Greetings fellow 'philes.
For those of you who don't know me, I'm a recovering magazine editor/turned writer living in the
San Francisco Bay Area. I'm a "since season two" X-Files nut who readily admits half
her life revolves around a television show. Yours probably does too, otherwise you'd have better
things to do than visit this page. Fortunately, we are not alone in our madness.
Step inside, grab some Terma fic, lock the doors, and let the Xamination begin.
You'll be feeling no pain in no time.



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Yummy morsels of "just poised for the plunge" MSR fic.You'll find my Post-Eps here as well.

Six years of sexual tension got you climbing the walls?

Unwind with a healthy meal of double chocolate fudge  
smut, FBI style.

Casefiles more your bag? Take some X-File to go.

Good for that between season hunger.

Nothing fills the tummy better than a good belly laugh.
Check here for tales of silliness and snot.


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Read everything here many times over?
Come take a peek at what I got in the oven. Probably 
a whole rack-full of smutty goodness.

Sometimes I leave little beta peeks here.


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