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Multiple myeloma is the most common of a group of plasma cell disorders, characterized by the expansion of monoclonal bone marrow plasma cells that produce a monoclonal immunoglobulin (m-component), present in serum and/or urine. Under normal circumstances, maturation to antibody-secreting plasma cells is controlled by the cell to cell interaction and various cytokines within the immune system. Plasma cell expansion is uncontrolled in the malignant form and is responsible for lytic bone lesions, the hallmark of these B-cell neoplasias. Dr Matthew Rettig and Dr Jim Berenson showed that a gamma Herpes virus infects all bone marrow dendritic cells of MM patients examined. This is a very significant finding because of the genetic information this virus potentially  expresses.

I believe this disease will be curable in the next 3 years, and if we don't find a cure at least there is a strong possibility of containing it.

For those who do not know - I have been living with this disease since May 1996 and at the moment I am in complete remission. My wife and I had a beautiful baby girl on the 16th of November 1999 - our first.

Please come in and learn more about this mysterious disease!


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