindfolded by the
big-busted Johnni Black in this great series directed by Bionca and the late
Bruce Seven.

219. Tangled Web EX [1998, Vivid Video] This Toni English video *s Jenteal,
Carolina, Julie Rage, Nicole London etc. It features both Jenteal and a male
partner blindfolded with bright orange scarves. The sensual scene begins with a
hooded (but not blindfolded) male blindfolding Jenteal in a corridor. She feels
her way to a few doors before finally entering one for her anonymous sexual
encounter. This is one of a very few scenes on video where both partners are
blindfolded. Recommended as a tape for couples.

220. Tell Me What You Want EX [1999, Wicked Pictures] Directed by Jonathan
Morgan and *ing Missy, Kelsey Heart, etc. Definitely an erotic video, this one
features Missy in two blindfold sequences. In the sixth scene, Missy is sitting
blindfolded in a room while Mickey G brings in Kelsey, who plays a hooker. Can
you say 9 1/2 Weeks? Then in the seventh and final scene, there is yet another
on-screen blindfolding of the blonde Missy by real-life partner Mickey G. with a
neatly tied orange (red?) scarf. Missy is led into a room to get it on with Mr.
Marcus, Michael J. Cox, Ian Daniels and Kyle Stone. The blindfold remains on
for the duration of the scene.

221. To Completion U [2001, Western Visuals] Directed by Master Blaster, this
video *s Gauge, Jade Marcella, Leanni Lee, etc. In the first scene, Gauge is
blindfolded for action with two guys. Her blindfold is removed sometime during
the scene.

222. Tokyo Blue 25 U Japanese girl blindfold for anonymous sex.

223. Triple Gang Bang 1 G This French video features an attractive model
blindfolded with a narrow black scarf in action with five men.

224. Twisted EX [1997, Fallen Angel] Sub-titled 'The Sexual Return of Aja',
this is not the video of the same name *ing Alex Dane, Farrah, Johnni Black,
etc., nor the one *ing Alicyn Sterling, Cheri Bonet, Christy Canyon, etc. Luc
Wylder directs and blindfolds two girls (Chelsea Warner and Delaine) on-screen
with thick black scarves for intense girl/girl action.

225. Unchained Marilyn U [1996, Video Team Inc.] This Paul Norman video *s
Marilyn Star, Kim Kitaine, Sindee Coxx, Davia Ardell, etc. The first scene is
g/g with Marilyn who blindfolds Davia for action.

226. Up Your Ass 7 U [1997, Anabolic Video] Directed by Sean Michaels, Tye, a
pretty brunette with natural breasts, is blindfolded for scene with Julian St.
Jox and Mr. Marcus. The video also *s Amber, Bridget Hasek, Chloe, etc.

227. Video Virgins 40 U [1997, New Sensations] Leanni Lee is blindfolded in
this video which also *s Allysin Chaynes, Brittany Platinum, Kristina Jossa,
etc. Leanni is blindfolded for a surprise but is told she can stop the scene by
taking off the blindfold.

228. The Violation of Katie Gold G [1999, JM Productions] This video *s Blair
Segall, Candy Apples, Daisy Chain, etc. Katie Gold and her husband are attacked
by six lesbian ninjas (Yeah, right!). Katie is tied standing with rope and
electrical cord to a stairwell. For too short a time, she appears blindfolded
with a black leather mask with a wide strap.

229. Virgin Pink 3 F [1999, Metro (Toxxxic)] Tawni Lyons, a blonde, is
blindfolded with a black leather mask covering her nose for a short while in her
scene with two men (Zackory Lee Miles and Danny Love). The video is directed by
Angel Cummings and also *s Holly Lynn, J-Day, Layla-Jade, etc.

230. Vortex U [1998, VCA] This Jim Enright video *s Juli Ashton, Vicca,
Nikita, etc. In a time travel sequence, Juli Ashton ends up in bed with a
couple of sorority girls who want to initiate her into their house. The two
girls are Johnni Black and Rayveness who blindfold Juli and enjoy her body.

231. Wet U [1998, Studio A Entertainment] Directed by Andrew Blake and *ing
Dahlia Grey (easily one of the three most beautiful women in the industry),
Anita Blonde, Avalon, etc.

232. Wet Faces 9 U [1997, Sin City Video] This compilation tape *s Tabitha
Stevens, Roxanne Hall, Tiffany Storm, etc and contains 20 scenes. It includes
the scene from Psychosexx 1, in which Jordan Lee is blindfolded for action with
John West and Jeremy Steele.

233. Wet Scape U [1998, Sin City Video] Directed by James Di Giorgio, this
video *s Temptress, Cheyenne Silver (Wildcat), Tracey Love, etc. In the first
scene, Temptress is sitting wearing lingerie in front of a computer screen. As
she closes her eyes, a masked man appears behind her and covers her eyes and
attaches her wrist straps to chains. Tyce Bune removes Temptress' blindfold at
the end of the scene.

234. White Lightning VG [1999, VCA Platinum Plus] Directed by Veronica Hart
and *ing Ginger Lynn, Kylie Ireland, etc. In the eleventh and final scene,
Sindee Cox and Brad Armstrong kidnap veteran porn queen Ginger Lynn and
blindfold her with a dark scarf in a well-directed scene. Recommended as a tape
for couples.

235. The Window G [1999, Vivid Video] This Cleo Edwards video *s Kira Kener,
Reagan Star, Keiki D'Aire etc. The third scene features Kira Kener, Reagan
Star, Tyce Bune and Evan Stone. The four are in an alley. Kira is blindfolded
with a red narrow bunched up silk scarf. The scene begins with Kira wearing a
tight purple leather dress is fondled and tasted by the others.

236. The World of Sensual Bondage F Shawna Edwards in a black scarf blindfold
in a bondage chair in this poorly lit, overly superimposed video from Oscar
Rinaldi. It's always easy to tell Shawna by the name 'Joseph' with an arrow
pointing down tattooed on her stomach.

237. XXXpose Me! U [AVE Entertainment] Asian model(s) blindfolded.

238. The Young, the Old & the Blindfolded U [Euro Trash Film Co.]

Close But No Cigar Category:

a) Anal Palace - This costume drama, *ing Anita Blonde, Cheyenne, Deborah Wells,
etc., has two scenes with at least three males blindfolded. The second scene
begins in a courtyard with what appears to be a hooded naked female being
fondled by others. It is not until she is led indoors that you can see two
holes in the hood, one over her nose, and the other over her left eye. This
begs the question why she is hooded in the first place!

b) Blindfold - This video starring Jenteal, Kirsty Waay, Kylie Ireland, etc.,
disappointingly contains no blindfold scenes. Talk about truth in advertising!


