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Favourite Web Sites

The following sites have all been created by my very talented daughter Amanda.
The Wheel of Time
The Beatles Yellow Submarine Page
George Harrison Shrine
Dedicated to the late John Lennon

I have a friend who A friend of mine has recently been published. Check out his website promoting his new book!
Four Wheel Drive Survival Guide

Warrnambool is one of my favourite places to visit. A friend of mine lives there and he is very involved in his hometown. Take a look at David's community page!
Kalmund's Comment

Another Australian friend of mine has his family's homepage located here. The Mittens' are wonderful hosts, and Gail is an incredible cook but I am still waiting for my dinner of yabbies! !
The Mitten's Homepage

Wolf was one of the first people I met "online" back in September 1995. It is ironic that I've been to Aussie twice and still haven't met him in person. Some day I will I and promise I'll take a large foam bat to hit him with!
The Australian Wolf's Lair

Do you have an extra million dollars just hanging around? If you do, give my friend Ken a phone call. I'm sure he has a wonderful investment property that would interest you. Ken deals in commercial real estate all across Ontairo.
Central Commercial Real Estate

This man writes the most wonderful short stories and poems. I have printed several of his tales and I love to curl up with a cup of tea and spend the evening reading. I encourage everyone to take a look at this web site. Australian Bush Culture

Do you own a retail business and feel stressed out by low sales? Maybe it is your staff!! Personally I am tired of sales clerks who are rude and just take your money. This firm will train your staff, and as a result, increase your sales! Reduce your stress --- Give my friend John a call! Sales Train

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