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Aging. Mid-life. Seniors. Education.
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We Are:

Lou Louise Mabry, M.A., is studying within a doctoral program in psychology. Nic Nicole E. Walsh, M.A.,works in long-term care with emphasis on Leisure Activities & the benefits of positive attitudes towards aging.

As graduate Gerontologists, we're aware of the needs and concerns of both those involved in aging and those looking for information on mid-life & senior topics. Our professional associations include: National Association of Activities Professional (NAAP), Health Care Association for Activities Professional (HCAAP), Alzheimer's Association, & Gerontological Society of America (GSA), among others. As individuals, we firmly believe that age is a state of mind.

Our Mission is to provide resources and information related to aging on the WEB in order to help individuals cope with aging, aging parents, midlife concerns, issues, & opportunities by utilizing hands-on information and methods to deal with real-life situations and opportunities.

Knowledge is the best way to combat stressful aging.
Laughter helps too.

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