Bondage Videos List 1 (A.E.S. Productions: 47 videos) U

1. Apr 2001 KS-68 Among the Missing
2. Apr 2001 SC-15 Captive
3. Mar 2001 CV-78 One of Our Cheerleaders is Missing
4. Mar 2001 PH-21 Taking Care of Business
5. Feb 2001 SC-14 Alone
6. Nov 2000 KS-64 No Business Like Show Business
7. Oct 2000 CV-69 Cheerleaders For Sale
8. Sep 2000 PV-4 Preview Video 4
9. Jul 2000 CV-65 Don't Get Mad - Get Even
10. Jul 2000 KS-60 The Tutor
11. May 2000 KSP-2 Helpless
12. Mar 2000 KS-57 Final Shipment
13. Feb 2000 CV-55 Chloroformed and Helpless
14. Feb 2000 KSP-1 Helping Hands
15. Feb 2000 SC-12 Dressed for Danger
16. Jan 2000 CV-53 Let's Go to Plan 'B'
17. Nov 1999 KS-53 The House Next Door
18. Aug 1999 CV-45 Lingerie Show
19. Jun 1999 KS-50A Model Prisoners 1
20. May 1999 PH-11 Business as Usual
21. Apr 1999 KS-48 Deadline
22. Feb 1999 CV-33 Taped Abductions
23. Feb 1999 SC-7 Three Cheers for the Panthers
24. Feb 1999 SC-6 Learning the Ropes
25. Jan 1999 CV-32 Inheritance
26. Dec 1998 CV-29 Blondes Don't Have More Fun
27. Sep 1998 PH-7 Silken Bonds
28. Sep 1998 VT-4 My Kind of Town
29. Aug 1998 KS-40 Spies, Lies and Ties
30. Jul 1998 KS-39 Private Show
31. Jun 1998 KS-38 The Collectors
32. Apr 1998 PH-5 Sheer Elegance
33. Feb 1998 KS-34 Good Girls and Bad Girls
34. Jan 1998 KS-33 Prime Time Revenge
35. Jan 1998 VT-2 Vic Tynan Comes to A.E.S.
36. Oct 1997 BD-1 Constraining Consequences
37. Oct 1997 KS-30 No Escape
38. Aug 1997 CV-13 Rope and Shoes
39. Aug 1997 KS-29 Girls in Trouble - One More Time
40. Jul 1997 BV-3 6 in a Bind
41. Jul 1997 KS-28 The Return of Girls in Trouble
42. Jun 1997 C-3 Great Escapes
43. Jun 1997 CV-12 Scarf Captive
44. May 1997 KS-26 Nightmare in White
45. Mar 1997 BV-2 Return Engagement
46. Jan 1997 BV-1 Bondage for 5
47. May 1995 KS-1 At Rehearsal

Bondage Videos List 2 (Anton Videos: 7 videos) U

1. All Tied Up 5 [A-213] Allison gagged and blindfolded.
2. Bondage Beauties 5 [B-282] Martina (blonde) in leather blindfold.
3. Bound & Gagged 10 [B-386] Andrea blindfolded with neat scarf.
4. Deidra in Distress [X-168] Deidra tied, gagged and blindfolded.
5. Knocked Out 8 [K-304] Melanie blindfolded
6. Overpowered [O311] A Jack Banner video.
7. Sherry in Bondage 3 [X-159] Sherry tied, gagged and blindfolded.

Bondage Videos List 3 (B and D Pleasures / Bon Vue: 47 videos) U

1. Amanda's Initiation [# 3AJ]
2. Andrea's Fault [Classix, # 23B]
3. Body and Soul [# 5Z] Scarf blindfolds.
4. Bondage Academy - Dark Hall [# 9E]
5. Bondage Fantasies 4 [# 13M]
6. Bondage Fantasies 6 [#3 AD] Sindee Cox blindfolded.
7. Bondage Imagination Unlimited [# 4L]
8. Breaking Point [#WS 01]
9. Bungling Burglar
10. Captured and Trained Gia Regency blindfolded.
11. Dealing in Desire [# 4AH] Veronica blindfolded.
12. Disciples of Discipline [# 9J]
13. Dressed for Bondage [Home Maid]
14. The Exchange (?) [# 6M]
15. Fantasy Abduction [# 10K]
16. The Favor of a Whipmaster [# 2AY]
17. Fettered Femmes [Home Maid # 20M]
18. Fundgeon Classix [# 5AL]
19. The Imprisonment of Sheena [Home Maid #20U] Sheena blindfolded throughout.
20. Jay Dee's Bondage Notebook 2 [Home Maid]
21. Jennifer's Mistake [Home Maid #16W]
22. Kym Wilde Sessions [# 14R]
23. Kinky Crew Cruelty [# 2AB]
24. Lonely Road Abduction [# 3AS] Wendy Shapiro blindfolded.
25. The Luxury of Servitude [# 4H]
26. Major Submission 2 [# 4AG]
27. More Than You Bargained For [# M111]
28. Portraits of Pain [# 6N] Gema Talons blindfolded.
29. Restrained Relations
30. Savage Lessons 1 [#24H] Jewel Golden blindfolded.
31. Savage Lessons 2 [#24J] China Lee blindfolded.
32. Susan and Steve Vegas Bound for You [Home Maid]
33. Sweet Captivity [# 4AA]
34. The Taming of Kitty [# 7Y]
35. Tied Temptations 2 [#4AE] Barbara Meriam blindfolded.
36. Tormented Teaser [Home Maid, # 20R]
37. Total Punishment 2 [# 12H]
38. Waxed to the Max
39. Welcome to Bondage - Alana Patch
40. Welcome to Bondage - Ari (?) [# 16Q]
41. Welcome to Bondage - Crystal Wilder [# 18M]
42. Welcome to Bondage - Francesca Le (?) [# 16H]
43. Welcome to Bondage - Kelli & Sharp [# 17K]
44. Welcome to Bondage - Miyoshi [# 16X] Blindfolded ice-cube scene.
45. Welcome to Bondage - Nikki Shane [# 17T]
46. Welcome to Bondage - Paramour & Quinn [#]
47. Welcome to Bondage - Sami (?) [# 18T]

Bondage Videos List 4 (Bizarre: 17 videos) U

1. The Best of Tracey Adams A brunette blindfolded.
2. Bondage Chronicles
3. Bound by Betrayal Petra blindfolded.
4. Bound for Therapy
5. The Domination of Summer
6. Dresden Diaries 22 Chloe blindfolded.
7. Fetish FAQ 1: Bondage How To for Loving Couples
8. Journey into Pain Jilliana blindfolded.
9. Leather Bound Dykes from Hell
10. Leather Bound Dykes from Hell 13
11. Shayla's House of Bondage 1
12. Shayla's House of Bondage 2
13. Sorority House Slaves
14. Stalking of Slave Laura Laura Palmer blindfolded.
15. A Strict Affair: Lessons in Discipline and Obedience Flame in black leather
16. Submission of Valerie
17. A Weekend in Bondage

Bondage Videos List 5 (Bound Erotica: 6 videos) U

1. The Abduction
2. Call Boy
3. House Call
4. The Lavin Files
5. A New Scarf & Boundless in Seattle
6. Secretary's Day

Bondage Videos List 6 (California Star: 15 videos) U

1. Appollonia and Helena in Bondage (?) [CAL403]
2. Bondage by the Book [CAL813]
3. Bondage is my Pleasure 5 [CAL425]
4. Bondage Selections 8 [CAL311]
5. Bondage Selections 9 [CAL814]
6. The Bondage Teacher [CAL800]
7. Bondage Video #14 (Compilation) [CAL278]
8. Doctor Knott [CAL319]
9. Dream Master [CAL465]
10. Dream Slave [CAL467]
11. Dungeon Game #3: China Bound (?) [CAL472]
12. The Fun and Feather Club [CAL012]
13. Gagged and Bound [CAL483]
14. Showcase (?) [CAL573]
15. Special Roommate [CAL856]

