I = K + Mr + Ic

DISCLAIMER - Before we get started into a discussion of this formula please note that this is not a professional scientist's thesis or viewpoint, it is strictly a laymen's observations on intelligence and thinking. Please feel free to agree or disagree with what's presented, but try not to take it so seriously that you are unable to enjoy a thought provoking idea, summation, or hypothesis. If this in anyway duplicates any scientific research or thesis, it is mearly coincidence...

I = K + Mr + Ic.... What is it?

(Intelligence = Knowledge + Memory recall + Intuitive cognition)

What does I = K + Mr + Ic mean?

Simply stated it means that intelligence is relative to the amount of knowledge we possess, our ability to recall the knowledge on demand, and to what degree of intuitive cognition is available to analyze a given situation. That simple.

Intelligence has many definitions, it seems everyone can define it a little differently. In researching this subject it was found everyone interested in the subject has, but with many similarities.

To understand what intelligence "is" we must look at the components that comprise this enigma. In the above formula the first component is K or Knowledge. Knowledge are the things we know, like facts or concepts. This component is the one every human has the single most control over when it comes to boosting their intelligence. The more a person knows about something, the smarter they will be on a given subject. That is as long as memory recall is suffiently working. Therefore, the more one becomes saturated on subjects that are interrelatable with the forces acting upon their environment, the smarter they will become. The do not necessarily become more intelligent.

A person can be smart and at the same time not be intelligent. Smart is the ability to know facts or concepts and recall them from memory. To put it into a formula format:

S = K + Mr

The second component is Mr or Memory recall. This is an ability to access knowledge at will or on demand. This component can also be controlled and influenced by each individual. The brain, as part of our bodies, must be nurtured and exercised if it is to work properly. Memory recall is the key to being smart or intelligent. You can't be either without having this ability.

The third component is Ic or Intuitive cognition. This is assimilating K and Mr into spontaneously perceiving or interpreting solutions for simple or complex problems. This component is to a very small degree controllable by a person. Again, how we treat our bodies and brain, and the environment that they exist influences each of the three components in the formula.

Outside factors exerting the greatest positive or negative forces upon intelligence are environmental and physiological factors. These factors could be such, as to be rich or poor or healthy or sick and the list could probably go on and on. Most of negatives factors can be overcome or compensated for, it is just a matter of having a desire to achieve a better state of being.

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