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Discrimination Against LPC's & LMFT's

Music with your surfing

THERAPIST ISSUES / RESOURCES (once re-organized)

Private Practice Issues

MAMA (mothers against munchausen allegations)

CPT Codes      Cyber Counseling: ACA Document

Sexual Attraction to Clients       Rape Info

Wounded Healer           Compassion Fatigue

Outpatient Committment

Emergency Order of Detention (TX)

Assmt. & Eval       Assn.of Test Pubs.

Buros Institute       Buros/ERIC Search

ERIC Clearinghouse       MH Net: Assmt

Search Assmt.       Search Test Reviews

Ring of Tests       Tests       Need a Publisher?

Kiersey Temperament Sorter       Questionnaires

Tests, Tests, Tests       Test Junkie

Rorschach       Emotional Intelligence

BDI Downloads       DID Interview

Tim Leary Personality Test       Index to Tests

Electronic Therapist       Live Counseling Events

Counselors' Mall       Counselor Connection

Flexible Practice       Therapy Eval. (Anti-Therapy Site)

CEU's Online / with audio Online Training

Virtual Lecture Hall (CEU's)

Govt grants (subst abuse) Psych. Economics

Forensic Psych       Counseling Topics

Legal & Ethical Issues in MFT

More Legal & Ethical Issues in MFT

Eth. Issues in MFT with a Chron. Ill Member

Legal: Keeping Records

DSM       DSM Codes

Mental Disorder Descriptions

      Merck Manual

Sample SAT Test

Licensure Reciprocity CA Psych. Regs

MH Chat Calendar Psych Chat (9:00-12:00 CST)

International Counselors' Network (listserve)

PsycheMatters       At

Psych & Christianity      

Spirituality in Counseling       Spirituality in Counseling, II

Religious Issues

Radical PsychNet       Rad Psych Links

Links Critical of Psych.

Licensure Test Review (fee)       Psychiatry Boards

ACA On-Line Seminars

Exam for Practice of Psych. List

New Age Psych Chat       Reporting Pedophiles

Empowering Disability       Psych Answers

MH Facts       Forensic Psychiatry

Psych. Software Disorders

APA Style Helpers:
Click here: Twelve Common Errors

To order templates:
(reference point page)       (Hillysun Software)
For citation info:
Citations       Citations II       Citations III

Question/Answer sites with Style Info:
APA       Psychcrawler       Electric Library

Others for APA Style:
Formatting       CSU       UWSP

APA Style

Univ's & Scholarships

Sharing       Shrinks OnLine

Planet       Capella U. (CEU)

LifeScape Pro (Research / Jobs)

Research, Jobs       More Research, Jobs

Testing Resource       Assessment Tool

Virtual Office Setup       Int'l Society for MH OnLine

Behavior Change Workbook       Behavior Change Methods

GENERAL REFERENCES (once re-organized)

Merk Manual

Social Work References

Bartleby References

Dictionary of Medical Terms       RefDesk -- Universal Reference

Webtools References       Iwon directory

Reference Sources (excite)       Encyclopaedia Brittanica / Miriam-Webster Dictionary / Thesaurus

454 Dictionaries       Infoplease Encyclopedia

Encarta Encyclopedia       Misc. Encyclopedias

Voycabulary (Defines any word on a web page)

Quote Finder (Finds source of a quote)       Encyclopedias OnLine

Encarta Encyc.       Brittanica through Newsweek

Encyclopedia Brittanica (free)

RefDesk (find anything)           The Electric Library

Columbia Encyclopedia: Behaviorism       Encyclopedia of Psych.

Internet Encyclop. of Philosophy

Acronym Finder       MH Dictionary

MH Dictionary II       MH Dictionary III

Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind

Glossary of MH Terms Merriam Medical Dictionary

'Nuther Medical Dictionary Science & Med. Dictionaries

Lotsa Dictionaries

Barnes & Noble Book Search     MH Bookstore

Used Book Dealers       Out of Print Books

Spree Book Search     Amazon Book Search     Fatbrain Book Search

ACA Bookstore           Books On Line

Books-A-Million Search

Electric Library Publication Search       Bibliofind

Medical Bookstore (Medscape)      Library of Congress


NY Book Review       UK Book Review

Psych. Books       Brief Therapy Bookstore

MIT Cognative Psych. Encyclopedia

Dissertation Abstracts (fee)

Research Resources U. N. Ill.