Bondage Videos List 7 (Captive Video: 31 videos) U

1. 5+2
2. Barbra Stone
3. Cocks to Crack
4. Der Grose Perverhaus E-1
5. Die Sadofurstin
6. Domination Sur Fruits Verts
7. Dreams of Fetish 2
8. Eine Geile Behandlung
9. Exclusive SM 2
10. Faustfick
11. Fist Uro 1
12. Heavy Load
13. Hot and Happy in the Wee Shower
14. Hot Springs
15. HP&P - Lesbian Sado Games
16. Inavouables Perversions
17. Inside C*nt
18. Into the Realm of Kinks
19. Lesbian Pervers
20. Let the C*m Come
21. Masochistic Tendencies
22. Private Zuchtigung
23. Sado Mania 2
24. Schlingen Der Lust
25. Slave for Live 1
26. Stand up and Piddle
27. Submissive Geishas
28. Tagebuch Einer Domina
29. Tortured Bottom
30. Turbogeil
31. Wash and Go F**k

Bondage Videos List 8 (Close-Up Concepts: 22 videos) U

1. A Tightly Tied Package
2. Angel's Nude Fantasy Angel blindfolded.
3. Angella Gets Even
4. Blindfold Lena Ramon blindfolded.
5. Bondage Action A Bryan Davis video.
6. Bondage Date
7. Bondage Toy Tina Marie blindfolded.
8. Break-in Punishment
9. Busted
10. College Co-ed Captives & Interrogation Terror Victoria Lee blindfolded.
11. First Time Broken and The Lingerie Party
12. Harsh Critic & Model Victim Ariel Cole blindfolded.
13. Intruder Lorelei blindfolded.
14. Nude Abduction
15. Nude Captive in Bondage Tina Marie blindfolded.
16. Nude Suspension Tina Marie blindfolded.
17. Stolen Security Guard
18. The Pearl Necklace
19. Please Doesn't Work
20. Tight Restrictions A Bryan Davis video.
21. Tina's Bondage Dream Tina Marie blindfolded.
22. Weekend Slave

Bondage Videos List 9 (Devonshire Productions: 126 videos) U

1. May 2001 DP-221 Exotic Latex Bondage & Rubber Encasement 8
2. May 2001 LL-29 Ladies in Leather: Shannon
3. Apr 2001 DP-219 Whitney's Breast Bondage 2
4. Apr 2001 LL-28 Ladies in Leather: Cleo Nicholle
5. Mar 2001 DP-217 Never Before Bound: Shannon
6. Feb 2001 DP-213 Slavegirl's Plight
7. Feb 2001 DP-212 Cocoon 3
8. Jan 2001 DP-211 Darby: Take it or Like it
9. Jan 2001 DP-210 Dr. Knot's Nurse Academy 4
10. Jan 2001 LL-27 Ladies in Leather: Stacy Burke
11. Jan 2001 PV-5 Preview Video 5 (2000)
12. Dec 2000 DP-209 Corset Fetish 3: Anna & Simone
13. Dec 2000 DP-206 Brandy in Steel 4
14. Nov 2000 DP-205 Eden's Endless Bondage
15. Nov 2000 DP-204 The Masked Mistress 4
16. Nov 2000 DP-203 Simone's Fantasy Holiday Bondage Video
17. Nov 2000 LL-26 Ladies in Leather: Brandy 2
18. Oct 2000 DP-200 Secret Agent Conspiracy
19. Oct 2000 DP-199 Bondage Goddess
20. Sep 2000 DP-197 Tara & Tammy
21. Sep 2000 LL-25 Ladies in Leather: D'arby
22. Aug 2000 DP-192 Never Before Bound: Anna
23. Aug 2000 DP-190 Corset Fetish 2: Brandy and Simone
24. Aug 2000 DP-189 Gagged and Drooling 4
25. Jul 2000 DP-187 Isabella
26. Jul 2000 DP-186 Total Enclosure
27. Jun 2000 DP-183 The Domination of Scarlett
28. Jun 2000 DP-182 Never Before Bound: Blue-Jean Beauty Adajja
29. Jun 2000 DP-181 Simone's Self - Bondages 3
30. Jun 2000 DP-180 Exotic Latex Bondage & Rubber Encasement 6
31. May 2000 DP-179 Tara: Leather, Rope & Steel
32. May 2000 DP-178 No End in Sight
33. May 2000 LL-23 Ladies in Leather: Molly 2
34. Apr 2000 DP-176 Whitney: Bound and Clamped
35. Apr 2000 DP-175 The Mummification of Brandy 3
36. Apr 2000 DP-172 Sultra and the Loss of her Power Panties
37. Mar 2000 DP-171 Quite a Predicament
38. Mar 2000 DP-168 Sexy Corset Vignettes
39. Mar 2000 DP-167 Heavy Leather
40. Feb 2000 DP-164 Molly: Fetish and Leather Bondage
41. Feb 2000 DP-163 Exotic Latex Bondage & Rubber Encasement 5
42. Jan 2000 DP-162 Christine-Marie Dominates Whitney
43. Jan 2000 DP-160 Fetish Bondage 3
44. Jan 2000 LL-22 Ladies in Leather: Veronica
45. Jan 2000 PV-4 Preview Video 4 (1999)
46. Dec 1999 DP-158 Star's Ordeal
47. Dec 1999 DP-156 Straightjackets & Armbinders
48. Dec 1999 DP-155 Exotic Latex Bondages & Rubber Encasement 4
49. Nov 1999 DP-154 Stacia - Gothic & Zaftig
50. Nov 1999 DP-153 The Hooded Mistress & The Nipple Torment
51. Nov 1999 DP-151 A Novel Experience
52. Oct 1999 DP-150 Ravished
53. Oct 1999 DP-149 Brandy's Self Bondages
54. Oct 1999 DP-148 Captured Mistress
55. Sep 1999 DP-143 Brandy: Bound Barefoot
56. Sep 1999 DP-142 Exotic Fetish Bondages & Rubber Encasement 3
57. Aug 1999 DP-137 Secret Agent Simone
58. Jul 1999 DP-135 Sent for Training
59. Jul 1999 DP-133 Sexual Awakening
60. Jun 1999 DP-130 Gag Talk
61. Jun 1999 DP-124 Dr. Knot's Nurse Academy
62. Jun 1999 SS-9 Simone Speaks: Sensory Deprivation & Sensory Stimulation
63. May 1999 DP-120 Exotic Fetish Bondage & Rubber Encasement
64. Apr 1999 DP-116 Forced to Drool & Erotic Coupling 2
65. Mar 1999 DP-114 An Evil Mistress and her Struggling Submissive
66. Mar 1999 DP-112 Christine-Marie
67. Feb 1999 DP-110 Chelsea: Shackled and Steel Bound
68. Jan 1999 DP-104 Bondage Erotica 2
69. Jan 1999 PV-3 Preview Video 3 (1998)
70. Dec 1998 DP-102 The Mummification of Brandy 2
71. Dec 1998 DP-101 Three Tightly Laced Ladies
72. Nov 1998 DP-99 Sold into Slavery 2
73. Nov 1998 DP-98 The Subjugation of a Swedish Beauty
74. Nov 1998 DP-96 Hooded Ladies
75. Nov 1998 DP-95 Burglar Bound
76. Oct 1998 LL-21 Ladies in Leather: Molly
77. Oct 1998 SS-8 Simone Speaks: Fire and Ice
78. Sep 1998 DP-88 Single Sleeve Bondages
79. Sep 1998 DP-87 Erotic Fetish Bondage & Rubber Encasement
80. Aug 1998 DP-85 Sensual Torture
81. Aug 1998 DP-83 Brandy: Bound & Straining
82. Aug 1998 DP-82 White Leather
83. Jul 1998 DP-81 Bound and Licked
84. Jul 1998 DP-79 Tara: Toe Tied (?)
85. Jul 1998 SS-6 Simone Speaks: About Gags
86. Jun 1998 LL-18 Ladies in Leather: Melissa
87. May 1998 DP-72 Brandy in Steel
88. May 1998 DP-70 Gagged & Drooling 2
89. Apr 1998 DP-67 Tara Strains
90. Apr 1998 DP-66 Bondage Erotica
91. Apr 1998 LL-19 Ladies in Leather: Star
92. Apr 1998 SS-4 Simone Speaks: About Hoods
93. Mar 1998 DP-65 Sleek
94. Mar 1998 DP-64 Fetish Bondage
95. Mar 1998 DP-63 Raven's Return
96. Mar 1998 DP-62 The Mummification of Brandy
97. Mar 1998 LL-17 Ladies in Leather: Kelly O'Dell
98. Feb 1998 DP-61 Turned On
99. Jan 1998 DP-57 Brandy - Hooded
100. Jan 1998 DP-56 Chelsea!
101. Jan 1998 PV-2 Preview Video 2 (1997)
102. Dec 1997 DP-54 Brandy in Rope
103. Dec 1997 LL-15 Ladies in Leather: Chelsea
104. Nov 1997 DP-50 Cocoon 2
105. Nov 1997 DP-48 Bound Security Guard 2
106. Nov 1997 LL-14 Ladies in Leather: Brandy
107. Oct 1997 DP-46 Gagged & Drooling
108. Sep 1997 DP-42 Bound Security Guard
109. Jun 1997 DP-33 Hooded
110. May 1997 DP-32 Bondage Cocoon
111. May 1997 DP-30 Tara in Latex
112. Apr 1997 DP-27 Bound Intruder
113. Apr 1997 LL-9 Ladies in Leather: Sabrina
114. Mar 1997 DP-25 Christy
115. Feb 1997 LL-8 Ladies in Leather: Tara
116. Jan 1997 PV-1 Preview Video 1 (1995 & 1996)
117. Dec 1996 LC-4 Living Catalog Video 4 (?)
118. Nov 1996 DP-17 Simone's Self Bondages
119. Nov 1996 LL-7 Ladies in Leather: Tori Sinclair
120. Sep 1996 DP-11 Bondage Burglar Gets Tori Sinclair
121. Jun 1996 DP-12 Mummification & Encasement
122. Jun 1996 LC-3 Living Catalog Video 3 (?)
123. Apr 1996 LL-2 Ladies in Leather: Ariel Cole
124. Win 1995 LC-2 Living Catalog Video 2
125. Sep 1995 DP-1 My Lady in Leather - My Summer Vacation
126. Spr 1995 LC-1 Living Catalog Video 1

