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The Drug Programs Branch's mandate is to provide leadership in achieving optimal pharmaceutical services for the protection and improvement of the health status of the residents of Ontario. The branch maintains close partnerships with industry, pharmacy and medicine in order to better manage the drug programs. 

The branch is responsible for the delivery of Ontario's Drug Benefit (ODB) program, the Trillium Drug Program, the Special Drugs Program and the publication of the Ontario Drug Benefit Formulary/Comparative Drug Index (i.e., the Formulary/CDI). The ODB Formulary/CDI identifies drug products designated as benefits under the program, as well as those brands of drugs that are considered to be interchangeable, and serves as a prescribing and reimbursement guide for doctors and pharmacists. When ordered by an Ontario-authorized prescriber and dispensed in Ontario, drugs listed in the ODB Formulary/CDI are available to ODB-eligible recipients. Products listed in the ODB Formulary/CDI are reviewed on a continuous cycle with supplements adding or changing benefits as required. The Ontario Drug Benefit Act and the Drug Interchangeability and Dispensing Fee Act provide the legislative framework under which the program is administered. 

The branch processes, monitors and audits claims from all ODB providers and acts in an advisory capacity for matters related to ODB claims payment. 

The Drug Programs Branch advises the Ministry of Health, other provincial ministries, institutions, professional organizations, the pharmaceutical industry and the general public on matters relating to the Ontario Drug Benefit program, including drug evaluations, improving the quality of pharmaceuticals in nursing homes, homes for the aged, hospitals and government institutions. 

The branch also provides secretariat functions to the Minister's advisory body, the Drug Quality and Therapeutics Committee (DQTC). The DQTC is an independent advisory body to the Minister of Health comprised of experts in medicine, pharmacy and other disciplines. The DQTC makes recommendations relating to pharmaceutical and pharmacological matters, evaluates requests for unlisted drug products under the Section 8 mechanism, evaluates scientific/educational material for health professionals and facilitates communication between the ministry and professional organizations. 

The branch is divided into several sections to help carry out its responsibilities. For example, the Policy Unit section of the branch is responsible for the policy planning and development functions of the branch. It is the Ontario Drug Programs Project which is responsible for the implementation of the Health Network, linking nearly 2500 Ontario pharmacies with the ODB program to process ODB drug claims and perform drug use review. 

The Pharmaceutical Services Coordination section of the branch provides liaison services relating to the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists and pharmaceutical care, professional organizations, other government agencies as well as physician liaison services relating to prescribing guidelines. 
The Drug Programs Management section of the branch is responsible for the quality assessment of drugs to be listed (or already listed) in the ODB Formulary/CDI, through laboratory and technical evaluation of submissions from pharmaceutical manufacturers. This section provides scientific advice, liaison and support to the Drug Quality and Therapeutics Committee. As well, this section is involved in appropriate distribution of unlisted drug products required in exceptional circumstances. 

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5700 Yonge St., 3rd Floor. 
North York ON 
M2M 4K5 

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416-327-8123   Fax 


Ministry of Health, Health Insurance and Related Programs, Drug Programs Branch 

Ontario Ministry of Health 
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