Geocities Mental Health Page

Workshops & Conferences       Ideal (journals on-line)

15,000 Free Books On-Line

LINK COLLECTIONS (once re-organized)

Sage Times Magazine       NAMP Links

CalState Library           MH Matters

MedWeb Plus       About Mental Health

Univ. Adelaide, Aus. Library       Medline Plus

HealthFinder       Yahoo MH (2,000 links)

MH Resources (U. Pittsb.)       SciCentral

Links (Canad. Psyciat. Assn.)       Yale Med Library Links

PsyLinks       PsyWeb Archive

Realtime links       U Chicago MH Links

MedWeb MH       Practice Guidelines

Psych Central       Psych Resources

Depression Biomyths       Trauma Links

Infoseek MH List       3400 Journals (general/loads slow)

15 Therapy Sites       11 Psych Topics / 60 Sites

Several MH Link Collections

Even More MH Links       Knowledge Exchange Network

WebPsych Partnership       MHM Directory

1,000 Psych. Journals Online       MHM Directory

PubMed Journal Browser       Journal Search Engine

Opal Online Journals (search engine)

Psylink MH Chase Links

Psych. Journals (fee) Social Science Journals (Yahoo)

Several Journals (MH Source)

More MH Links       Still More MH Links

Links, Links, Links       Freenet Links

Stanford Links       Cyber-Psych

Jon's MH Links

Dyna Psych       The Order: Links

Web PsychClub--Psych       Web PsychClub -- MH

Queendom Psych Club      Sleep Disorders Ring

Whole Brain Atlas             Brain Research Tools

MH Humor       HerrDoktor MH Humor

Medscape MH(regst. req.)       PubMed

Online MH -- 350 Sites 250 Treatment Links

Participate in Research Power Psych

School Psychology Resources

Medsc. Clinical Psychiatry News (regst. req.)

Brad's Links (lots)       Kevin's Links (just a few)

MH Matters List       Psych Data Bases

Mental Health News & 6500 Psych. Links

CyberPsych Links

Perspectives MH magazine       Encounter Groups

Behavior Net     Mental Health Net Update

PsychWeb       Zen Psychology

Iowa U. List Wisconsin U. List

Medmark Emery U. List

Karolinska Institute List       APA Megalist

London P. Institute List       London IoP Search Engines

U. Mich. List       U. Duesseldorf List (English & Ger.)

Anxiety Ring       Panic Disorder

Bipolar Ring       Human Mind Ring

Beyond Madness Ring       Mental Health Chase

Psychoanalytic Chat (multi-lingual)
Psychoanalytic Chat Software
(Our ICQ number (called UIN) is : 3509613)


Iowa U. List Wisconsin U. List

Medmark Emery U. List

Karolinska Institute List APA Megalist

London P. Institute List London IoP Search Engines

U. Mich. List U. Duesseldorf List (English & Ger.)

AHN Mental Health Links


Here is my final list of passwords to online journals. Now you can do some good research on medical topics without having to go to the library! Have fun. Journal of the American Medical Association name: password: eps New England Journal of Medicine name: NYU password: NEJM MDConsult name: nadirco password: nadir American Journal of Psychiatry User name: mahidol Password: allmalib Journal of Clinical Psychiatry Username: Password: 26650 Current Opinion in Psychiatry Userid: SHCN1 Password: LIBRARY Medscape Mental Health html

username: seb2000 password: proper

Alcohol and Alcoholism login: miami password: Pollydil

Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice login: miami password: Pollydil

Applied Neuropsychology

username: seb2000 password: proper Brain username: medicine1 password: kkproper Schizophrenia Bulletin

username: seb2000 password: proper

Arch. Gen Psychiat. AMA-Rel. Journals

APS Journals           U. of Bath Info. Svc.

Several Journals in One: Medscape Journal Scan

British Journal of Psychiatry       APA Monitor

U. Adelaide, Aus. Journals       U Chicago Psychiatry

Journal Scan     Journal Scan (alternate entry)

Senses       Psychology Today

Career Counseling       Behavioral Health News

Counseling Today Online       ACA News Archives

Subscribe to ACA News (e-mail)

Neuroscience Papers Neuroscience Journal

Neurology Online

World Counseling Network       COUNSGRADS

Nl. Assn. for Cogn. & Beh. Therapy

America's Health MH       Journal Links (PsycheMatters)

Mental Health Alert (eMail)       Harvard MH Newsletter

J. Assn. Developmental Aging       Why Files

Prevention & Treatment       APA Monitor

MH Links: Prof. organizations & more       Am. Health News (MH)       Sociology Journals

      Internet Scout       Psychlink

600 MH Links       Nat'l Inst. of Mental Health

MH Scout       Spanish Language Therapy

Practical Parenting       Free Online Med. Journals


Beck's Links (Prof. Org's.)       Amer. Psychiatric Assn.

List of MH Associations       Am. Psychological Society

      NY MPD Assn

Am. Psych. SOCIETY

Am. Academy of Child & Adolesc. Psychiatry

Canadian Psych. Assn.

Institute of Psych, Russian Acad. of Sc.