Bondage Videos List 10 (Dominic Wolfe: 11 videos) U

1. The B&G Inn [DW-2]
2. Bondage Models' Adventure [DWN-2]
3. Boyfriend and the Burglar [DWN-7] Taylor Michaels blindfolded.
4. Break-in at Suzanne's & Jenn's Tale [DWN-5]
5. Chloroformed Cuties [DW-1]
6. The Class Project [DWN-6]
7. Gabriella's Affair [DWN-9]
8. Kidnapped at Home [DWN-1]
9. Ransom [DW-5]
10. Sabrina - Housebound [DWN-4] Sabrina Mills blindfolded.
11. Uniform Beauties [DW-6]

Bondage Videos List 11 (Fetish Oasis: 13 videos) U

1. Open Bondage Auditions #1 Jan Sterling blindfolded.
2. Open Bondage Auditions #2 Darian Caine blindfolded.
3. Open Bondage Auditions #3 Victoria Vega blindfolded.
4. Open Bondage Auditions #4 Natalie Ashe blindfolded.
5. Open Bondage Auditions #5 Samantha Reed blindfolded.
6. Open Bondage Auditions #6 Danni Spivey blindfolded.
7. Open Bondage Auditions #7 Lorraine Forest blindfolded.
8. Open Bondage Auditions #8 A.J. Khan blindfolded.
9. Open Bondage Auditions #9 Charlie Aspen blindfolded.
10. Open Bondage Auditions #10 Katie Jordon blindfolded.
11. Sorority Sadists 1
12. Stalker 1 Katie Jordon blindfolded.
13. Violated

Bondage Videos List 12 (Galaxy Entertainment: 23 videos) U

1. Becky Bound [GE-128] Becky Blue blindfolded.
2. Blindfolded [GE-183] Jordan blindfolded throughout.
3. Bound & Helpless Heidi Ho blindfolded and initiated by Rick Savage.
4. Bound Asian Beauty [GE-246} Mei Ling blindfolded by Rick Savage.
5. Bound Playmates [GE-146] Angelica blindfolded.
6. Clipped Nipples [GE-249] Andrea blindfolded.
7. Co-ed in Bondage 2 [GE-248] Brittany blindfolded.
8. Executive Submission 2 [GE-247]
9. Extreme Tit Terror [GE-229] Akira blindfolded.
10. Galaxy of Pain [GE-202] Stephani blindfolded.
11. Hanging Torment 2 [GE-253] Katy blindfolded.
12. Jordan's Bondage Lesson 2 [GE-177] Jordan blindfolded.
13. Journey into Hellfire [GE-162] Sandrine blindfolded.
14. Over Forty in Serious Pain An older model blindfolded.
15. Pinned [GE-198] Camille blindfolded. If you like clothespins...
16. Playful Auditions [GE-184] Tiffany blindfolded.
17. Soaped up Slut [GE-218] Natalie blindfolded.
18. Soft and Severe Another Rick savage effort.
19. Steel Cage Bondage [GE-157] Eileen gagged and blindfolded.
20. Submissive Slut [GE-175] Eileen blindfolded.
21. Ticklish Situation Blindfolded shaved brunette in lingerie.
22. Tied and Tickled [GE-165] Auburn haired Caroline blindfolded.
23. Titanic Tit Terror 2 [GE-242] Rusty blindfolded.

Bondage Videos List 13 (Gotham Gold: 16 videos) U

1. Agony & Extasy
2. The Anna Malle Within
3. Black Masters: Restrained
4. Black Masters 2: Red Flesh A brunette blindfolded.
5. Blindfold
6. Extreme Guilt
7. Losing Control A blonde bound and blindfolded in leather mask.
8. Masters of Dominance
9. Mother Load 2 An older model blindfolded.
10. Rituals in Bondage Summer Cummings blindfolded.
11. Shannon's Secret Sessions Carly Sparks blindfolded and bound to St.
Andrew's cross.
12. Stephanie's Struggle in Bondage Stephanie Weaver bound, gagged and
13. Third Degree
14. Toe Tales 35 Ravon blindfolded.
15. The Violation of Marley Murphy
16. The Violator

Bondage Videos List 14 (Harmony Concepts: 98 videos) U

1. Apr 2001 FF-15 Blindfolded Beauty
2. Feb 2001 BD-69 Bianca and Cara in Bondage
3. Jan 2001 HC-43 The Inside Scoop and Other Tales
4. Jan 2001 IW-30 Mink Liberation Front
5. Nov 2000 HS-21 Secret Lady and the Bondage Brides 2
6. Nov 2000 OO-2 Fetish Burglar, Security Vixen & the Chair-Tie-O-Rama
7. Sep 2000 IW-26 Real Investigations
8. Jul 2000 GAL-28 Party Dresses & Pretty Undies
9. Jun 2000 BG-00A The 2000 Buyers Guide 1
10. May 2000 HR-11 Old Fashioned Photo Treasure
11. Apr 2000 IW-21 Scorpion Inc. 2 - The Union
12. Apr 2000 B-167 Love Bondage Interaction
13. Apr 2000 GAL-25 Seven Bound Beauties
14. Feb 2000 B-166 Introducing Corinna and Morgan
15. Feb 2000 B-165 Mrs. K.C. of England
16. Feb 2000 BAN-3 Tight Club
17. Feb 2000 DD-31 A Nasty Little Business
18. Jan 2000 SFC-9 The Enemies Club
19. Dec 1999 C-34 A Date with Deception
20. Dec 1999 IW-17 eCrimes
21. Nov 1999 C-33 Passed for Promotion
22. Oct 1999 GAL-21 Strict Elegance
23. Aug 1999 SDS-47 Bondage Burglar Gets Star Chandler Part Two: Live Bait
24. Jul 1999 SDS-40 Daphne's Dilemma
25. Jul 1999 SDS-39 The Bondage Burglar Gets Danielle
26. Jun 1999 BAN-2 The A-List
27. Jun 1999 PC-8 Andrea's Tough Day
28. Jun 1999 SKN-22 Nude Bondage Fantasies Fulfilled
29. Apr 1999 PC-6 Supertight
30. Apr 1999 SKN-18 Burglary and Bondage
31. Apr 1999 TKL-20 Return of the Phantom Tickler
32. Apr 1999 TKL-19 A Ticklish Proposition
33. Jan 1999 IW-7 Deal Gone Bad
34. Jan 1999 SKN-12 Teach Me, Please
35. Nov 1998 WD-34 The Return of Ewanatiia
36. Nov 1998 SDS-74 Star Chandler: Strict Arm Ties
37. Nov 1998 GB-31 Completely Helpless
38. Oct 1998 GB-30 The Housesitter
39. Oct 1998 PC-5 Intensity
40. Oct 1998 SDS-72 Intense Bondage
41. Sep 1998 PC-4 Visual Bondage
42. Aug 1998 PC-3 Mind Games
43. Jul 1998 MP-24 The Lady Behind the Mask
44. Jun 1998 SDS-69 The Interrogation
45. May 1998 SDS-68 Brandy: Inescapably Bound and Mummified
46. May 1998 DUOS-12 Ear-plugged
47. May 1998 KA-3 Kelly by Request
48. Apr 1998 C-23 He Liked Me Best
49. Apr 1998 GB-24 The Secret Disk Caper
50. Apr 1998 PC-6 Supertight
51. Feb 1998 DV-48 Brandy's Bondage Challenge
52. Jan 1998 HC-17 The School for Superheroines and Other Tales
53. Jan 1998 BD-62 Three Bound Beauties from Down-Under
54. Jan 1998 VB-12 The Surprise Party
55. Jan 1998 DV-47 Joy in Bondage
56. Jan 1998 SDS-65 Star Chandler - Tightly Bound
57. Dec 1997 TK-21 The Princess of Tickling
58. Dec 1997 BD-61 Australian Maid
59. Nov 1997 JE-50 The Driving Lesson
60. Nov 1997 CS-2 Tie Me, Tie You Two
61. Nov 1997 SDS-63 Daphne in Steel
62. Oct 1997 UC-16 The Mighty Duo Vs. Vice
63. Oct 1997 BD-59B Caught Snooping
64. Oct 1997 BD-60 The Wayward Ballet Instructor
65. Oct 1997 WD-28 The Lois Syndrome
66. Sep 1997 C-20 Bound for Timbuktu
67. Aug 1997 GB-16 Trussed up Eve
68. Jun 1997 SDS-58 The Mystery Bondagette
69. Feb 1997 SDS-54 Simone - Roped & Hooded
70. Oct 1996 SDS-50 Simone - Leather Bound & Hooded
71. Oct 1996 GB-6 Tight Treat
72. May 1996 DV-29 Beauty and the Bondager
73. Apr 1996 N-15 Bridal Shower Secrets
74. Dec 1995 DV-24 Mail Order Bride 4
75. Oct 1995 DV-22 Mail Order Bride 3
76. Oct 1995 QT-1 Games Love Bondagers Play
77. Jul 1995 DV-19 Mail Order Bride 2
78. Apr 1995 DV-16 Mail Order Bride 1
79. *** 1994 CE-1 Desire & Submission 1
80. Sep 1994 DV-9 Tied and Tamed
81. Mar 1994 DV-3 Add a Gag
82. Feb 1994 TH-13 Blindfolds
83. Feb 1993 SDS-7 Birthday Present for Mistress Stephanie
84. *** 1994 K1-15 A Pretty Package
85. Jan 1993 SDS-6 Ballgagged and Sponge-gagged
86. Sep 1992 SDS-3 The Favorite Models of Simone Devon
87. Feb 1991 N-12 The Wages of Conscience
88. ******* SLK-1 Title Unknown
89. ******* SLK-2 Title Unknown
90. ******* B-159 Silk Scarf Saleslady
91. ******* KI-9 Gag Play
92. ******* HR-6 Title Unknown
93. ******* V-2 Title Unknown
94. ******* HC-3 Bondage Rendezvous
95. ******* HVC-1 The Candidates are Tied
96. ******* ****** Obedient Sofia
97. ******* ****** Love Games
98. ******* ****** Forced Majority

Bondage Videos List 15 (HOM/Lyndon: 7 videos) U

1. Bondage Classics 2
2. Bondage Classics 4
3. Bondage Classics 5
4. Bondage Club 2 Ona blindfolded.
5. A Dominant Speaks (?)
6. Journey into Pain
7. Terror Night

Bondage Videos List 16 (HJP: 8 videos) U

1. Jean in Bondage 8 [HJP-jean8]
2. Jean in Bondage 7 [HJP-jean7]
3. Jean in Bondage 6 [HJP-jean6]
4. Jean in Bondage 5 [HJP-jean5]
5. Jean in Bondage 4 [HJP-jean4]
6. Jean in Bondage 3 [HJP-jean3]
7. Jean in Bondage 2 [HJP-jean2]
8. Jean in Bondage 1 [HJP-jean1]