Nl Alliance for the Mentally Ill (financed by drug co.'s)

SEARCH ENGINES (once re-organized)

PubMed Search Engine

NetPsych         Medline Search Tool   

Am. Health News       PsychINFO Search Engine

Pseudoscience in Psych Search Engine       MH Infosource

Internet Virtual Library (social science)

Social Psy. Links       Psychnet-UK

Internet Virtual Lib. (psych.)

Psychcrawler search tool       ERIC & UnCover

MH Search Engine (cmhc)      

TYPES OF THERAPY (once re-organized )


Guidelines of Practice (U. Frisco)

Suicide Prevention       Light Therapy

Family Violence       Batterers: Duluth Model

APA & Reparative Gay Therapy       Sports Psych.

Feminist Therapy       FemTherapy II

Gestalt Archive, Links, Institutes       Survivors Art

ITAA (transactional analysis)       Psychodrama

Behavioral Analysis       NLP       NLP Comprehensive

Swedish Research Project       Shamanism & Therapy

Psychiatric Assault       Human Rights in Psychiatry

Hypnosis & Psychotherapy       Altered States

Hypnosis Magazine       Hypnosis Chat

U.K. Degrees in Hypnosis. Write: Mail or Mail 2

remembering to send your name and address.

Hypnosis HQ

PsychInnovations       Psych. & Evolution

Parapsychology MH diagnosis (Dutch & English)

Mental Health Search NetPsych

AAMFT (Am.Assoc.Marriage & Family Th.)

Family Systems Research & Therapy (journal)

Marital Communication Exercises I       Mar. Comm. Exer. II

Brief Therapy       Family Therapy

Adler Institute       Adlerian Psych.

Facilitated Communication       History of FC

FC Pro & Con

Primal Therapy         Janov and Grof

Neuropsychology Central

Description of Thought Field Therapy       TFT

Emotionally Free Technique (tapping)       Cheap Online EFT

Veterinary EFT

Free EFT Manual       TAT       Hand Activated Mental Reconditioning

Creative Therapies

Body Centered Therapy       Glovin on BCT

Psychiatry Websites       Psychiatric Times

Medscape Psychiatry

PsychMatters (Ps.Dynam)

Psychiatry Online Counseling Zone

Marriage & Family Therapy

EEG Biofeedback       Neurofeedback

Somatic Trauma Therapy

Cognative Th. Beck Institute       Cognative Therapy

Play Therapy

Skinner Foundation       Skinner Biography

Burrhus F. Skinner       B. F. Skinner

Assn. for Beh. Analysis       Inst. for Appl. Beh. An.

Beh. Anal.      

Cognative Behavioral Therapy         Behavioral Education         Behaviorism

Works of B.F. Skinner

Skinner's Defense of Beh.       Great Ideas: Behaviorism       Behavenet

PHARMACY (once re-organized)

Safety Medwatch           Medications Info

Psychopharmacology Tips       Rx search

      Primer of Psychopharmacology      DrugSearch (regst.)

Pharmaceutical Resources       Pharminfo

St. John's Wort       Medications

Drugs for Autism?

Clinical Persectives (Ibogaine)

Electric Italy (Ibogaine)      

Ibogaine         Ibogaine Links (Yahoo)      

      More Ibogaine Links (Yahoo)

Ibogaine List Info       Ibogaine Tx in U.S. (ibogaine)

MAPS (psychedelic studies list)

Ibogaine Dossier       General Reference, Ibogaine

Scientific Review of Ibogaine       Ibogaine for Addiction

Ibogaine: Religious Use in Africa       Ibogaine & Religion

Ibogaine URL List      

TYPES OF SYMPTOMS / DISORDERS (once re-organized)

Erectile Dysfunction

Autism Resources       Mercury Dental Fillings & Autism

Narcissism       Gender & Diagnosis

Autism         Emetophobia

ADHD Links         ADHD

60 Depression Links   Depression (Scientific American)         Depression (Medscape)

Nl. Depressive & Manic-Depr. Assn     Depression

Depression Screening Test

Ice Water for Depression         Nl Depressives & MD Assn

Panic Disorder   Anxiety (NIMH)

Schizophrenia       Munchausen by Proxy

False Memory         MI & Homelessness

MH disorders         MH Disorders (MH Source)

MHdotCom   PsychNews Intn'l (InterPsych Newsletter)

Aphasia       Diagnostic Labeling Disorder

Bipolar DO         Bipolar DO Review

Sex Addiction     Sex Addicts

Sex Addicts Anon.   Sexual Abuse

Penile Plethysmograph

Grief and Bereavement Resources

Traumatic Incident Reduction             Trauma Central

Belgium Trauma Center       Air Force Trauma Response

Trauma Information Sites               Trauma Healing

Traumatology             Rape

The Intern'al Soc. for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD)

Traumatic Stress       Trauma (David Baldwin)

Trauma Links

PTSD (Infoseek)       Trauma (Ross Institute)