Bondage Videos List 17 (Imago Studios: 50 videos) U

1. IS73 (You are) The Hero
2. IS71 Tape Bound Beauties
3. IS69 Detective Tales: Unsolved Cases
4. IS67 Pantyhose Bondage Bonanza
5. IS66 Kidnap Me - Tied & Taken - Detained Swimmer
6. IS65 Taken by Chance
7. IS64 Renter's Terror
8. IS63 Abducted Cheerleader - Tennis Rivals in Trouble - The Jogger
9. IS62 (You are) The Accomplice
10. IS60 Wrap Her Up (Mummification Tales)
11. IS58 Waylaid Waitresses - Detectives in Trouble
12. IS56 Megan's Abduction - The Prom Queen - Molly's Mishap
13. IS55 Pantyhose Bound Predicament
14. IS54 The Plumber's Revenge
15. IS52 Bound in Blue Jeans
16. IS51 Sorority Girls in a Bind - Relaxing at Home
17. IS50 A New Superheroine's First Adventure
18. IS45 Tied Tight Times 3
19. IS44 Kidnapped Co-ed 2
20. IS41 The Assistant - Window View
21. IS39 Junior Sleuth - Sibling Rivalry
22. IS38 The Case of the Captured Bikini Detectives
23. IS34 Meet the Neighbors - Girls' Night Out
24. IS33 The Fetish Model Search
25. IS32 Dream Therapy - Renter's Dilemma
26. IS29 Wayward Daughter - Roped Realtor
27. IS28 Ordeal by Accident - Tormented by Testimony
28. IS27 You are the Intruder
29. IS26 Tormenting Her Boss - The Hitchhiker
30. IS25 Home Security - Extra Credit
31. IS24 Intruders' Mistake - Nosy Neighbor
32. IS23 Attitude Adjustment
33. IS21 Beware of Neighbor
34. IS20 Nurses' Nightmare
35. IS19 Just a Dream? - Fender Bender
36. IS18 Treachery Exposed
37. IS17 Unwanted Intruder - Escape Artist Tryouts
38. IS15 Ring of Deception
39. IS12 Abducted for Revenge
40. IS11 Punished for Promotion
41. IS10 Little Box of Surprises
42. IS09 Captured Call Girl - Tied for Revenge
43. IS08 I Love to Shop
44. IS07 Roped Little Rich Girl
45. IS06 The Lease Agreement
46. IS05 Bound to Forfeit
47. IS04 Conversion to Perversion
48. IS03 Bound to Bitch
49. IS02 The Tied and Tormented House Cleaners
50. IS01 The Reluctant Bondage Model

Bondage Videos List 18 (Jamm Productions: 16 videos) U

1. Bondage Models 2 Rebecca hooded.
2. Bondage Models 3 Whitney Prescott blindfolded.
3. Bondage Models 4 Whitney Prescott blindfolded.
4. Bondage Models 6
5. Bondage Models 8
6. Bondage Models 9 Kylan blindfolded.
7. Bondage Pleasures Jennifer Brooks blindfolded.
8. Breaking Natasha's Will Suzie Medussa blindfolded.
9. Crystal's Bondage Dreams
10. Hard Bondage Mary Pinkerd blindfolded.
11. Jacklyn's Attitude Adjustment Jacklyn Palmer blindfolded.
12. Mistress Jacklyn's Bondage Jacklyn Palmer blindfolded.
13. Revenge Nikky blindfolded.
14. A Severe Bondage Fantasy Catalina L'Amore blindfolded.
15. She Knows Jacqueline blindfolded.
16. The Whitney Challenge Whitney Prescott blindfolded.

Bondage Videos List 19 (Japanese Bondage: 57 videos) U

1. Bushido 4
2. Bushido 5
3. Doma International 1
4. Japanese Bondage 205
5. Japanese Bondage 206
6. Japanese Bondage 210
7. Japanese Bondage 212
8. Japanese Bondage 213
9. Japanese Bondage 218
10. Japanese Bondage 221
11. Japanese Bondage 225
12. Japanese Bondage 230
13. Japanese Bondage 233
14. Japanese Bondage 236
15. Japanese Bondage 238
16. Japanese Bondage 239 (?)
17. Japanese Bondage 242
18. Japanese Bondage 246
19. Japanese Bondage 247
20. Japanese Bondage 249
21. Japanese Bondage 250
22. Japanese Bondage 251
23. Japanese Bondage 254
24. Japanese Bondage 256
25. Japanese Bondage 258
26. Japanese Bondage 315
27. Japanese Bondage 322
28. Japanese Bondage 326
29. Japanese Bondage 334
30. Japanese Bondage 338
31. Japanese Bondage 340
32. Japanese Bondage 343
33. Japanese Bondage 344
34. Japanese Bondage 346
35. Japanese Bondage 349
36. Japanese Bondage 350
37. Japanese Bondage 353
38. Japanese Bondage 356
39. Japanese Bondage 362
40. Japanese Bondage 364
41. Japanese Bondage 365
42. Japanese Bondage 367
43. Japanese Bondage 368
44. Japanese Bondage 370
45. Japanese Bondage 373
46. Japanese Bondage 382
47. Japanese Bondage 384
48. Japanese Bondage 387
49. Japanese Bondage 391
50. Japanese Bondage 393
51. Japanese Bondage 394
52. Japanese Bondage 395
53. Japanese Bondage 397
54. Japanese Bondage 399
55. Japanese Bondage 402
56. Japanese Bondage 407
57. Japanese Bondage 409

Bondage Videos List 20 (Jay Edwards: 16 videos) U

1. JE-54 Ladies Night
2. JE-45 Claudia's Private Session
3. JE-43 Whitney & the Sneaky Salesman
4. JE-42 Buxom & Ballgagged
5. JE-33 Holiday Bondage Bonanza 3
6. JE-31 The Prince of Ties
7. JE-27 Three Faces of Bondage
8. JE-26 Roommates in Rope
9. JE-25 Holiday Bondage Bonanza 2
10. JEV-3 Christine's Concession
11. JEV-4 The Tease
12. JEV 10 Odd Job + Two
13. JN-1 Nudes in Lace
14. JN-2 Nude Trio
15. JN-3 Lingerie and Less
16. JN-4 Nude Bondage Weekend

Bondage Videos List 21 (Knotty Silk Scarf Productions: 21 videos) U

1. Abduction for Profit [KSSP-16]
2. A Case of Ransom [KSSP-2]
3. Binding Pantyhose 2 [KSSP-29]
4. Binding Pantyhose 3 [KSSP-32]
5. Bound for the Highest Bidder [KSSP-33]
6. Catfight for Survival [KSSPCF-1]
7. Country Bound [KSSP-28]
8. The Double-Cross [KSSP-14]
9. Gag Her [KSSP-Comp 1] A compilation of the first ten videos.
10. Help! [KSSP-26]
11. Insurance Bind [KSSP E-1]
12. Insurance Bind 2 [KSSP E-4]
13. The Lottery Ticket [KSSP-5]
14. Maid to be Tied [KSSP E-3]
15. Nurse Nikki Gets the Treatment [KSSP-27]
16. Restraining Order [KSSP-24]
17. Silenced Ladies [KSSP-13]
18. Silenced Ladies 2 [KSSP-15]
19. Silenced Naked Ladies [KSSP E-2]
20. Smoked Out [KSSP-10] Short sequence.
21. The Will [KSSP-3]

Bondage Videos List 22 (London Video: 7 videos) U

1. The Ambassador File
2. The Booth Model blindfolded and bound in a chair.
3. Boss Bitch in Bondage
4. Captive in Sumanka
5. Disciplined Daughter
6. Double Cross (?)
7. Entrenched in Pain