Dissociation             The Sidran Foundation & Press

PTSD Index               PTSD Database

Bulemia         Anorexia & Bulemia

Anorexia: Random House sources

Eating Disorders PsychInnovations

Parapsychology         MH diagnosis (Dutch & English)

Mental Health Search   NetPsych

Swiss Narcolepsy Page

Visinet             The Mining Company

Aspberger's Syndrome         Family Atmospheres

Borderline Central         Borderline PD

Self Mutilation         Self Injury

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Bipolar Disorder   Divorce

Online MH -- 350 Sites         250 Treatment Links

Power Psych

School Psychology Resources         Sex Addiction

Mail list for professional discussion of onlilne therapy. To subscribe to this list send:

subscribe NetPsy (your first name, your last name)to LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.E DU

Music Psychology

Rational Recovery (subst. abuse)
Rational Emotive Therapy

Albert Ellis Institute

Gestalt Psych.       The Gestalt Archive

Gestalt Links       Gestalt Institutes

Swedish Research Project       Anxiety (NIMH)

* Announcing the new Erickson Listserv *

A new listserv is forming which is dedicated to discussion of approaches to psychotherapy andhypnosis inspired by Milton H. Erickson, M.D.

Open to mental health and health professionalsand graduate students, this discussion group is sponsored by the Milton H. Erickson Foundation,and administered by Jim Keim.

For information about the Erickson Foundation: Click Here


Write to and, in the text of your message (not the subject line),write: SUBSCRIBE ERICKSON and add your name. Please specify your full name, e.g.,SUBSCRIBE ERICKSON Mary H. Smith.

* Membership Requirements *
Membership is open to professionals in health-related fields including physicians, doctoral-levelpsychologists and dentists who are qualified formembership in, or are members of, their respectiveprofessional organizations(e.g., AMA, APA, ADA). It also is open to professionals with mentalhealthdegrees (e.g., MSW, MS, MA, MSN) from accredited institutions. Graduate students inaccredited programs in the above fields also are welcome to join.

Freudian Myth       Mental Illness Myth (Szaz)       Szaz

Critique of AA

Crackbusters Workbook (Really Good)

Non-AA Recovery DonWanna Stop Yet

Recovery Program       Secular Recovery (loads slow)

List of Recovery Programs

Review of chemical dependancy studies

Children of D&A Abusers

Netherlands DrugText       Drug Policy Library

Iowa U. List       Wisconsin U. List

Medmark       Emery U. List

Karolinska Institute List       APA Megalist

London P. Institute List       London IoP SearchEngines

U. Mich. List       U. Duesseldorf List(English & Ger.)

Substance Abuse       NA Web Rings

Junkie stuff       SAMSA (subst. abuse/govt.)

Anxiety Ring       Panic Disorder

Bipolar Ring       Human Mind Ring

Beyond Madness Ring       Mental Health Chase

Psychoanalytic Chat (multi-lingual)
Psychoanalytic Chat Software
(Our ICQ number (called UIN) is : 3509613)

Confidentiality Threat       Sociology Journals


Shots for Travel           Talk to a Doc

Rank Hospitals, Docs           Check your Kid for Drugs

Health Scout           Your Life Expectancy

Side Effects of Meds           AMA fitness

Calorie Planner           Diet Analyzer

Journal Scan

Med Answers       Web MD

Live Brain Surgery       Net Wellness

Medical Dictionary       Medical Dictionary (alternative URL)

Intllihealth Med. Dictionary         U.S. Pharmacist (Journal)

American Medical Association       Ask Dr. Bob

Go Ask Alice!       Healthfinder Mayo Health O@sis

Mayo Clinic on Supplements       Dr.

Mediconsult (fee)      Medscape

New England Journal of Medicine       JAMA On Line


Tinnitus (ears ringing?)       Migraines

Medicine, Ohio State U.       Intellihealth

Pediatrics (Journal)       Dr. Koop

FDA Critique       Ebola information

The VisibleHuman             Visible HumanResources

A convict, about to be executed by lethal injection, willed his body to science. After the execution, they covered his body with geletain, froze it, and cut it into thin slices. They photographed the slices, put them into a computer, and here is his portrait, inside and out.

Medical Libraries       Pain Sources

Web MD       History of Herbal Medicine

Web MD           Thrive Online

Achoo           Intelihealth

Health Central           Health A to Z

Mayo Clinic           Discovery Health

Medscape Health Watch           Health Finder

Natl Inst of Health Database           Med Matrix

Health En Espanol & English

Your Surgery           Medi Consult

Center for Disease Control           Nl Library of Med.

Mental Health Dot Org           Natl MH Assoc.

Interactive Tests           For Women

Pediatrics           Family Doctor

Dermatology Atlas JAMA

N. England J. Med.       British Med. J.

The Lancet       Nl Libr. of Med.

J. Managed Care Pharm.

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