Bondage Videos List 23 (Leather & Lace: 5 videos) U

1. Blindfolded and Spanked [LLB-03]
2. Bound for Discipline [LLB-02]
3. Cuffed [LL-27]
4. Maid to Order [LL-155]
5. Maid to Serve [LLB-01]

Bondage Videos List 24 (Outlaw Productions: 6 videos) U

1. Big Boy's Toys
2. Bondage Biography of Ashley Renee Hooded.
3. Cheerleader Bondage Hell More than one blindfold sequence.
4. Hell to Pay
5. Over the Knee
6. Succulent Toes

Bondage Videos List 25 (Pain: 9 videos) U

1. Pain 3
2. Pain 13 (Compilation - Scene from Pain 3)
3. Pain 24
4. Pain 26
5. Pain 28
6. Pain 36
7. Pain 40 (Compilation - Scene from Pain 36)
8. Pain 41
9. Pain 57

Bondage Videos List 26 (Redboard: 11 videos) U

1. Duck Dumont's Uncut 1 [U.1] Very intense S&M video with Kym Wilde
blindfolding Missy with a torn blue cloth. This 1998 video won an AVN award in
2. Kym Wilde's On the Edge 12 [W.12] Alicia Rio blindfolded.
3. Kym Wilde's On the Edge 17 [W.17] Kym Wilde blindfolded.
4. Kym Wilde's On the Edge 31 [W.31] Ashley Renee hooded.
5. Kym Wilde's On the Edge 38 [W.38] Jennifer Cory (?) blindfolded.
6. Kym Wilde's On the Edge 44 [W.44]
7. Kym Wilde's On the Edge 50 (?) [W.50] Latex hood.
8. Sorority Initiation
9. Torment 1 [T.1] Neat blue scarf blindfold.
10. Torment 2 [T.2] Neat black leather mask.
11. Torment 9 [T.9] Neat black leather mask.

Bondage Videos List 27 (Slave Labor Productions: 12 videos) U

1. Bondage for Two [Knotty Boy, KB-02]
2. Britney's Pantyhose Bondage [Angelic, AP-03]
3. Fit to be Taken Hostage [Masterton, MM-1] Lara blindfolded.
4. Heroes and Villains [Knight, DK-3]
5. Insex 1: The Taming of Paige [IX-1] Paige blindfolded.
6. Occupational Hazards Volume One [Masterton, MM-3]
7. More Pantyhose Bondage [Angelic, AP-04]
8. The Rape of Samantha Sweet [EM1]
9. The Raping of Tina [Evil Master]
10. Together in Bondage & Captured Cutie [AP1]
11. Twice as Nice [Carson, PC1]
12. A Vile Trade [Masterton, MM-2] Lara blindfolded.

Bondage Videos List 28 (Slavesex: 7 videos) U

1. Slavesex 32
2. Slavesex 39
3. Slavesex 40 (Compilation - Scene from Slavesex 32)
4. Slavesex 46
5. Slavesex 49
6. Slavesex 56
7. Slavesex 61

Bondage Videos List 29 (Spunky Spur: 5 videos) U

1. Forced to Lactate 3 (?)
2. Pregnant Bondage 3 (?)
3. Sally Roberts Review 3
4. Skye & Summer's Bondage Party 1
5. Skye & Summer's Bondage Party 2

Bondage Videos List 30 (Sublie M: 9 videos) U

1. Sublie M - A Painful Lesson
2. Sublie M - Hard Slavegirl
3. Sublie M - Master Ted in Charge
4. Sublie M - Pain Mistress
5. Sublie M - Slavegirl Correction
6. Sublie M - Slaves Trial
7. Sublie M - SM Extreme
8. Sublie M - SM Slave Girl
9. Sublie M - Trailer #7

Bondage Videos List 31 (Sunshine: 8 videos) U

1. SV 4 - Hangeparty
2. SV12 - Engl. Disziplin
3. SV13 - Bondage
4. SV15 - Clipped Apart Exposed & Whipped
5. SV21 - Peitschenlady
6. SV24 - Folterstunde 1
7. SV27 - Folterstunde 2 - Evi & Kirsten (?)
8. I was an Undercover Slave

Bondage Videos List 32 (SweetTies: 5 videos) U

1. Bondage Games [SweetTies, ST01] Sheena Sands blindfolded.
2. Escape Challenges [SweetTies, ST11] Sheena blindfolded.
3. Military SweetTies - Special Forces [SweetTies, ST03] Sheena & Sara
4. SweetTies University [SweetTies, ST04] Sheena blindfolded.
5. Tape Tied [SweetTies, ST05] Sheena tape blindfolded.

Bondage Videos List 33(Tag Video: 5 videos) U

1. Tag 72 - Zara
2. Tag 69 - Kathy
3. Tag 54 Geena
4. Tag 37 - Sue
5. Tag 7 - Anna

Bondage Videos List 34 (Totally Nude Adult Videos: 8 videos) U

1. Asia - The Payback [TNAV#4]
2. Gabriella's Training 1 [TNAV#14]
3. Gabriella's Training 2 [TNAV#15]
4. Madison Bound [TNAV#13]
5. Maura Abused [TNAV#9]
6. Suzi Inside [TNAV#11]
7. Suzi in the Dungeon [TNAV#12]
8. Suzi Kidnapped [TNAV#10]

Bondage Videos List 35 (Videoplexus: 5 videos) U

1. Buyer's Guide 2 [BG 2] Preview tape.
2. Caught and Chloroformed 2 [VP 114] Gloria Reyes blindfolded.
3. Kelly Ashton: Candid Bondage [VP 112]
4. Severe Ties [ST-1]
5. Severe Ties 2 [ST-2] Kelly Ashton blindfolded.

Bondage Videos List 36 (Whet/Quell Productions: 11 videos) U

1. Feb 2001 WQP-14 Seven Bondages of Flora Dare
2. Nov 2000 WQP-13 Lydia 3
3. Aug 2000 WQP-11 Lydia 1
4. Apr 2000 WQP-09 Dawn Upright - Fit to be Tied 4
5. Mar 2000 WQP-08 Freida Bond 1
6. Feb 2000 WQP-07 Slaves to Fashion
7. Jan 2000 WQP-06 Bizarre Party
8. Dec 1999 WQP-04 Girl Talk
9. Dec 1999 WQP-03 Dawn Upright - Fit to be Tied 1, 2, &3
10. Dec 1999 WQP-02 Clever & Elaborate Bondages of Angelica Watchovia 1
11. Dec 1999 WQP-01 Passions

Bondage Videos List 37 (ZFX: 9 videos) U

1. Blunt Trauma 1
2. Blunt Trauma 3 - Whiteslave
3. Gangland 2 - Mob Rules
4. Nastiest Bound Babes
5. South of the Border
6. Surgical Strike
7. The Plant
8. Trojan Horse
9. War Pigs Chandra Sweet *s as an American pilot bound, gagged and blindfolded
for interrogation and torture.

Bondage Videos List 38 (Miscellaneous - B&D, S&M, or BDSM: 106 videos) U

1. The Abduction of Jasmine [Counter Culture Video]

2. The Adventures of Gem 2 [Derek Barker, DBVD0019]

3. Amazons Tie and Tickle Sadie & Lolita [Queen Adrena]

4. The Art of Bondage 1 [1998, M. Zabel Productions]

5. The Art of Bondage 2 [M. Zabel Productions]

6. The Art of Bondage 3 [M. Zabel Productions]

7. The Art of Bondage 4 (?) [M. Zabel Productions]

8. Bambi's Abduction Excursion [EE3, Erotic Excursions]

9. Big, Natural and Bound [Noose Video] Rusty Rhodes blindfolded.

10. Blinded by Love A custom blindfold video featuring Alex Chareese.

11. Blue Denim [Shadow Lane] Chelsea Pfieffer spanked.

12. Bondage Dance [Bound and Delivered, MMV-03, Masterton]

13. Bondage Gear An Asian video.

14. Bondage is our Pleasure Featuring Artemis Antone and Michael Keye.

15. Bondage Nightmare 3 An Asian video.

16. Bondage Nurse An Asian video.

17. Bondage Pleasures [Gentlemens Videos]

18. Bondage World An Asian video.

19. Bound, Blindfolded and Spanked [Delta-Zee Video # 5]

20. Candy Wrapped [Lex Paris Videos, LIP-1]

21. Captured Innocence [DKA01, Feb 2000] Tyler Scot in white cloth blindfold.

22. Carjacked [Lex Paris Videos, LIP-14] Sebrina Mills blindfolded.

23. Cherry Cheeks 9: Buns of Squeal [Diamond International] Eve Ellis & Andrea

24. The Convict [Tao Productions]

25. Cuff Love: Body Rituals 6 [Zane Entertainment] Tall busty brunette in
garter belt blindfolded and waxed.

26. C*m Again [A&B Video, Vol. 618]

27. Dakota Marquis Signature Series [Shortfuse Productions]

28. Darla's Gift [FM Concepts, FJ-11, Jul 1999]

29. A Day in the Dungeon [Noose Video]

30. Debutante Training U [Great Pictures] Model blindfolded for spanking.

31. Dressed for Distress [FM Concepts]

32. Erotic Bondage [Ona Zee]

33. Fangs of Steel 3 [Centurian]

34. The Fear Zone

35. Forced Entry (Jun 1998) Jackilyn Cross & Lisa Kincaid blindfolded.

36. Forced Orgasms [MJX-4, MJX Videos]

37. For the Hell of it A Bruce Seven video.

38. Gallery of Pain

39. A Gift for Pain [Vid-Tech Films] Nikki Steele (blonde) blindfolded

40. Girl in Submission [A&B Video, Vol. 630]

41. Grabbed & Gagged [Bindher Productions]

42. Graphic Scenes #9 [Dreamland Bondage] A Bruce Seven video.

43. Graphic Scenes #15 [Plum] A Bruce Seven video.

44. Graphic Scenes #16 [Plum] A Bruce Seven video.

45. Gwendolyn in the Hands of Sir D'Arcy [Bianca, Videos by Max]

46. Holly (?) [Derek Barker, DBVD0001]

47. Hopalong Chastity [Lex Paris Videos]

48. The House of Dark Dreams Part II [Great Pictures] Blonde in high heels,
blindfolded, bound and gagged, gets spanked.

49. Inbondage [IS01-12]

50. Inmate's Revenge [Dreamland Bondage]

51. The Intruder's Invasion [Vid-Tech, BD186] Wendy Shapiro blindfolded.

52. Invasion (?) [Bindher Productions]

53. Ivy Manor: The Beginning [Gwen Media]

54. Ivy Manor 2: Jennifer's Initiation [Gwen Media]

55. Ivy Manor 3: Tropical Submission [Gwen Media]

56. Jessica's Daydream [Nero's Rope]

57. Joey's Strange Intense Sh*t: The Movie [1999, LBO] Juliette kidnapped,
bound, gagged and blindfolded and thrown into a car trunk.

58. Keegan Kaptured [Counter Culture Video]

59. Keegan Kaptured Again [Counter Culture Video]

60. The Keys Please [Tao Productions]

61. Kidnapped in Kostume [Bound and Delivered, MM-4, Masterton] Hanka

62. L A Bound [Lex Paris Videos, LIP-15] Nichole Sheridan blindfolded.

63. Laced and Lashed (?) [LBO]

64. Learning the Ropes 5 [Ona Zee]

65. Lioness Tamed Again [MJX-5, MJX Videos]

66. Little Dee's Training [Dom Videos] A brunette blindfolded.

67. A Loving Bind [TTV]

68. Lydia's Web (?)

69. Man Handled [Extreme Associates]

70. Masked for Bondage [Starmaker]

71. Master of Masters [Select Entertainment]

72. Over the Borderline 2 [Starmaker] Summer Cummings blindfolded.

73. Pain in Full [Gentlemens Videos]

74. Pain is the Price (?) [LBO]

75. Painless Steel 3 [Centurian]

76. Pantyhose Dancers [JB Videos] Sky blindfolds and whips Summer.

77. Part Time [Gwen Media]

78. Playboy's Best Kept Sex Secrets [2000, Playboy Entertainment Group] Not a
bondage video but this one features some blindfold games.

79. Playboy's Strip Search Backstage [2001, Playboy Entertainment Group] The
cast of this video includes Alisha Klass, Cheyenne Silver, Dita Von Teese, etc.
The action takes place in a strip club where Dita von Teese plays a Dom who
handcuffs her slave to a pole and then blindfolds her and ties her neatly with

80. Pony Girl Submission [1999, Magic Pony Productions]

81. Princess of Pain [1996, LBO Entertainment] Ivy English and Alexis Payne in
blindfold scene.

82. Pyjama Fantasies [Black Rose Videos]

83. Restrained by Desire [1994, Twist Productions, TP-010] A very erotic,
high-quality, girl-girl, B&D movie without explicit sex. Directed by Ernest
Greene (*ing Shayla LaVeaux, Chasey Laine, Kaylan Nicole and Sharon Kane).
Kaylan is blindfolded with thing that looks like earmuffs!

84. Rhiannon 'Roughs' it [TP-1, Tim Patterson Video]

85. The Rope Hunter An Asian video.

86. Savage Treatment [1999, Dungeon Video] Anastasia blindfolded by Rick

87. Slope on a Rope [1999, Totally Tasteless Video]

88. Spandex Disco Queens in Bondage [Phil Carson]

89. Sparxx Fly

90. Story of O Videos Ten videos apparently depicting the book accurately. O
is blindfolded to be taken to Roissy in the first volume.

91. The Struggle 4 [Vid-Tech]

92. Submission in Hellfire [1999, Noose Video] Blondie blindfolded, stocked
and oiled.

93. Surveillance

94. Suspended Submissives - Kylie Samone [EE10, Erotic Excursions]

95. Tickled to the Limit [FM Concepts, FC-113, Oct 1999]

96. Todd & His Slave

97. To Test a Witch [Dorothy Laine Productions, DLP-02]

98. Twisted Jacky Jacky Rose blindfolded.

99. Twisted Ties [Bindher Productions]

100. Unrestrained Passion [DR Productions/Masterton, MMV-006] Kathleen
blindfolded with scarf in one sequence, pantyhose in another.

101. Vampire Trilogy 1 (?) [Dreamland]

102. Vanessa [Derek Barker, DBVD0016] Blonde gagged and blindfolded with white

103. Victim of Punishment [Vid-Tech]

104. The Wager [Tao Productions]

105. Whip Therapy

106. You Know Too Much [FM Concepts]

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